Sunday, January 25, 2009

Umno Wakil Rakyat Joins Keadilan

Got this from NST alert:

Bota state assemblyman Nasarudin Hashim leaves Umno and joins Keadilan.

I have to say this. I think Nasarudin is free to join any party he wants. But he was elected (last March) on a BN ticket which means the people voted for a BN candidate.

So, the proper thing for him to do. in my view, is to vacate his seat which he won with 6,556 votes against 4,488 won by PKR's Capt (Rtd) Usaili bin Alias.


Anonymous said...


Satu lagi orang politik UMNO hilang percaya kat Najib dan konco-konconya!

Anonymous said...

Bukan semua orang umnoBN itu bodoh, ada ramai yang tahu dan mahu berfikir. asalkan ada yang rajin berfikir, UmnoBn lambat laun akan tersungkur ketanah jua!!

Anonymous said...


you don't think he was paid?

bota buti

Anonymous said...


Ex-Senator Zaid Ibrahim quit and is partyless because of governtment's refusal to repeal ISA.

Capt (R) Zahar Hashim joined PAS over the exposure of the helicopter deal.

Datuk Nasarudin Hashim cross-over to PKR.

Datuk Arif Shah from Seberang Jaya says that he is being ignored and does not know what to do.

Ku Li says UMNO and BN must change fundamentally.

Just do it - cross-over LAH ...




yep. you're right.
cross over-lah. tak payah tunggu-tunggu!


bota buti,

goodness. i wouldn't know.

Anonymous said...

hahaha 31 vs 27 ...hehehe !!!

Anonymous said...

"But he was elected (last March) on a BN ticket which means the people voted for a BN candidate."

and I have to say this:

How can you say with any certainty that people do not vote for a candidate on his/her own merits, and not those of the party?


-I vote for candidate, not party -



nasarudin was a BN candidate when he won.

get the point?

if he was a keadilan and turns over to Umno, he'd still, in my view,have to vacate.


Anonymous said...

I seem to recall a statement from a senior opposition statesmen that unfortunately due to changes in the Elections Act, if they vacate the seat, they will not be able to stand for a by-election or a new election for a period of 6 months or something.
Hence, if a MP/ADUN switches parties, he/she cannot resign, as he/she will not be able to re-contest that seat.

Anonymous said...

for me, i don't care either BN or PR or any party, once he/she is the MP or ADUN, he/she has the right to cross over or become independence if his/her current party is not doing any good to his/her people. MP or ADUN just need to do some homework to get feedback from the ground on his/her intention to change party or alliance. Why do you want to waste country money and people time for reelection?

Rockybru said...

Ena, you sound like Karpal Singh. He's very anti defection.
He is against anwar's plan to get BN MPs to defect and join PR.
But as long as it's not illegal, politicians are free to lompat

And so it becomes just a moral question.

Anonymous said...

Bila UMNO buat parti politik di Sabah lompat kerusi di Sabah masuk UMNO di pilihanraya 1990an, senyap jer gerombolan pro-UMNO, tak sebut pun pasal letak jawatan la, apa apa la...

Nuraina... nak tanya sket ni... UMNO boleh buat, orang lain tak boleh buat ker, aku nak tanya nih!

Anonymous said...

Satu lagi.... Nuraina...

Kau mintak diorang turun buat pilihanraya kecik lagi, kau ingat bapak kau punya duit ke, duit yang UMNO bagi dalam sampul surat nak beli UNDI tu? Berjuta-juta yang UMNO campak kat pilihanraya kecik tu wang aku jugak tau... aku tak mo wang aku dibazir oleh gerombolan UMNO korup!

Anonymous said...

Cik Nuraina,

Tolong jangan terbitkan komen-komen saya baru dihantar tadi.

Saya rasa saya terkasar bahasa. Mintak maaf.

Anonymous said...

Brother we need more brave people like you to cross over to teach the UMNO a lesson!

Anonymous said...

I agree with the view that many people do indeed vote for candidate and not party. I myself in past elections (pre March 2008) have consistently voted for candidate even though I was sick of MCA.

Furthermore, Wan Farid in KT by-election is a prime example. Pro BN analysts and bloggers have highlighted this. Obliquely, you Nuraina, have also concurred.

Why the selective reasoning when it comes to Nasarudin Hashim?

