Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Wanted Man Arrested At Kugan's Funeral


A wanted criminal was among six people arrested today at the funeral A Kugan who died in police custody.

They were arrested at the main entrance of the Universiti Malaya Medical Centre (UMMC) in Petaling Jaya.

Brickfields police chief ACP Wan Abdul Bari Wan Abdul Talib said the 55-year-old criminal is suspected to have been involved in a murder case.

They were arrested between 12.15pm and 1.35pm for defying a police order to disperse from the UMMC from where the hearse carrying the body of A. Kugan, a suspect who had died in police custody left for a cemetery in Puchong, he said.

The five other men, aged between 39 and 52 years, were brought to the Brickfields police station to have their statements recorded and would be released on police bond soon, he added.

It is believed that one of the men is a coordinator with the outlawed Hindu Rights Action Force (Hindraf).
“All of them were detained under Section 186 of the Penal Code and the Societies Act for wearing the Hindraf T-shirt,” he said.

Kugan, 22, who was detained on Jan 15 at the Taipan police station on suspicion of being involved in the theft of luxury cars in Sungai Chua, Kajang, had died while being questioned.

Selangor police chief Datuk Khalid Abu Bakar had said a post-mortem found that Kugan had died due to fluid in his lungs but Kugan’s family sought a second post-mortem, insisting that Kugan had died of injuries.

Attorney-General Tan Sri Abdul Gani Patail said later that Kugan’s death had been classified as murder.

A second post-mortem on Kugan has been done at the UMMC since.

About 300 had gathered inside the compound and outside of the UMMC, and about 100 policemen including from the Federal Reserve Unit (FRU) were on hand to monitor the crowd while a helicopter hovered above.

The hearse carrying Kugan’s body stopped at the Taipan police station for prayers and the funeral procession proceeded to the Batu 14 Hindu cemetery for the burial. Kugan was buried at 5.45pm.

Earlier, at the UMMC mortuary, those present included Penang Deputy Chief Minister II P. Ramasamy, Teluk Intan MP M. Manogaran, Puchong MP Gobind Singh Deo, Kapar MP S. Manikavasagam, Seputeh MP Teresa Kok and N. Surendran, the lawyer representing Kugan’s family.


Anonymous said...

I fail to understand why Bernama comes out with this report of the arrest of a murderer at Kugan's funeral after the AG reclassified his case as a murder case. If the murder has got nothing to do with Kugan's case, then it is HIGHLY MISCHIEVOUS of Bernama and the police to highlight it here. It is not difficult for anyone following the case to conclude that the police are insinuating Hindraf has something to do with Kugan's death under police detention - most unlikely.

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous 12:46AM

The problem with you is you want to be the judge, the jury and the lawyer. You might as well call yourself little god.

Anonymous said...

It appears strange that politicians are involved in a car jacking syndicate. Are they party to the ill gotten gains?


Old Fart said...


You are a seasoned journalist having interviewed people like the Tun and a lot of others.

So, tell me, of what use is this Bernama report?

Bernama, in another of its attempt at minimising the message (if any) in yesterday's funeral?

So does Bernama want readers to look at the whole Kugan episode as made up of a bunch of crooks and murderers and highway robbers deserving of what happened to Kugan.

So, there was a funeral after all. And I was there too.

But with that heading, the subliminal message that is supposed to sit in my mind is a discredited procession made up of crooks, gangsters and suspected murderers. I hope that was not your intention too when you decided to post this report.

To tell me that Kugan got what was coming? To take the pressure away from the police maybe!! Is the main news supposed to be that the procession yesterday was made up of murderers and such and not allowing to settle in the minds of readers the real crime that was committed?

Like Watergate, the initial crime might have been a break in into the Democratic Headquarters. But the real crime that mattered and that brought down the Presidency was Nixon's attempt at cover-up.

With Kugan's arrest his criminal story up to that date was basically over. The crime that happened next was his abuse, torture and murder.

The news that seems to slip Bernama is the next one that has been playing out since Kugan's murder. That of the cheap attempt at cover-up by Selangor CPO Datuk Khalid.

It was such a cover-up that brought down Nixon's Presidency. It will be a rainy day in the Sahara before Bernama, the Attorney General's office or the MACC even recognise the crime of cover-up that has happened.

Anonymous said...

