Sunday, January 25, 2009

More Indians In Police Force, Please....

Kuala Lumpur, Sun:

Human Resource Minister Datuk Dr S. Subramaniam said he would raise with the Cabinet the need to increase the number of Indians in the police force at all levels.

The MIC secretary-general said a bigger representation of Indians in the force would help in the effort to combat the increasing crime rate among Indian youths.

The government and the MIC would continue to step up their efforts in combating the increasing crime rate amongst Indian youths through educational, training and self-enhancement interventions, he said in a statement.

His statement comes amid a controversy surrounding the death of detainee A.

Kugan while in police custody at the Taipan police station in Subang Jaya, Selangor, on Tuesday.
Kugan, 22, who was detained on Jan 15 on suspicion of being involved in the theft of luxury cars in Sungai Chua, Kajang, died while being questioned.



nckeat88 said...

Our country had become ridiculous. Now we need more Indian cops. ater we need the policy of only police of similar race of the suspect to arrest them only. Maybe we need policy of chinese judge or chinese and Indian judge for indian only. Everything must be separated by race.

Anonymous said...


1. Corruption and "Kulit-tification"

Being an ex cop, I know what goes on, corruption rampants in key districts, does any one know DANG WANGI district is considered as " GOLD MINE" is a cop is posted in that district. As yearly the additional side income can touch to about RM100K.

How many indians do u find at SENIOR Level. Often at interviews for promotion, "kulitification' is the basis.

Anonymous said...

There are reasons why the Indians and Chinese are not attracted to join thee forces be it the Police or the Armed Forces.
Human Resource Minister please don't be a hypocrite - basic issue is "opportunity" when you are in the forces. Please gather information from the Chinese and the Indians currently serving the forces, see what is their feedback.
Surely the minister understand what is hierarchy of needs and that is why most of them decline to be part of the system that is stifle by the little napoleon.
A statement by Human Resource Minister "macam melepas batuk di tangga". sicko.

Anonymous said...

Outright insane comment from a Minister.
Why until today BN leaders still unable to view things on a logical and rational manner, have to always see on racist perspective.

PLEASE, Mr Minister, Kugan case has nothing to do with race. Pls get yr facts right.

Anonymous said...

Race matters in Malaysia. Long way to become one bangsa

malayamuda said...

if u see the history of Sri's almost the same as malaysia.........i just hope one day we dont have a civil war here

Anonymous said...

Mr Minister, no wonder MIC is no longer relevant in Malaysia's politic.

Do we need to recruit more Chinese, Iban , Kadazan into the police force? in order reduce the criminal rate?

Anonymous said...

Hey ! minister, u mean the kabinet
will agree with u !? check with botak 1st lah !!

Anonymous said...


Everything is wrong with Malaysians... :-)

I wonder why.

Probably the minister should have said this :- "The ratio of non-malay police officers should be balanced so that the perception of Malay policemen bullying other races will ease out".

I think only then some racist bigots here won't label policemen as malay umno.

Weird stuff bro. I am a Malaysian (A Non Malay), but i would like to see the problem as it is. If the police force is screwed up because of BN then we got to change the government as Malaysians to fix it.

Not come here and try to justify why there are less Malaysian from different ethnic groups working as policemen.



Anonymous said...

Stupid BN minister. The whole issue is due to lack of professional conduct by police. No check and balance on what they do.
The poilice has become dogs of the politicians...
Civil service needs a balance race composition on the whole..not for the reason quaoted by the minister.
We need indendent committee to investigate every daeth by police like they have in the UK for example. Not police investigating police misdeeds..How rediculous this seem in our country...
The minister better shut up and stop making the issue a racial one for political gains of MIC

Anonymous said...

'Ikut Hati Mati'
'Ikut Kata Binasa'

Nak Robahkan Mudah,
Nak Betulkan itu yang Susah'

'Beradap berkias
jangan dicabar
Sebab nila setitik.rosak sebelangga'

-Peribahasa Melayu

Rockybru said...

