Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Labi In Labu....

No question about it....we don't need a low-cost carrier terminal (LCCT) in Labu.
I'm not at all convinced that the terminal will benefit anyone else other than a few self-serving fat cats.

Don't we already have an LCCT? Can't we expand KLIA to include an LCCT? Major airports in the world have terminals for specific airlines, you know.

Pssst....I smell a rat.

I'm no businessman or an economist but I don't think it is a complex issue.

Can't "keLABUkan mata saya" on this, to borrow a line from Rocky's Bru.

For a stimulating read, go to his posting on the proposed labulabi airport.


Anonymous said...

You can just take a walk or run to KLIA from LABU LABI!!! That is how big Malaysia and how easy you can reach the town in Malaysia.
Our leaders are day dreaming guiding the nation development in the interest of someone's pocket.
I donno la, just give up and only hoping people like you, Rocky Bru, zorro and others to give some light.
What is happening??? sicko!!! dh9753

Anonymous said...

Please shed light on this issue. is it public money, private funding or public & private initiative?

On the surface, if it is privately financed, why not? At least it can compete with KLIA.

Anonymous said...

I am convinced that the LCCT project is good for the country. Having an infrastructure project like this will stimulate the economy at a time when there is a high chance of recession, and if AirAsia's passenger projections come true, Malaysia will become an aviation hub. The flow-on benefits are tremendous (more tourists, more students, more shops, more work, more engineers due to more planes etc etc). Some people will say, it's going to be a "bail-out", "white elephant", etc, but ask yourself: would you rather the government spends billions in monsoon cup, putrajaya, cystal mosques, bridges to nowhere just to stimulate the economy? In any event, Tony has promised it will be privately financed and I think there will be private takers for this project. The potential downside is of course the existing KLIA and LCCT will go downhill - but hey I don't think MAHB is doing such a great job - so let's give AirAsia a chance ! Even if Tony is a crony and has received gomen protection, I'd rather it be AirAsia (who has a fighting chance of making Malaysia an aviation hub) than Proton (who has nearly zero chance of making Malaysia an auto hub in its current form). AirAsia is a great Malaysian success story and deserves our support.

Anonymous said...

Dun be silly, when they say it's private money, then, it could be the high-way agreements ways of concessionaire, interest free from gonerment, increasing of airport tax, bail-out support, bra, bra, ended up still rakyat's money,, so many instances olidy la..May be ask them to reveal who's land and what price of it first la!

Anonymous said...

Salam Kak Nur,

Wajarkah kita dendangkan chorus berikut, rakam, dan kirim setiap satu ke JPM, Sime Darby dan PNB? Nak nyanyi beramai-ramai di depan kesemua destinasi di atas takut sebab nanti kena tuduh buat demonstrasi haram pulak:-)

SiLuncai Terjun Dengan Labu-labunya...Biarkan... Biarkan
SiLuncai Terjun Dengan Labu-labunya...Biarkan...Biarkan

SiPelobi Menjaja Idea Labu Markas Parking Pesawat Udara...
Biarkan ... Biarkan

SiMataKe Labu Mengerjakan Dusun Labunya...Biarkan ... Biarkan

Rak Rak Rummm ... Alamak mana semua orang ni? Labu...oh Labu!!!

Sudin: Labu sudah berlebih daaa!

Zaib the angry man

Anonymous said...

Malaysian Airports says they are expanding the LCCT terminal. So why the need for Labu? What will happen then to the old LCCT? What a waste of money!

Anonymous said...

I agree with you. We don't need any airports/terminals what ever. The politicians in malaysia are so used to working without seeking consent or approval from public, that they think they can do anything..ever something so useless/ redundant like this project.
We must put a stop to all this money wasting mega projects that benefit a few and prioritise the spending

Wan Nordin Wan Hussin said...

It’s getting more interesting now, with the promoter(s) of the so-called People’s Airport entering the fray to manage the people’s impression, and tarting (or overdecorating, if you prefer) it with that tacky label. So labuci, if you know what I mean.

But like many others, I feel the obnoxious Labu-Labi Airport is going to have greater currency, and be more enduring. They need to do more to convince us that this is a service over self project and not self-serving project.

Am dying to read your take on the KT by-election?

Unknown said...

ramai yang kata tony mengambil kesempatan dalam isu ini kerana LCCT Labu amatlah berdekatan dengan KLIA.cuma bezanya ketika ini AirAsis kena berkongsi di KLIA.jika LCCT Labu dibina,khabarnya ianya khas untuk AirAsia sahaja.ekslusif.tapi bagaimana pula jika selepas LCCT Labu dibina tapi masih ada identiti seperti perhentian bas Puduraya versi lapangan terbang?