Whilst I do not condemn the quarter cooked police for the killing of Kugan.
The 11 police suspended are only doing something they learned from the IGP.
Also please will all the politicians, especially the two Deputy Ministers, do not project the car thief (yet to be proven I must add)as a hero with all your present speeches and actions,which he is not, to achieve political mileage.
If they are sincere, do something positive and tangible for the Indians around now instead and not when they dead just like Kugan !

Anonymous said...

Well just arrest all the Malaysian indians....if that going to make U happy....whats wrong wth U...


old fart,

it is a story, old fart. it is a story.

bernama was not the only media org to have carried the story. nst, star, sun and malaysiakini also carried the story altho malaysiakini buried this bit of info somehwere at the bottom.

bernama is a wire service. so it reports almost every facet of a story. their reports come in a list.

any editor worth his salt would have carried the story. I don't think there was any malice. it is a story.

alrawa said...

After a week, these same politicians will ask,"Kugan who?".

Anonymous said...


Your writing is always excellent, your reporting is good.

The problem is with us - I did not even think along the line as presented by old fart. Yes, we can taking the writings and twist it clockwise or counter clock wise.

Old fart choose to turn it one way and surely some quarters will twist it another way.

That is OK, but when we do the twisting please don't involve the party that is only reporting it on neutral basis and start accusing them for stories they are not responsible. Not every news we here is pleasing to the ears!!!

Lets grow up for once.

Anonymous said...

ya lah tu... its a smear campaign against the dead man.

i think you go to UH on a normal day you sure to find someone with a criminal offence whom the police can arrest.

it could be the wanted fellow was planted by those who want to divert attention also. why? hard to believe? well if some one can die on a lockup, why this small matter is hard to believe? lets wait for the wanted man to be tried. if no news on trial then planted man lah, not wanted man.

the murderer of Kugan has not been caught yet.

you see, Kugan is NOT a hero. he is a suspected criminal. his crime apparentlyw as the hit and steal car crime. all of us are afraid of this. the police could ave dome well by arresting all the fellows. and jailing them for a long time. but instead they are involved in this mess. now Kugan the potential jailbird is Kugan the victim, which he is.

you think only Indians are thieves ah? who is the reseller of the stolen car? how many indian car dealers are there vs chinese and malay? who chnages the registration at RTD? RTD full of indians or malays?

so everyone, car hijack mafia is a multiracial malaysia boleh team. as usual, the indians get the front job because they can work hard under rain or shine. when they are caught, the mafia bosses and their insiders at Puspakonm and RTD lepak only. its even better if the indian is silenced. dead man tells no tale you see...

so be fair lah. criminals are to be tried on open court in a fair manner. not to be killed in police lockup. if we allow this, today criminals, tomorrow woul dbe intellectuals' turn to die in lockup. also dont believe? well it is happening all over the world now. so why not malaysia eh?

that's why we must fight each and evry case no matter race and criminal or otherwise.

ok Nur Aina?

"level headed"

GreenBug said...

Were you at the meeting with Rocky Bru, Mukhriz, JJ, Khairuddin at Bangsar Shopping Centre?

I find that your postings lately are very biased and skewed and you are trying to sway public opinions towards the ruling party. True?

GreenBug said...

I live in Malaysia and amongst the Indians. It is difficult to tell one Indian from another, lets face it, unless we are familiar with them and interact with them on a daily basis.

Tell me Nuraina, during the commotion and with hundreds of other Indians in UMMC, the police could spot a suspected murderer? Ha Ha Ha! You expect us all to believe that by repeating the Bernama story again here?

Anonymous said...

What a shame to have this title on your blog instead of "Kugan Funeral Procession done peacefully " or something in that line...something from your (nuraina's) perspective. otherwise why have a blog to be just like some blokes who quote this person and that person on their sacred blogs and then, just wait for the fun...
Anyway at least u had a story instead of some "lesser" ones who though now popular yet think they have to tread around carefully instead of upsetting the carpet of fortune.
"Anyway just be yourself and the good crowd out there will always respect you".

Donplaypuks® said...

The truth is we only have the words of the much discredited police that Kugan was involved in a Car Theft Ring.

The have been reports that he worked as an insurance exec or in some family biz. Therefore for all intents and purposes, based on our Constitution, Kugan is innocent of any crime unless proven guilty in a properly constituted court of law!!

If the Police and Minister do not believe in this system of Constitutional Law, then they should all resign and leave that job to those who care about Peoples' rights.

