Sunday, January 25, 2009

Wrong Way In...

But, who cares...

Actually I do.

Alamak TV3.

Around 2.15pm today, in front of Jasima Enterprise in Taman Tun Dr Ismail, one of your employees, driving one of your cars WPG 9545, simply went into the one-way street.

Maybe it is a Sunday, ya? So can simply break the traffic rule, ya?

No no....

If you drive your own car, you do what you want. But, TV3 car....presumably your employer's?

Here's the thing. No matter what day, you're not supposed to break the law. No matter if it is a traffic law. Even if you think it is a miserably minor regulation.

There are other drivers on the road, you know.

It could be my son you hit-lah.

We all have broken a traffic law or two....park along yellow lines or in no-parking areas. Sometimes we pay the price. Most times we get away with it.

I know a lot of us have breached a speed limit and beaten the red light. And have got away with it. Your time hasn't come yet, man.

I remember swearing at a police patrol car for beating the red light. (Of course, the policemen couldn't hear me).

Anyway, I did signal to this sweet young lady driving the TV3 car (sans passengers) that it was a one-way street.

Actually, there was no extenuating circumstances -- lazy day, many parking bays elsewhere - for her to enter this one-way street other than to get to a parking bay right in front of Jasima.

I say TV3. Cannot-lah like this. You report about people breaking the law and simple traffic rule like this, your girl cannot abide by.


Fadhil said...

Salam Puan Nuraina,

Saya sokong. TV3 tidak seharusnya membiarkan pekerjanya melanggar undang-undang jalanraya sesuka hati.

Pak Zawi said...

You will scare the shit out of this girl by exposing her misdeed on your blog. Hope she will be called up by her boss. Serve her right.



salam, pak zawi. bila nak ke Mee rebus lagi?

anyway...i don't think she will get into trouble.

thanks for visiting.
lama rasa nya tak ber cyberspace.



salam to you... saya rasa TV3 tak tahu menahu mengenai perkelakuan dan perbuatan pekerja nya.

terima kasih kerana sudi ke sini.

Anonymous said...

You are right. Unfortunately most Malaysians are not aware of traffic laws.
For eg. Police & other emergency vehicles can break the speed limit ONLY IF THEY HAVE THEIR SIREN ON, and are responding to an emergency.
Escorting politicians and visitors from foreign countries are not sufficient to violate the speed limit.
I have seen Police vehicles and policemen drive in excess of the speed limit, and no one bothers.
Just becoz they are late is not an excuse to drive faster. Unfortunately many do.

The other day, I saw Military Police escorts using their sirens and were escorting a Military truck.
Inside the truck were furniture, it looked as though some head of base or a high ranking member of the Armed Forces was moving office/home, and his furniture was being escorted by the MP's with their sirens on.

The uniformed services are becoming indisciplined. When the rule of law no longer concerns them, then, we, Malaysia, have a PROBLEM.

Anonymous said...

Ok you make your point on this blog. Now do the right thing. Report this to the police with your photographic evidence of a law been broken. You think TV3 will do anything or have the legal right to reprimand her? Mana police report?
You want to be busybody, then busybody all the way to the police station. See if anything get done? Or you are like many of us , fed up with police inaction or reaction against the messenger? In that case shut-up and move on with your life.



oh. don't be stupid.

Anonymous said...

You think so. Try it, and be ready for a rude shock from our totally inept police force. Let me tell you a true story. My car was once block by another double park. I could not get out from the parking bay. I honked my car walk to over ten shops without location the owner. After 2 hours I called the police. I had to call a third time and threaten the police manning the desk that I want to speak to the commanding office of that station if no police is sent over to the location I am at. When the police came, the owner of the car ran out from his shop lot infront of my car. Cut the story short. I had to demand the police officer to give that man a ticket. He the police officer even ask that man to apologise so he don't have to write a ticket of which the owner refuse. I have to threaten the police officer that I will report him to his commanding officer if he does not write him a ticket. As he was about to write the ticket that man made a threat to me to watch out next time I am in that area. I asked the officier if he heard that and what he thinks. You know what he said. "Biasa lah dia marah dapat saman."
That my friend, is the mentality of our police force .. This incident happened 10 years ago, and we wonder why law and order had broken down. I have many more 'police don't care attitude' stories to tell if you care to listen. I also have many stories of 'it does not pay to be a law abiding and responsible citizen'. They 'shoot the messenger' .. sounds familiar today?. I had shut up and move on with my life. Sad? On the contrary life had been easier once you learn how to close an eye and remember what you were told 'Tak ada orang mati, jangan susah sendiri, jangan susah kami'.
To BobSam : It's not true most Malaysia are not aware. We have all become apathetic.

A police report is only worth the paper it is written on.

Anonymous said...

tq aina, pls show more of your 'cannot lah' collection, ok !!



well, i'm certainly sorry for you.

as for what happened in the incident i related, i really didn't see the need to call the police. i made it clear to the young lady that she had driven into a no-entry road, a one-way street.
in Jasima, as she ws walking im, i told her: "you know that this is a one-way street". and she (probably dah malu or whatever) abruptly said while walking off into the interior of the shop : "I donno...".

you are right, i have made my point in my blog.

no...i don't want to waste the police time on something i can handle.

to me it's simple. there is a reason for that traffic rule, to have a no-entry sign. the area is congested.
the law-breaking is of course minor, but it can be serious if the TV3 car driver bangs into an oncoming vehicle, because someone could get hurt.

now...if everybody decides to ignore traffic signs, can you imagine..??



so sorry to disappoint you but i do not have a "cannot-lah" collection.

and i don't intend to start one...

Anonymous said...

aina dear, ! this is the 1st
response from u, my dear, to tens of my past postings : my happy niu year indeed ...hhhhhhhhehehe !