Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Fogging Is Not Effective Against Aedes

Fogging does not eliminate aedes mosquitoes as not all are killed in the process as some could have already moved to new breeding grounds, said Universiti Malaya Medical Centre (UMMC) vector specialist Dr. Wan Yusoff Wan Sulaiman.

He said fogging must be done at the right place at the right time; otherwise it would not bring the desired results in eliminating aedes, the primary vector for dengue and chikungunya.

"We assume where the aedes breeding grounds are when we carry out fogging but the mosquitoes may have already moved to other places. The pesticide is only effective within the radius of 200 metres," he told Bernama.

Dr Wan Yusoff
said the use of trap lamps containing carbon dioxide had also been proven ineffective to control the aedes population.

This was based on a study conducted by the Institute for Medical Research, he said.

He also said Malaysia could introduce attractants to trap mosquitoes but this method had yet to be proven effective in controlling the dengue outbreak.

Dr Wan Yusoff said checks should be carried out at potential mosquito breeding grounds like public toilets, construction sites, abandoned projects, parks and recreational areas, and clogged drains.

"Aedes could cling on to water containers like pales and flower pots even after they had dried up. They become active again when the containers are wet again.

"To remove them, we must scrub the pales and flower pots," he said, adding that, this explained how aegypti aedes from Africa was brought to Asia and albopictus aedes from Asia made its way to the United States. -- BERNAMA


Anonymous said...

aunty aina,

The best for dengue would be cultural control.. sanitation and getting rid of things that can contain water.. i.e - old tyres lalala and others.

I want to know.. why the so called specialist says that chemical control is not effective...

It won't be effective if you do it at wrong time.. The best time would be 5am or 5pm.

and the community have to cooperate with the people doing the fogging..

ini tidak.. dok tutup tingkap lah. dok lari lah.. what the hell??

Fogging works..

Biological control as mentioned by the good specialist.. is not proven effective.. and of course expensive..

Sr. Entomologist
from the people who are trashed just because we are the contractors for the new airport..



entomologist gila,

thank you for your views. appreciate it.

Anonymous said...

The govt. should have declared an outbreak since the middle of last year but they just kept quiet.

No real action taken by them and I believe the campaign it's all NATO (No Action Talk Only).

Anonymous said...

i'm confused =
1stly, " tutup makanan, pintu & tingkap !"
NOW, " if u dun allow them to enter your house for fogging, hukum RM5000"
APAlah INI !!??

Anonymous said...

fogging was done in my area at 8.30am
when the matahari was shining happily !!

Anonymous said...

Wow, that's crazy man. They should really try to do something to fix that.