Thursday, January 29, 2009

Nasaruddin's Defection Is An Act Of Weakness

That's how the Prime Minister sees it.

Here's the NST report:

KAMPAR, Thurs:

Bota assemblyman Datuk Nasarudin Hashim’s defection was an act of weakness, the prime minister said.

Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, the Umno president, said Nasarudin had clearly cast aside the Umno struggle by joining the Parti Keadilan Rakyat.

He said quitting was not the solution to Nasarudin’s problems with the party. “If you were not given any posts, you should not sulk.”
Becoming a senior member and elected representative was “not easy as you are bound to face numerous problems pertaining to the party or in your capacity as a leader”.

“In times like this, you must remind yourself that sacrifices have to be made for the sake of Umno’s struggle,” Abdullah told reporters after launching the Village Action Plan at SMK Ayer Kuning, some 20km from here, today.

Nasarudin left Umno for the PKR on Sunday in a surprise move that has unsettled Perak Umno.

Abdullah said he had not betrayed the party even when he was left with no position in it.

“I did not abandon Umno then as I truly value the party. His act is that of a weak person. It was a clear example of weakness,” he said.

On rumours that two PKR assemblymen in Perak might join the Barisan Nasional, Abdullah smiled but played down the prospect.

“Let them. Some might want to join PKR while others might want to leave the party,” he said.

When asked to comment on Perak BN and state Umno liaison committee chairman Datuk Seri Mohd Tajol Rosli Ghazali’s decision to relinquish both posts, he said it would be discussed during a supreme council meeting later today.

“I suppose he felt really hurt (by Nasarudin’s defection). He will brief the supreme council on his decision and the political scenario in Perak,” Abdullah said.


Anonymous said...

I think jumping one party to the other is a dirty GAME, especially that guy is an ADUN and by doing this he betrays the majority of voters in his constituency.Obviously the voters had voted his party which was represented by him.It is not fair really...So morally he should quits as ADUN, failing which he is not a gentlemen.

Mat Cendana said...

I don't believe this!
Hellooooooo! Nasaruddin's leaving Umno to join PKR is a sign of HIS weakness?...not Umno's? But definitely not of "Badawi's weakness", of course.

No wonder the Pakatan Rakyat are so keen to keep Badawi as PM - with him around, there's no need to kill of Umno in the next GE - it'll be a miracle if the party survives 2009!

I'm not an "Umno supporter" but I sure am `kesian' this party nowadays - honestly and seriously. Especially the grassroots... the people who hold true to the party "fighting for the Malays and Islam"...people like my father. And late grandfather...

It's really sad that Umno is going down the drain, and it simply cannot get rid of the `leaders' who are dragging them into the grave.

alrawa said...

To me, a classic act of weakness was when Sdr Kassim Ahmad joined UMNO.
Till today, I cannot understand why.

Anonymous said...

Ya right, where are u Pak Lah when all the Sabah PBS frogs jumped into bring down the state govment then was OK...for Mahathir and BN...what about now? shame on YOU BN

Anonymous said...

Act of weakness?? More like an act of a desperate fool.

How can he convienently jump ship without the consent of those who voted him in?

And how could Anwar ( a man of high integrity ) accept an UMNO fool is beyond comprehension.

When things don't work out later, the PKR guys will say he was sent there as a trojan horse, spy, oh yawn yawn.

And you expect the blind rakyat to believe these nonsense?

Truly, the PKR team are like horses running with blinkers these days. I have lost a lot of confidence with these street fighters living only to blame others as their motto of life.


Anonymous said...

Pak Lah tak resign sbb takdak tempat nak bergantung selain UMNO masa tu. Lani kalau dia crossover pun masih ada duit elaun masuk sbb dia masih MP. Disebabkan dia nak resign as PM, dia pun patut resign as MP. Dapat gaji buta je. Apa yg dia nak buat lepas, resign, nak turun padang kat Kepala Batas ke? Boleh percaya ke?

Anonymous said...