The reasoning sucks and the timing poor, but the suggestion to have more Indians in PDRM is good. We also need more Indians in the Armed Forces.
In fact, we need more of the other non-Malays to serve as police officers, soldiers, pilots and Navy officers. The duties of combating crime and protecting this country
should not be left to one race.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Nothing will change, it is in the blood and culture of the police to be corrupted and brutal.

They believe they are doing the country a favour to put on the uniforms just like all the civil servants.
They all also have the believe that according to the NEP they are owed the jobs and not on merits.
But are the corrupted civil servants a true reflection of the population of the country ? Why is it that the civil service does not reflect the percentage of the population ?
It is because there is no competition in the jobs and they have become very complacent and thus become very incompetent and corrupted ?
Why is it that all uniforms staff are made up of mainly one race? That is the true reason of this shamble.
A handful of non Malays are only employed just for show. Is it because majority of them cannot find anything else to be employed in the private sector ?
Finally why are the top half a dozen posts in the civil service are always occupied by only one race for 52 years ?
Is that to deter the non Malays to join the civil service, surely over 52 years at least a non Malay could have been found if not more.

Anonymous said...

PENCURI2 must be firmly & seriously dealt with ...BUT ...they need not be murdered one ! ( my anak's car was stolen too ...SIGH !)

Anonymous said...


Banyakkan mereka dlm.kontigen FRU,
Have a setengah dulu kemudian belasah orang.
Ya pandai....

Stingent recruitment a must.

Anonymous said...

As an ex police officer, i think the minister has got a good point. at one time when there were a sizable number of indian officers in the special branch and the CID we were able to involve ourselves in the activities of the indian community and were able to conduct monitoring and surveillance activities involving organisations and during temple festivals, we used to be there as part of the normal crowd and were able to take pre-emtive and preventive measure. we were able to relate to those youths and nab those going along the wrong path early and advise them and ensure that they don't grow to become organised criminal entities. now i rarely see indian officers being involved in the activities of the indian community. fights are becoming very common during the temple festivals, between different gang factions. indian youths are being dragged into activities like drug peddling, illegal lotteries and extortion of money. the sad thing is that they are becoming members of organised gang structures so it's high time more indian officers are recruited particularly at levels where they can be utilized for surveillance activities, monitoring and community rehab programmes.

Anonymous said...

hmmm how odd that no one wants to find out what the hospital staff had to say on this whole kugan-she-bang.. nobody asked if any of the staff assaulted by the family members? i know that the MA that was standing outside the mortuary room got hit by the mob. no one bothered to ask what they say to the policemen who tried to calm things down. they said, "lu sapa?". what respect to our police force ya? and the minister?? konon konon said on TV that he was there to meleraikan keadaan, is bullshitting.. he didnt leraikan keadaan.. he made it worse.

sigh.. kalau la they all know why kugan was arrested, why he was questioned, and why he had fluid in his lungs..what was his symptoms before he died.. mesti malu family kugan.. seriously.

Anonymous said...

indian youth are involved in car wash, tarik kereta,car towing after accident and also in luxury car theft. they are criminals.
Please check who is their boss. It is always a chinese syndicate. They own car workshops, potong kereta etc. A 22 year old indian youth cannot dispose a stolen luxury car without proper documents, custom, JPJ records etc. The Chinese syndicate working along the powers that be can do it.Poor idian youths are being toyed by chinese underworls working along the Malay masters. Hope the indians realised soon that it is not woth working foe this type of chinaman. When the indians get caught, they die in custody while their chinese masters get away with buang daerah sahaja.

Anonymous said...

i agree with the comment made by anonymous 3.54pm.there's rationality in getting more Indians as well as Chineses to be recruited as Policemen in all levels.thus it will become easier for the cop to fight crime because Malay cop can mix with Malay custom,Chinese cop can mix along with Chinese crowd and Indian cop can get along and disguise themself among Indian commnutity.that's is what rational on getting more non-malays in police's got nothing to do with's just the matter of mixing with the crowd.

Anonymous said...

umar o umar, now u r sataying lah! shame on u !!

Anonymous said...

