Sunday, January 04, 2009

Let's Save IJN!

... for many OBVIOUS reasons!

I can't see any RIGHT reason for the proposed Sime Darby take-over of IJN. Do you?

Rocky's Bru has been pursuing relentlessly the take-over issue.. Read the bru's latest HERE. Rocky tells us the proposal is one of the Abdullah's administration midnight regulations.
It sure looks like it!

So, I think we should do whatever we can to SAVE IJN. Oh you bad bad Sime Darby!


Anonymous said...


Musa Hitam wants to get back at Dr M by trying to erase all of Dr M's legacies....


Anonymous said...

so what changes will there be with sime taking over the institute?

Wan Nordin Wan Hussin said...

This is outrageously audacious. What's in it for Slime Darby?
I don't see how this is going to profit you and me, the rakyat, or BN in the KT by-election ...

Lisa Lee said...

Can't these people stop thinking about $$$ alone and do more for the citizens? sigh~

ChengHo said...

This is bad for Shahrizat campaigning
for Ketua Wanita since dato Salleh the husband is the chairman of IJN
clash of interest or not?

Anonymous said...

Hello Members of the Board of Directors of Sime Darby,

Firstly let me ask you, afer the mega merger, can you define what business are you in? Are you into Plantation? or are you into Property Development? or Automotive, Engineering & Power? or Healthcare? You cannot be jack of all trades ok.

With worldwide business environment getting more competitive, you cannot become a jack of all trades. By right you should be sure what the business to specialise (since yu wanna be the biggest plantation company in the world then concentrate your efforts into just plantation and related activities). By now, you should have initiated efforts to enhance your capabilities in every aspect of the business and explore further into untapped upstream and downstream activities within the plantation industry, for once again remember; that is the main reason why you merged. Why the hell do you go into non core activities? Let other non core activities be run by other PNB companies. You cannot put your hands into too many pots and spoil the gravy.

So back off from IJN - its for the rakyat. If you are so fascinated to have one heart specialist hospital of your own, then build one yourself. Have you ever heard of niche market? Go, for the niche market and dont disturb IJN because it is meant for the rakyat; especially those who cant afford to pay exorbitant fees like what you charge at Hospital Sime Darby in Subang Jaya!

Zaib the angry man

Anonymous said...

Say "TAK NAK" to IJN privatisation...Say "TAK NAK" to Sime Darby....Say "TAK NAK" to Musa HItam....Say "TAK NAK" to KJ and his cronies...

If Sime Darby can fund the Labu LCCT with Tony...then Sime Darby shlould open their own Hospital..why ROB the Rakyat???

Have you no shame Sime Darby?? Have you no shame KJ?
Have you no shame Dollah??
Have you no shame BN??

Reject BN in KT to protest..
Reject BN in any other by election to protest..
Reject BN at the next General Election...

Najib, if you any balls left in will step in and say


Anonymous said...

selamatkan IJN!.bersama-sama kita memberi tanda sokongan kepada IJN dengan tidak menyokong Sime Darby mengambil alih IJN untuk diswastakan.IJN sudah selesai pada tahap dimana mereka ada sekarang.kalau perlu pembaharuan sekalipun rasanya tidak perlulah sampai kearah penswastaan.

Unknown said...

Sime Darby should just stay away from IJN.they rather should concentrate on SJMC if they intend in the first to help the need to handle IJN for that matter.

Pak Zawi said...

Sime Darby is not bad at all, it is the people behind Sime Darby especially the Chairman who is bad. Let us pray that Allah will show him the right path and not let greed overcome his thoughts.

Anonymous said...

Salam Kak Ina

One ex-senior minister has this to say ' give Musa Hitam wine, women and songs, everything boleh kaotim'. Ok now let us try to comprehend it. MH is the chairman of Sime Darby .... now all of us know this plantation conglomerate is also behind all the various the so called economic corridors including 'the selling of part Johor state to Singapore' thro pembangunan Wilayah Iskandar.

