Saturday, January 24, 2009

Pakatan Rakyat Supports Pak Lah To Continue As PM..

"Saya meminta Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi terus kekal sebagai Perdana Menteri dan meneruskan reformasi yang diperlukan seperti dalam bidang pilihan raya dan beberapa bidang lain," -- Pas president Abdul Hadi Awang.

The story HERE.

This is interesting. Pakatan Rakyat bersatu dengan Barisan Nasional.

So. Are Hadi's views representative of Guan Eng's and saudara Anwar's.

Now what I'd really like to know is their stand on this.

And maybe, Pak Lah's too.


Apanama said...

Hadi, and the likes of him are spineless snakes masquerading as ulama in robes!
What a shame for PAS and Pakatan to have such LIARS as leaders.
You tak tahu malu ker Hadi Awang?



while you were writing your comment, i shortened my posting.
My apologies.

You know-lah, I'm a woman of few words...:-)

Wan Nordin Wan Hussin said...

Oh no(slapping my forehead). Missed the unexpurgated version.

Rockybru said...

I'm still waiting for formal statements by DSAI and Lim Kit Siang with regards to Hadi's remarks.

I wonder if everybody else has a memory as short as the PAS president's about what has been happening to the country since Pak Lah took over ...

Happy CNY to you Ena and your readers!

Anonymous said...

i saw one blog (dunno which one) who analyzed that PR will have better chance in taking over the fed government if pak lah is still in power. one more reason is to make sure he fulfills his promises in reforms.

that's what i saw lah.

Old Fart said...

You got a choice between Najib and Badawi. One real Bad- awi (ask a Tamil what Bad - awi means).

The other who carries a baggage. Alleged corruption...alleged involvement in murder of Altantuya.

Now, I was just wondering. You know ifObama carries any baggage getting onto the job of President of United States?

Now, tell me, isn't that heading of yours nothing but naughty?

Especially when you most definitely know the context of that statement made.


old fart,

yes, i'll tell you. my heading is as what the story says.

naughty? context?

now don't you start accusing, sir.,

Anonymous said...

guys read between lines,

Anonymous said...

In Pakatan Rakyat, they are free to voice their opinion - so sister no issue. They can agree to disagree - don't you think so?.
Surely you know why people do not want Najib to take over this nation, unless you are blind and deaf or pretending that you love ISA so much.
Happy Chinese new year holiday. dh9753

Anonymous said...

Hi nurina...CNY greetings to all readers. Gong Xi Fa Chai.

Ref to what old fart has written have just one question on the Altantuya trial.

The ADC to DPM Najib was never called by the prosecution to testify (during the earlier stages) when they were building up the case. This man appears to be the main player as the one who had a link between the UTK accused policemen and Razak Baginda.

Wonder why the chief prosecutor and his team never found it fit to put this ADC guy in the witness box ? More so now (Defence stage) one of the accused Inspector Azilah is openly telling the world that instructions came from the ADC DPM to communicate with Razak Baginda to do needful necessary action.

Should not the Attorney General be asked to explain why was the ADC to DPM not on the stand to testify (during the prosecution case build up ) as would have cleared so many things and perhaps perception of the public too will not be too misty.

What say u, Let`s see what has the AG to say? How do we go about eliciting a response from this top legal brain ?


Fair play

24 Jan 2009

straycat's strut said...

Except for some priviledged few who can gain from his position, I am quite certain that even UMNO people can't wait to see him go.

Now, if Hadi is really honest and thinks that PL is that good, than take him la... I am sure that after that the UMNO people will say, PL should be the leader of PR. Forever pun okay.

Simply put, everybody would love to have Pak Lah as their opponent (or father-in-law).

Anonymous said...

What's wrong, if that was all Hadi had to say about Pak Lah!. He called upon Pak Lah to hang on to his post, with a view to allow the PM to complete his reform programes and pledges. The most we can deduce from his gesture is what commonsense can tell you or it could be a sheer testing of the public response and politically motivated support from the party he belongs to. Therefore, it is very untimely and selfishly wrong for any of us to create prejudice base on our presumptuous prevarication.

Monsterball said...

Actually I do support Pak Lah continuing as PM, given the plan is for Najib to take over the reins of power.

My opinion of likely unpublishable....probably considered seditious by some quarters...the type which got RPK into trouble...

Anonymous said...

mr. zzzz, hey ! u better wake up till the GE13 = kami tak mau your timbalan lah !!