Home Science Minister Magoo has again put his foot in his mouth by saying the Police have Kugan's statement of guilt? Huh, a statement admitting guilt from someone who dies in Police custody? Has the Minister lost his marbles?

As for Bernama, of course it has the right to carry the story. But then Bernama is not regarded by most as a totally independent and unbiased Agency. Did it research the this story properly before going into print?

Anonymous said...

You call this spin of the bulshit a story? Instead of arresting the real murderers and writing stories about them, why Bernama writing this bulshit spin story which seems to potraythe entire Indian community as criminals and murderers?

equaliser said...

I believe Malaysiakini story anytime compared to any news published by Bernama, The Star, NST, TV3, RTM and Nuraini A Samad!



the name's NURAINA A Samad.

Anonymous said...

so Kugan is now being uplifted as the hero now since he died under police custody.i'm totally against police brutality and the death of any detainee is unacceptable because however cruel the detainee is they still have their right.

but dont just forget the victims of their cars being stolen.who can stand up for them?.who can can stand up to a victim that was beaten and abused severely so that that the criminal can take the victim's car?.who can stand up for a stolen car victim that got his hand chopped off by some criminals.can anyone answer me here?

and to the politicians,we know that you're trying to make some name for yourself and your party.beat it,kid!

Anonymous said...

Allo all my fellow Msian friends...dont twist and turn every single article into something which it is not laa. Read it as it is face value. With a pinch of salt.

A wanted man arrested at Kugan's funeral. Period. Habis. Finnito. No hidden agenda. Kan senang. Lu orang semua suda gila ka?..

A Msian in Libya.

Anonymous said...


Guys.... all this sounds like a story i read about Islam in a site.

Yeah Nuraina A Samad (I got that right,didn't i... :-)) is probably innocent as she claims because she didn't consider the topic would cause an uproar.

Actually it didn't even crossed my mind the way you guys put it but hey probably i am just too naive.

Shall we stop getting offended about everything in life and start being more productive in creating a better Malaysia.

Lets start with declaring ourselves as Malaysian and stop referring to ourselves using our ethnic origin. Its a first step in creating Bangsa Malaysia

Anonymous said...

Nuraina - "theft" of luxury cars - is a very mild description of the way this gang of criminals operate. It's more like armed robbery. Not only would they rob victims of their cars and valuables, but they are also known to hurt and rape female victims.

For commenters who insist on "observing" human rights, try telling that to families and victims of these parang-wielding criminals, who would merciless slash their male victims to expedite their crime. We don't need such criminals roaming the streets of Malaysia, knocking the back of people's cars pretending accident before robbing them, or prey on lone female drivers.

Politicians the likes of Teresa Kok better pray hard that none of their relatives and friends would ever become victims of such heinous crime. And if they did, these politicians better not say that police are slow at solving crime.

To Anonymous 12:46 AM - Is it not obvious that birds of a feather flock together? Kugan, dead or alive, would be in the company of criminals because in his young and short lifetime, he was involved in such activities.

I think we should credit the police for being able to pick out wanted criminals under such trying circumstances, and not be intimidated by negative feedback by ignorant members of the public or politicians trying to make amends for their dismal contribution to the community.

Instead of trying to gain political mileage on the issue of Kugan's death, Indian politicians like the near irrelevant Samy Vellu, should earnestly find ways to elevate the lives of the common Indians in the country through effective and continuous social, economic and educational initiatives.

Kugan was obviously the product of a failed socio-cultural set-up. If Indian community leaders and politicians spend less time on polemics and are serious and sincere in fighting for socio-cultural advancement of the community, then the security forces would have to deal with fewer Kugans or no Kugan at all. And the public can go about their daily business without fear of being victims of criminals who would normally be high on drugs to make them fearless when carrying out their crime.

I must say that such crime is not the domain of the Indian community in Malaysia. The onus is on the intelligent, the concerned, the influential and those with the means in the community, to sincerely work out something concrete and on-going to ensure that the community can contribute towards the wellbeing of the nation in toto.

Let's restrict the plots and intrigue of Bollywood only to the VCDs and teles, and not make them part of the Malaysian way of life.


Anonymous said...

Nuraina, for Kugan to die in police custody was wrong. It was a n abuse of power. Those involved should be charged so there's law and order and justice made. However, looking at the funeral, I cant say I agree with the way it was handled. Kugan is no hero, he was involved in car theft. I disagree with a loss of any life, I am sorry for his death, it could have been handled properly by the authorities, but I can't mourn after an theft. He doesnt deserve death but to have his death being played up only made things worst. The police involved should pay for the crime, but let's face it, Kugan is no Nobel prize winner here either. Had he chose the right path, he would not end up in the police locker.