Now Sime Darby wants to take over IJN? Who is IJN's chairman? He is Salleh Budu, Ijat's husband. Who is Ijat? She is AAB licker, same as nazri. Appointed as special advisor to PM bertaraf menteri eventho kalah teruk dalam PRU 12.

Musa Hitam will do anything to satisfy his lust. To him the end justify the means. Had we forgotten this special date, 21 Nov 1985. This was the day when he ordered the police to kill Ibrahim Libya and his followers at Kg. Memali....on the very first day when Dr.M was in China on official visit. His line of thinking was very simple one, Dr.M was from Kedah so let make all Kedahan hate Dr.M and put Kedah UMNO leaders in a difficult position ... and try to dissociate them from Dr.M.....besides the usual excuse given, they were national threat, the very same reason given to put your late father (May Allah place his soul with all the syuhadah)at Kamunting.

At that time not many knew that Musa Hitam was planning to force Dr. M to vacate Sri Perdana until 1987 when he teamed up with AAB and others to challenge Dr.M in UMNO election.

Now this joker has the 'gut' to say that .... Sime Darby's take over is to improve IJN's service. Bullshit!.

Talking about AAB pula... he introduced Islam Hadhari.Guess what happen now? ... yes it in the shit now.

If Musa Hitam, the man without eyebrows think SD can make tons of money thro health service provider, why didn't he ask SD to build it's own hospital jantung and recruit the best doctors and sergeons available on earth after all SD has the biggest land in the region if not in the world.

muteaudio said...

Kak Ena,
It's the 'tanah'. I don't mind taking over IJN, relocate it later with the promise of bigger and better premise. With the money I get from the sale of the land or building 'super condos' I can build 10 IJNs.

I'll use the word 'sesak' to the max in proposing the take over bid. The word it self sounds quite lame. But remember, the lamest reason sometimes hides the most sinister scheme.

IJN 'sesak', need bigger premise. Jln Tun Razak 'sesak' is not good for hospital.

Anonymous said...

They were not called Swine and Babi for nothing ok. Just ask the folks from Golden Hope and Guthrie.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

i'm with you all. money is the root of most evil and evils are known to be heartless, hence the unnecessary planned take-over.

Anonymous said...

Selepas saya membaca sepuluh komen di sini dan ada juga di dalam akhbar, saya memang tidak begitu jelas dan sangat tidak memahami tujuan dan apakah rasional di sebalik niat[murnikah niat Sime Darby untuk mengambil-alih IJN]mereka itu?
Dan yang kedua, kenapakah begitu cepat YAB Datuk Seri Najib Tun Abdul Razak cantas [dengan keesokan hari atau beberapa hari, sudah lupa]mengeluarkan kenyataan untuk tidak membenarkan pengambilalihan IJN oleh Sime Darby. Maaf! YAB Datuk Seri Najib Tun Abdul Razak, saya betul-betul terfikir & terlintas di fikiran saya kenapa begitu cepat, seolah-olah YAB Datuk Seri Najib Tun Abdul Razak sudah dapat menjangka perkara ini[isu akan menjadi hangat bahkan panas]akan terjadi. Itu ajelah. Jumpa lagi.

post script.
Saya ada membuat potongan gaji untuk skim Majlis Kanser Nasionar sebagai tanda prihatin kepada pesakit kanser, sungguhpun hanya bekerja sebagai kerani dengan kerajaan pusat dan anak seramai empat orang dua menengah dua di sekolah rendah dan isteri belum pernah bekerja sejak berkahwin. Kadang-kadang terlintas juga untuk membuat penafian pembayaran, namun terfikir kata-kata Abe[Abraham Lincoln]Jangan ditanya apa sumbangan negara kepada anda tetapi tanyalah apakah sumbangan anda kepada negara.[Oh! What a wonderful reminder to me. But how beautiful the proposal is without being implemented there is no use] firstly Zainuddin must changhe himself before he changes others.
Lastly, Man proposes God Disposes.
Please Do Take Care!

Unknown said...

Good evening Nuraina,

The latest offer to Sime Darby is the building of another airport in Labu. Looks like they have a powerful connections