Thursday, January 29, 2009

Tit-For-Tat In Perak

First, it was Umno's Nasarudin Hashim's defection to Pakatan.
And then there were rumours of more defections.
Perak Umno swiftly quashed the rumours but two Perak Umno state assemblymen at the centre of the rumour yesterday said further defections cannot be discounted.

Lintang state assemblyman Ahamad Pakeh Adam and Pengkalan Baharu's Hamdi Abu Bakar said this was an option they ere considering if the situation in Umno did not change.

Based on their statements in th media, the two are disillusioned with Umno and its leaders.

Here are excerpts from the NST:

Both Ahamad and Hamdi, who were Sungai Siput and Beruas Umno division chiefs respectively, lost their posts at divisional elections last year.
Ahamad said he was "frustrated" when told by Perak Umno liaison chief Datuk Seri Mohd Tajol Rosli Ghazali that he should not contest the Sungai Siput division chief's post.

"How can Tajol Rosli tell me not to contest the division chief's post? I am the only Barisan Nasional rep in the Sungai Siput constituency. Even Nasarudin was instructed not to contest the Parit division chief's post.

"Yes, I admit I met state PR leaders recently to discuss my deep frustration with Umno leaders' behaviour since the last general election.

"While I have not expressed my desire yet to join the PR, I may do so if things do not change for the better in Umno.

"People with money but who are not wakil rakyat have been elected as division chiefs because they were sanctioned to contest against incumbents who are elected reps," he alleged.

Ahamad said he was disappointed with the BN's policies when it was ruling the state and "impressed with the PR state government".

The full story HERE.

And here's the tat from BN.


amoker said...

BN forgot that they got Raymond Tan from SAPP using the same technique.

Anonymous said...

UMNO will never learn. It is an agency in the form of a political party meant for securing projects and making money. It has segregrated the society and plagued with money politics. Hence, a few inteligent members are now begining to see the light on where UMNO is heading. UMNO is a quasi-terrorist party of modern era!

Lee said...

All the signs for an impending break-up is there.No amount of spinning both in the main stream media as well as in the blogs will change what must eventually take place!The people will decide their own destiny.So call news whether in the main stream media or in so called nuetral blogs cannot be trusted completely....since manipulating perception is being done

Anonymous said...

My reliable sources told me that Najib will be joining Parti Kelentong Rakyat soon. The reason is because he wants to clear his name. If he is in UMNO, he will be labeled a murderer. If he jumps ship, he will instantly be labeled a hero and all his sins will be forgiven. If he does not, he will be criticized beyond belief.

Anonymous said...

Tajol Rosli is indeed stepping down. "Sudah konfirm"!

Didn't he claim UMNO would take back Perak in August last year?

What would follow the second downfall of Tajol? Will Perak UMNO implode from infighting amongst its warlords to be the new leader?

Anonymous said...

2 aduns have disappeared for 4 days =
planning to frog to bn so that NOT charged on sex scandal lah !!