Monday, May 30, 2011

Should Kids Under 13 Be on Facebook?.

An article on presented this question in view of remarks made recently by Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg that he'd like younger children to be permitted to patronize his site.

Zuckerberg said this at the NewSchools Venture Fund's Summit in Burlingame, California last week.

First of all, I'm not sure how you can stop kids from signing up on FB. I'm sure we all know that there are so many children already using FB, and are so savvy with it too. Some have uploaded their video performances and all sorts of stuff on FB.

You can't keep FB and social networking from the 21st century generation of kids. I'm not sure if you should.

Is there an issue of misuse?Or security and safety? The need for parental or adult control? I believe these are the over-arching concerns.

Indeed, it all boils down to how involved parents (or guardians) are in the lives of their kids and how best parents et al deal with it.

As always, there is no end to discussions and debate on the impact of social media or social networking on society...

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What's your view?