Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Dengue Alert....

Folks, please take cautionary measures to avoid contracting Dengue Fever which has killed eight people in the first two weeks of this year.

It is alarming. Dengue cases doubled this year, compared to the same period last year.

According to the Health Ministry, from Jan 4 to Saturday, there were 3,211 cases with eight deaths compared to 1,514 cases and four deaths in the same period last year.

Another worrying matter is that of the number Chikungunya cases which is fasting rising.

The fight against the dreaded Dengue and Chikungunya is not the Health Ministry's or the respective State health department's alone.

Please read Doctor's 2008's Weblog on this. Very useful.


de minimis said...


Thanks for the tip. I've been maintaining an all-doors&windows-shut-from-6p.m. policy for the past 4 years. The fact that it coincided with my son having contracted dengue fever (fully recovered, thank goodness) may have been a very good reason. I blame all the construction sites. There is a direct correlation between the incidence of dengue and construction sites within a 200-meter radius.

Anonymous said...


The figures quoted are probably just the tip of the ice-berg. I too was afflicted with Chikungunnya about a month ago. I thought then it was probably debgue fever however the symptoms were more severe, terrible aching joints which had not experienced before, and the usual lapses of fever and chills. These despite taking 2 panadols every 4 hours which probably lessened the ordeal but which nevertheless, was still an unusual ordeal. My experience of dengue fever in the past told me this should last about three days and I should be ok. True to form the fever and terrible joint aches were over on the foruth day but .. the jointaches never truly left completely.

Until the Government advertised about Chikungunya, I did not know much about it. And when another person in the family came down with the same symptoms, then I checked with a doctor who informed there was no cure for it and that the disease originated from Africa. Hence the funny-sounding name.

My question now .. also in line with my experience and observation that the mosquito repellents sold by the various companies under the different brand names, are totally ineffective these days ... is, is the Government checking on the authenticity of the claims of these purveyors of mosquito repellents?

Have the Ministry of Trade and Industry, health Department, and the Chemist Department checked these products on the supermarket shelves? Currently I suspect the products are a lot of bullsh*t. The chemicals are probably so diluted as to be meaningless or the mosquitos have developed resistance that the original chemicals are useless as repellents anymore.

Is it not the Ministry's function to ensure that the Trade description Act is truly and effectively enforced? If bullsh*t products are being placed in the supermarket shelves to generate obscene income for these companies, do not hesitate to throw the book at them. You were placed there afterall by tax-payers to ensure that were not cheated by unscrupulous businessmen. Hope you can make it right and make it transparent. If a criminal act has been committed let the public know.

Unknown said...

we've tried calling DBKL re this matter, but bureaucratic remains the no 1 problem in Malaysia.

perhaps they want to wait till the death toll hits 1000 for them to start tackling this matter aggressively..

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