Friday, January 16, 2009

Goodbye, Mr Bush....

Well, Mr son-of-a-gun. You're leaving Barack Obama with a couple of unfinished business , I mean, wars. And a very bad White House record.

Have a good retirement, Mr Bush. I know you can sleep well.

Over to you, Obama baby. And Good Luck!

Just remember to keep your promise to close the Guantanamo detention centre.

Here's the story on George Bush's televised final address.


Anonymous said...

Guantanamo is a tricky one. I understand the sensitivity of the issue, and the public sentiments that are pushing for it closure.

By the way, I too want it closed. But more to get the U.S. out of Cuba.

But that said, it must be a gradual removal. Terrorist cannot be treated in the same light as normal people, nor judged with the same rules as military men.

Most of the countries who have prisoners sitting in Guantanamo Bay have refused responsibility or to take them back for that reason. As of December 2008, around 50-60 detainees have been cleared for release, but have not actually been released due to difficulties in repatriating them. It's just not as simple as everybody thinks.

The U.S. have done dirty work, no doubt. But it is dirty work no one else wanted to do - and were happy to have the U.S. do it.

Do I condone it? No. But everyone is saying, "close Guantanamo" without offering a viable solution. Placing them back into the civil justice system could mean messy lawsuits and court proceedings. It could also mean that many terrorist will be released, and go back blowing up subways.

Yes there are certainly benefits to closing Guantanamo. Yes, Guantanamo has been a blackeye for human rights in America. But Obama must use judgment and wisdom to fill the void that Guantanamo will leave before full closure.


Anonymous said...

On Bush's farewell. My view is, any president will only be as good or as poor as his term allows him to be.

You'd never know what Obama might have done faced with 9/11, Afghanistan, and Katrina. Or Bush might have done, has he not.

Clinton has a great term, and was a great president. But it was after George Bush Sr removed the Iraq threat.

Jimmy Carter could have been a great president. But coming on after the assassination of John F. Kennedy, the Vietnam War, and Watergate, he had no chance.

So Bush wasn't great, and he was quite a dufus at times. But all things are not equal.

Obama's coming on with a lot of positive support and much optimism. Let's see how he does, and how he handles what comes his way.

Anonymous said...

At least Americans have a limit for the term a president serves. That is a very good system I think. Poeple elect-every citizen has a say in selection of their leader and they cannot do elect the same one more than 2 terms.!
Cannot imagine malaysia doing that in next 100 years! Not all Amecan thing is bad u know....

Anonymous said...

The world hates Bush.

But funny thing he has kept the US safe from another terror attack & brought the terror fight on the door steps of Muslim terrorist groups. Iran is much better and heading into a democracy compared to Saudi Arabia & other Arab states. Arab states don't practice democracy instead support terrorist groups by funding them.

Its a way to take the limelight away from their despotic rule.

And Bush has saved millions of lives in Africa in fighting AIDS and Africa is grateful to him. He has spent more money in fighting AIDS in Africa than any other US President.

Bush didn't become the US President to become popular.

Will Obama do the same?

Clinton wanted to be popular. Now its revealed he received massive funds from dictators and from Arab States. He had chances to catch Osama bin Laden but didn't. It was under Clinton's watch that he failed to tackle Muslim terrorists, but didn't and it was Democrats that failed to support FBI and CIA ops.

Obama may shut down Guantanamo Bay but reality will hit him when he realises that will not happen. And the Leftists will be upset.

Problem is Euuropean countries are not willing to take these Muslim terrorists. Funny thing, Obama kept some of Bush's Defence advisors. What does that tell you?

Obama's promises is all turning out to nothing more than campaign rhetoric. With his scant accomplishments, he will find it difficult when he deals with Hamas, Osama bin Laden etc. He promised he will catch Osama, but will he?