Old Fart said...

Yes Nuraina, it is a story. A story that attempts at labeling the funeral procession.

If equal weight can also be placed on Khalid's statements and how by investigating the trespass and making a big hue over it there was the attempted distraction of people's attention on the real crime that has happened, maybe I can let it pass.

Firstly, there was no need for any of the arrests other than that of the suspected murderer. Secondly there was no need for the police presence at the procession. All that presence, including that of their helicopter, was clearly there to label the procession as another one of those activity that could have triggered off violence. Just like the Bersih rally, if you recall, that did not need the presence of the police or the actions that they took.

I would reckon that if only there were a Woodward or a Bernstein amongst our media corps the headlining story would be the attempted cover-up by the police in all its various shades.

For this to be a headlining story, my God we must all be like 50 years behind Watergate!! And there were a lot of other stories too, but why did you pick on this one to post on your blog?

And so far for Bernama not to recognsie and to call the cover-up to be as such, now that shows you what we have at that wire service, considering you say "so it reports almost every facet of a story. their reports come in a list."

Is there a story for cover-up?

Anonymous said...

Ah!!!,what can one say to another's level of thinking here!!!
To those who have commented saying that one should consider the victims and victim families of all armed robberies out there rather than the alleged crimial, PLEASE UNDERSTAND THIS!!!
The people with CONSCIENCE in MALAYSIA are CONCERNED that an individual(dont read "Kugan") has been allegedly BRUTALIZED TO DEATH in the prison while awaiting his lawful trial, so much so that this occurence having taking place again in future to just about ANYBODY else is HIGHLY possible if nothing is done now to curb this unlawful acts if proved true now. It's about basic human rights in Malaysia as a nation practising Constitutional Monarchy.
Otherwise where is the RESPECT.
-plain simple-

selampit said...

As a Malaysian I find the death of Mr Kugan, while under police custody highly deplorable. If it is true that PDRM was responsible for the death, then all the officers involved should be brought before justice and punished accordingly. Justice in this case must be swift, transparent and effective.

Malaysia has no place for an abusive Police Force with a penchant for passing summary executions. Malaysia is not a police state.

However, I do find the irrational response from several Indian groups over Mr Kugan's death quite distasteful. They are so eager in lashing out at PDRM, that they leave absolutely no space for the body to defend itself. It is no longer about justice for Mr Kugan, it is now about revenge, animosity and anger – a good recipe for social catastrophe.

Despite the fact that 11 police officers are currently under suspension, and a thorough investigation is under way, they are still inclined to blow this incident out of proportion. When the local media reported that a murder suspect was arrested at Mr Kugan’s funeral, they quickly assume that the news is a government’s 'official' cover-up.

Even the owner of this blog (Kak Aina) got dragged into this, despite her seemingly neutral stand on almost everything!

They are playing judge and jury by summarily passing a sentence on PDRM, and in the due process, making a hero out a criminal suspect (the deceased was a suspect in at least 15 cases of auto-theft). For the first time in Malaysian history, PDRM got criticized after arresting a murder suspect, simply because of the location of the arrest. That's MURDER! Not some petty crimes.

What do these people expect, that the police should LET HIM SIMPLY WALK?

I am happy now that the AG’s chamber has opened a murder case in the light of this incident. I hope THE REAL CULPRIT would soon be identified, prosecuted and punished accordingly.

Old Fart said...


Don't know where you got that the arrest of a murder suspect at the funeral procession was criticised. Any suspect for any crime arrested anywhere is quite o.k. with me. Let all crooks and criminals be damned.

What I ahve questioned is in its reporting and the media space that this was given. Even in blogosphere I am afraid.

gangeticus said...

I hope the murder suspect at Kugan's funeral gets to do "desk duty". Fair is fair!

