Monday, January 26, 2009

Large-Scale Anti-Dengue Campaign Next Week

Better late than very late?

The Health Ministry will launch a big-scale dengue awareness campaign next week.

Minister Datuk Liow Tiong Lai said the campaign will focus on ways to prevent dengue.
For the first 22 days of 2009 alone, 12 deaths had been recorded.

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Anonymous said...

Mosquito - tiny but deadly. He who had been stung would know Zul Tojo

Old Fart said...

The day Malaysia learns to appreciate its own experts, that is the day this dengue plague on the country will be brought under control.

Yes, I too have heard from people in the business of getting rid of mosquitoes how politics, NEP policies, corruption, avarice and greed get in the way. It would seem like countries like Cambodia, Vietnam and many of the Pacific Islands as well as the Singapore Military know how to appreciate solutions delivered by Malaysians. But it is so hard gettin git through in Malaysia itself.

Anonymous said...

Even this will be politicised. The government will be blamed for not acting earlier.

By the way, it is not only mosquitoes that need to be eliminated. The general cleaniness from toilets to garbage disposal should be overhauled.

No one really seem to care about filthy rivers, rats and flies. All they care is wealth, not health.


Anonymous said...

advice : fogging be at 5 am/pm, pls ! said...

Any body have article about dengue fever awarness problem?? me