Who is to say that that Bota voters' choice is not for the candidate?

An UMNO candidate gives up on his party and leaves for another simply bcos he believed he would better serve the people of Bota OUTSIDE UMNO.

Now why on earth should he give up his seat and desert those who voted him just because UMNO refuses to change? Wouldn't that be a betrayal of faith and trust?

Pray tell Nuraina, what ethics or moral/religious values would condone such betrayal?



rico suave,

masa di Sabah dulu?

Saya tak setuju dengan sikap wakil-wakil di Sabah.

Rico...nada anda memang kasar. Saya sudah lepaskan komen anda sebelum dapat permintaan anda supaya komen kasar anda di tarik balik. Sorry.

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This comment has been removed by the author.

anon@9:02AM "principles",

you know it is true that people vote for the candidate and not the party, in some cases.
case in point is the KT by-election. That to me seems to have been a factor, after looking at everything else.

however, let's look at the march 2008 general election, and me as a voter.
I voted for change. My kawasan was a BN kawasan (petaling jaya). In 2004, I voted BN (parliament) and Keadilan (state).
In march last year, I (and thousands others like me) decided to give the opposition a chance.
I have no idea who the candidates were. Never met them before. Hell, they could be worse than the nice MCA and Gerakana candidates. I wouldn't know.
But I voted Keadilan and DAP for Parliament and State, respectively.

Until now, I can't remember the names of my wakil rakyat.
I just crossed the symbols for change and voted for the Opposition.

Now, if today, those 2 wakil rakyat for whom i voted decide to switch camp, I'd be upset.

on nasarudin, it's not selective reasoning. when a wakil rakyat defects, of course, he is not breaking the law. But it is a moral issue.

how can we be sure about anything? did bota people vote nasarudin because he was a nice fella or because of the party?

is that the issue?
i'd also like to know why he decided to defect.

and defection is really not about bravery.

you know, this is my view.It had always been my view.
And it applies to any wakil rakyat, whether he or she is from BN or the opposition.


nasarudin told the Press that he wants to better serve his constituency because the State is under PKR.

therefore, it is in the interest of the people.

which means as a BN wakil rakyat, he was not able to serve the people well.

Why was he not able to...?
or was that question asked at all at the Press conference.

Anonymous said...

aiyah ! semua pun juga ulars & kataks lah !

tajol & toyol ( funny ! they quite similar ?) have wanted to BUY over some PKR aduns what !!

Anonymous said...

Immediately after Mar 2008 GE, there was an attempt to persuade PAS to gang up with the Malay party (UMNO) rather than with non-Malay ones to form the Perak state govt, but was rejected by PAS. There were also attempts by BN to lure opposition ADUNs to their sides but not successful despite their unlimited resources. It's well known that BN always engages in this kind of biz. Remember before Mar 2008 when PAS ruled Kelantan with only 1 majority but BN still could not get that 1 ADUN to defect despite fantastic offers? It reflects well on those Kelantanese ADUNs. So BN can't cry foul on moral ground in this latest issue. It's tit for tat. On more humorous level, you can say that PKR is more efficient in using resources (in case money is indeed used) considering their much inferior resources compared to BN's.

frm: observer


anon@12:34PM (observer):

yes. that's what we call money politics. they all use money. some more than others.

Anonymous said...

It is simply unethical. Jumping ship shows the loyalty of the character.

Can a wolf in sheep's clothing be trusted?

Wonder what Karpal Sing has to say about this. Of course nothing, because it benefits him. But ,if it was the other way round, then God is unfair.

Sheeh. Politics stink.


Anonymous said...

morally it's wrong..but legally it's not..

Anonymous said...

tiada masalah Datuk Nasa melompat ke parti PKR.cuma agak obvious juga dia melompat ke PKR kerana "kekecewaan" semasa berada dalam UMNO.iyelah dia kalah dalam pemilihan parti dan khidmat sebagai pengerusi felcra juga tidak disambung.nampaknya macam Datuk Nasa ni "merajuk" :)

k said...

Kalau tak suka orang politik lompat parti, baik kerajaan buat undang-undang anti lompat. Sesiapa yang lompat, SPR bubar kawasan tu dan buat PRK yang baru. Senang je.

Anonymous said...

one dap adun has reported to polis that he was offered 10 juta to katak over !!