Hahahaha...PM said that?
So what does it make of his giving way to Najib?

An act of weakness or did Najib and his men got him by his b@lls?

PM..go forth and ZZZZZZZZZzzzzzz. Even UMNO think you are irrelevant.
Everyone is bringing their problems to Najib not you.

At best now is just shaddup and not be like the Hamid guy, talking rubbish everytime he opens his mouth.

Unknown said...

It's really strange.

The man who in 2004 was given overwhelming support to implement change and have done nothing but let the rot spread is talking about 'weakness'.

The man who head UMNO, is responsible for party unity, is refusing to see problems, much less need for solutions is not doing anything useful, but instead saying in effect: "let them go".

The party he claims to value he is letting rot and crumble.

He himself has made no sacrifice that he exhorts others to.

No wonder UMNO, BN and consequently Malaysia is in this sad and sorry state today.

*weasel words*

Bangsa Cina Malaysia said...

all these started during you know whose administration.

in Sabah (1980s) state assemblymen are being traded like a commodity hence the name cowboytown.(PBS was the victim).

Nobody in BN said anything then .

in fact those who joined BN are treated like hero.

no effort whatsoever was done to propose an anti hopping law except by PBS and PAS but was shot down by the Federal Govt then.

MCA then was good at pinching state assemblymen from the DAP example from the Lobak and Bahau (NS) and branded them as hero and people with principle.

But are now saying the reverse when BN assemblyman joined PR.

I say now is the time to give BN a taste of their own very bitter medicine.

UMNO MCA MIC Gerakan and the rest can go fly kite for all i care.

Anonymous said...

Yes you are right.

It is a weakness. Of UMNO!

Anonymous said...

Nasarudin tak perlulah nak merajuk bila tak dapat jawatan.memang lah bila dapat jawatan maknanya mcm "pangkat" kita lebih tinggi tapi bila buat macam ni rasanya macam lebih pentingkan kepentingan diri dari parti.asal merajuk je,keluar parti.dimanakah pendirian anda?

Unknown said...

this is the most ridiculous statement that was uttered by a PAS leader concerning party hopping

Anonymous said...

Do you think it is easy to make THAT decision? But it is very easy to accuse him of everything

Anonymous said...

Pak Lah ni selalu komen nye dah terlambat. Tengok lah UMNO ni hancor masa dia PM. Lagi lama dia ni dok jadi Presiden UMNO akan jadi benda yang tak releven lagi dah. Say good bye to UMNO Pak Lah lagi lama lagi parah UMNO

Org UMNO reject

Old Fart said...

The PM says Nasaruddin's defection is an act of weakness. Presumably he is talking about Nasaruddin's weakness. Really I wonder how that is so.

If there is any weakness I reckon it is the "weakness" within UMNO that Nasaruddin finally finds courage to leave behind.

Either that or Nasaruddin realises that he has no more chance at the gravy train that just being an UMNO ADUN, albeit serving in opposition in an opposition controlled state, is entitled to.
In which case, put in some effort for a chance at eternal life that I am told is the preserve of good men.


thank you. I missed this news item.
I've just posted it.
thanks again.

A Voice said...

And Pak Lah an act of strength?

He is an act of ignorance, incompetence, and negligence.

Lee said...

Nasaruddin's defection is not an act of weakness.It is an act of courage, taken bearing in mind the desire of his constituents and against the dictate of UMNO leaders!Did AAB considered his supporters's opinion when he decided not to contest in the coming UMNO election.Is it an act of courage or the reverse?

Anonymous said...

anon 12:14, YES ! u r right = he's not a 'gentlemen' BUT a repent 'gentleman' !!

Anonymous said...

why should he 'quits' wen u r nahuly salah !? u should quit tulising in poor ingris , ok 1214 !?

Anonymous said...

He quits coz he SEEs umno's kelemahan lah !! cepat lari utk dapat man !!

Anonymous said...

anwar's aide kataked ke umno coz he saw weakness in PKR lah , @#$%^&* !!