Anonymous said...

a suspect arrested
police did not inform family
family has 2 go searching from one police station to another
7 days later, he dies in lockup, where police r totally n completely responsible 4 his safety
it happens in d morning
but, his family was informed at 9 pm
they rush to the morgue
they r kept waiting at d gates for more than an hour
family smells cover-up cos a guy who was alive 7 days ago ends up dead in circumstances completely under police control
they demand that their politicians come at once 2 solve the problem
they demand 2 c body at once
finally, morgue staff allow them in
they take photographs of severe injuries in presence of staff
cpo says action will b taken against them 4 barging into morgue
at this point, 4 police, it is just normal death
family horrified at injuries
photos all over internet
only then, bkt aman says charges will be preferred 4 causing hurt
public outraged
only then, ag classifies as murder
igp, cpo, pm,dpm, home minister : none of them expresses regret or offers condolences 2 family
if kugan had been brought 2 court, his evidence might shed light on others who r involved
in the event, his death in subang jaya police station made sure that did not happen
i suppose d cctv cameras will show how severe kugan's asthma attack was
now, police can say he is a murderer, car thieve, hindraf supporter, ltte terrorist or even say they found wmd on him
how credible wud that be ?
then, police give him a royal funeral with 1000 fru, besides police n helicopter surveillance
rip, polis di raja malaysia

STEADYAKU47 said...

I have just seen a very disturbing video “Kugan Death Body at Serdang Hospital”.

I am not too familiar with the facts of the case but from what I gather it is another case of death while under Police custody…accidental or otherwise. From what I see, beyond parties making capital of a tragic situation, I see an Indian family grieving in a manner as only the Indians can, for a loved one that is gone. If the country leaders do not grieve for this Family then we should. We should also take cognizance of the fact that his wounded and bloodied body is the result of our apathy and continued tolerance of a PDRM that considers itself a law upon itself.


The use of force within PDRM is now “standard procedure”. Suspects are subject to brutal beatings and serious assaults following their arrest or detention. Kugan Ananthan is collateral damage - only 22 year old and an Indian (that’s two strikes against him) who was arrested for investigation into car thefts and armed robbery and so deserves to be bludgeon to death. Standard procedure.
Whatever his Family lawyer N.Surendren have said in his lawyer lingo that Kugan was never brought to court to be charged, was never convicted and did not have a criminal record is just that…lawyer talk. If we are able to call PDRM’s action as Police Brutality then by the same token let us at least admit that Kugan was no Boy Scout but that was no reason for PDRM to bludgeon him to death.
Nothing racial about the situation ? I submit that this was a situation where Malay Mata Mata bludgeon an Indian kid to death because they could do so and thought they could get away with it. These are probably the same Malays who go to Friday prayers, pray five times a day, observe Ramadan religiously and partake in the taking of bribes seriously.
Now standard procedure two kicks in. PM will insist that there will be no cover up. Najib will enthusiastically endorse this (what else can he do?). This is the same Najib whose bodyguard is now under investigation for the murder of Altantuya who Najib insists “Saya tidak sama sekali mengenali atau berjumpa dengan wanita mongolia berkenaan”… quite similar to that Clinton guy insisting “I did not have sexual relations with that women”. Will Najib ever be outed? Yes he will… Time will reveal everything. It is a babbler and speaks even when not asked. If he does become PM than he will buy time…enough time for him to and his cohorts to burn and plunder the Nation..but even he understands that he must plunder first then burn…and he will be long gone when our country starts to burn.
The AG? Well he really is fucked. Damm if I do and damm if I don’t situation. He goes after the Police he opens up a can of worms and if he does not he will be the whipping boy for the Rakyat. If we make our voices loud enough – the Politicians will make him the scape goat and out he goes. AG’s are a dime a dozen. So have pity on the poor guy. For now he has to make the right noises and wait for his political masters to decide what to do.
The “courageous” thing for the PM to do would be to make the IGP accountable and demand his resignation. Here it is a “courageous” thing to do because he now gives Najib the opportunity to put in his own IGP – another favor Najib owes Pak Lah…but remember how Pak Lah forgets his “agreement” with Che Det?? To save face the IGP can resign “for personal reasons”. This will allow him to have a “career change opportunity”…Rahim Noor did !!..this option will surely commensurate with the service he has rendered to the nation and society.

Anonymous said...

Plain simple said: “It's about basic human rights in Malaysia as a nation practising Constitutional Monarchy. Otherwise where is the RESPECT…”

An analogy: If a man failed to honour a commitment to a bank to pay his loan under some agreement, he would be declared a bankrupt and would lose his rights to future finance-related transactions. And, in the eyes of society, there would be the social stigma and the loss of respect for such a character.