Does anyone still recollect how images of an incident back in 1992 shocked an American nation?
That visual and ensuing trial led to street riots throughout Los Angeles… the truncheon assault on Rodney King.
I am not at liberty to establish if that recording was ever aired over local networks, irrespective whether an obvious slant prevails amongst the mainstream print and electronic media, but truth be told… and be damned.
That incident may have taken place in the far away land “of the brave and free”. But, don’t for a single moment renege from the fact the high profile police beating of Rodney King was not an isolated incident, nor did it’s public disclosure decrease the cases of police brutality in the United States.
Other incidents (to mention a few) since then include the New Jersey Turnpike and Stanton Crew, and Amadou Diallo shootings in New York, and Philadelphia Donta Dawson shootings.
Like the Rodney King incident, had it not been for the “citizen, ambush, advocacy and video” type journalism – the chief purveyors of information and opinion in your society today – I am of the view, this Kurgan’s death would have simply been filed to remain a mere statistic.
Having spoken to concerned stakeholders, and a quick browse of rights violation portals, Lee Quad Long, Tony Samy (amongst the few) should refresh memories of investigators, lawyers (some now turned legislators) and medical examiners. There are even those who may consider these names definitely are a jinxed and taboo issue within the walls of police headquarters, where like in the US, “to serve, and protect” and “commitment, professionalism and respect”, is supposed to echo out loud.
So like Rodney King, revelations of Samy and LQL dawns the realization for a web browser like myself police brutality can and does occur (with regularity?) even in this rapidly developing nation.
As frightening as the situation may seem to be, and the malaise which beleaguered the police department, should one be amazed if such cases remain undocumented.
So now with this Kurgan case, can one be blamed when posers are raised whether corroborating each other's false stories would be a tactic put to play now that visuals of “tampered bodies” are uploaded.
And why was there physical abuse, if indeed, in the first place? Is it true supervising officers not only knew of these alleged actions, but also condoned such behavior?
This recent wave of negative exposure does not augur well for a police department undergoing recovery from “scalds” of corruption, lackadaisical policing and increased criminal activity.
So its only natural the clarion call for an oversight committee can not but be at the highest decibel now, and for the police department, to defend itself, and (taking a cue from Tammy Wynette) to “Stand By Your Man”.
But hold em horses there, and can we not take on this buckaroo banzai shoot from the hip approach.
Who said it was murder…? And what has that scalded bloke got to do with that EAR (Extort After Rage) gang which terrorized business expatriates in the city’s uptown district.
Why is everyone shooting off banter, and getting their foot into their facial cavities? Let sciences both forensic and otherwise unravel the mysteries, and good hard detective snooping solve them cases.
The cop walking the beat must be given latitude to do his job.
And let crime watch groups continue their role as it has been acknowledged they have an important role to play because police brutality receives hardly any or almost no exposure (even in the media) unless… there’s another statistic?
It is one of the most dangerous professions, and like in the US, your boys in blue do put their lives on the line each day… maybe not to the magnitude of their brother offices in Los Angeles, Washington or the Big Apple.
Speak to any victim of crime in your country, and one can conclude criminals are increasingly turning violent. To further heighten ones’ fears, the wide array of weapons, especially the machete, at the perps’ disposal also does not augur well.
But depending from whom one elicits a view, does an increasingly violent criminal nature and abundance of weapons justify the use of force to uphold law and order.
Here is where you, the man on the street - the taxpayer - must play a role. Taxes, albeit a small percentage, contributes to a law enforcement official’s monthly takings. And it is from that podium, society must look down and hold them accountable for their actions.
On that blue uniform, they don that badge of integrity and have taken the oath to serve and protect, not only you, but also expatriates like me.
“The issue is national in scope and reaches people all across this country. For too many people, especially in minority communities, the trust that is so essential to effective policing does not exist because residents believe that police have used excessive force, that law enforcement is too aggressive, that law enforcement is biased, disrespectful, and unfair." – former United States Attorney General Janet Reno speaking on police brutality at a National Press Club luncheon in Washington DC in 1999.
As the dark plume from the pyre began gathered over the roofs of Bandar Kinrara, maybe one can take a cue from or

Anonymous said...

more non-malays in the force.. buat apa? dapat gaji peanuts baik bagi pada monyet. Mereka yang interested o.k. If you are eager to have quantity , then this is what you shaould expect.