Similarly, if a man chose to lead a life of crime, which would involve dehumanising behaviour, then he must be prepared to forego the right to be respected and to be treated like any ordinary citizen. He should be treated like an outcast, whose presence blights the environment and whose absence brings about a safe environment for all.

Plain simple has failed (whether unintentional or otherwise) to address the issue of “basic human rights” for those who have been forced to surrender their possession under threat of physical harm. Plain simple has failed (whether unintentional or otherwise) to address the issue of “respect” for the common citizens to lead a peaceful life in this country without the fear of having suspicious characters stalking us, people who lack the grey matter to know right from wrong, and people who think it’s okay to provide for their family on ill-gotten gains.

If plain simple found it fitting for him/her to be the voice of “CONCERNED” “…people with CONSCIENCE in MALAYSIA”, then surely he/she must know that right-thinking, peace-loving, concerned citizens would empathise with brutalised, innocent victims more than they would hardcore, heartless criminals (who are not proven guilty, not because they are innocent, but simply because we happen to inherit British law and not French law).

To plain simple: speak for yourself. As a concerned citizen with conscience, I certainly would prefer to be represented by someone who would rather empathise with victims of serious crimes, instead of someone who identifies with criminal-like characters.

Conscientious and concerned Malaysians should be united and work together towards achieving zero-tolerance for crime and criminal characters, and zero-tolerance for people who show disrespect for the supreme law of the land (read: the constitution). Wearing t-shirts to show support for hindraf is one such act. It is equivalent to showing support for the CPM or its ideology.

Community leaders and politicians – however people-centred they are – should have some sort of clause in their SOP, i.e., to go all out to help the rakyat, without fear or favour, except those who are believed, though not yet proven in court, to engage in serious crime.

It may not be as easy for opposition politicians to double-check on such information with the authorities, but there should be no problem for Cabinet ministers (or deputy ministers) to seek advice and get input from the relevant authorities for some background information, and not act on something based on words of mouth or a phone-call in the wee hours of the morn. I have heard comments that it is the civil servants who make the ministers they serve look intelligent. It may be an overstatement, but in the case of Murugiah, I would say it proves the point that indeed some ministers can’t think straight on their own.

Whatever his rationale for responding to that call, it is not a wise decision to apply a blanket rule in addressing issues brought to his attention. As a result of his ‘sense of commitment to serve the rakyat’, he has allowed himself to be used by unscrupulous characters for their own selfish interest. He is also sending out the wrong message - Crime Does Pay!

For Chinese triads, at least, they would abide by their generations-old allegiance to struggle and strive on their own and not depend on the authorities (their ‘enemies’), to fight their war. Berani buat berani tanggung. But in the case of this gang of criminals, they can be likened to a dog which runs away from a fight, with its tail stuck between its legs. Fortunately for these criminals, unfortunately for the police, we have suckers like Murugiah in the government, na├»ve about the workings of a criminal mind that he fell into its trap.

Interrogation is a fundamental aspect in the process of police investigation. In the case of Malaysia, PDRM has been at it for over 200 years, and they have done a good job keeping the country in good hands. In real life, we would not have suspects of serious crime admitting guilt or volunteering information the way it’s done on teles and movies. It is not fair to pass nasty accusations and put the blame solely on the police when something like this happens, without understanding the background of police investigation - the constraints they face when trying to extract solid evidence from suspects (who would never volunteer information) so that they can be taken to court and duly charged to make our streets safe for everyone.

There are however bad hats in the force that deserve to be sent behind bars. So, if you read about or know of nightspots and activities (like the production and sale of illegal VCDs), which are openly carried out throughout the country, then blame it on seedy elements in the force. By all means, condemn them, act on them, report them to the MACC. Some (although no longer in the force) are known to exploit these black sheep in the force to protect operators and owners of such outlets. I wouldn’t think these are done FOC. Now, these are the real scourge of society – even worse than Kugan and others like him who are actually victims of circumstances.

Just try it - zero tolerance for crime, zero tolerance for criminals.


Anonymous said...

Nuraina, please accommodate some correction to my previous posting. Thanks so much.

The original text in the second last paragraph:

... So, if you read about or know of nightspots and activities (like the production and sale of illegal VCDs), which are openly carried out throughout the country...

The amended version:

So, if you hear or know of nightspots which openly allow substance abuse among their patrons (and conduct transactions of these drugs) or if you hear or know of illegal activities (like the production and sale of pirated VCDs) in KL or other parts of the country...