Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Abolish Puteri Umno And Putera To Make Umno Less Corrupt?

Umno veteran and Disciplinary Board chairman Ahmad Rithauddeen has suggested that these two wings be dismantled if the party is really serious about getting rid of money politics.

Here's the NST story datelined Kuala Lumpur:

Tengku Ahmad Rithaudeen said the move was necessary to rebuild Umno’s image and strengthen the party, which for over 50 years had been the pillar of the nation’s stability.

He said the scourge of money politics in the party could be checked if the party elections could be reduced by abolishing the wings, especially those recently established.

“I was thinking whether there was a need for Puteri Umno and Putera, as this means more money politics. Perhaps even having the Youth and Wanita wings should be weighed now. In England, there is no women’s wing in the Conservative Party nor the Labour Party.” Speaking at the Disciplinary Board’s news conference here today, he added that Puteri and Putera members who were still young, should focus on their studies rather than on politics.

“They don’t need political exposure that early. Many of them are still in their teens and twenties,” said the Umno veteran, who believed that the young wings were involved in money politics but so far, none of the members had lodged complaints.
He said this group of people still needed to learn a lot of things as the country depended on its youths to lead the country in the future and to compete with the rest of the world.

“If they are preoccupied with politics, they won’t be able to focus on anything else,” he added.

Tengku Rithauddeen hoped that his suggestion would be considered and opined that the nomination quota system should also be abolished because of its ill effect of money politics.


Quantum Metal Consultant said...

Rasuah bermula dari seorang Presiden.

Bapa borek anak rintik.

Putera dan Puteri hanya mangsa rasuah dan tidak ada kaitan langsung dengan keujudan rasuah. Perasuah adalah dari golongan veteran dan sebahagian penerimanya adalah putera dan puteri dengan jumlah yang kecil berbanding jumlah rasuah yang diterima oleh Presiden.

Anonymous said...

Susah nak cakap lah sis, In a way Tengku is correct but if we wait till they are old enough, then the exposure will be less, they need to give these young people space, may be at the University but the government wants to clamp and stifle them. So how? We need maturity and the youngsters need recognition. In any decisions made there is always an opportunity cost!!!
What we want, Long term or short term benefits in the name of national interest - it is the future. The "old" members must also behave and teach them the right politic and don't take advantage because they are blondie and money can buy everything. Its morbid!!!dh9753

Anonymous said...

Dear Tok Mommy,

I am no supporter of Puteri or Putera, but I think that for Tengku Rithaudeen to insinuate that they are responsible for money politics is a bit unfair. Money politics cuts across UMNO and all sections are affected, not only the Puteri or Putera. It would be more sensible for Tengku Rithaudeen to abolish all sections of UMNO going by his logic. Then the conclusion would be that there would be no money politics. Also it would be THERE WOULD BE NO UMNO. Maybe that's a good idea too for many voters who do not like UMNO.

telur dua said...

Clip the wings so that UMNO can't fly. LOL. So no money politics?

MCA = Towkay party. Yes, join it to become a towkay, not the other way around.

MIC = mired in financial irregularities eg MAIKA, MIED & AIMST.

The three main pillars of BN are rotten. Empires and Dynasties collapsed and disintergrate. So too will BN. Goodbye.

'Reap what you sow.' How true.

Anonymous said...

I would rather that UMNO be abolished completely to rid of corrupt leaders and give way to a new vibrant political party comprising of all the ethnic groups.A one party system would unite all the people in this country.UMNO is no longer relevant because of a lot of controversies created by its leaders,thus,giving rise to many people in this country lose cnfidence with the party.PKR is one politcal party to reckon with.

Anonymous said...

Let's be real. In UMNO the business of politics is first to make money. The advancement of Malay supremacy and interest a distant second. Otherwise, how can we explain the rampant money politics. Since the malaise is almost systemic abolishing the Puteri UMNO and Putera will be a futile exercise. We will just be addressing the symptoms rather than the disease.

UMNO malaise reminds me of FAM and the shameful state of Malaysian football. FAM bigwigs and the people on the street (and all football fans and critics), they have all the answers. After 30 years nothing changed. In fact Malaysian football is sliding into oblivion. Hopefully, UMNO will fare better.




benar. Puteri Umno dan Putera bukan masaalah besar Umno dan bukan membebankan umno.

Politik wang adalah penyakit lama bukan baru.

terima kasih



i know what you mean. Tengku rithauddeen meant well. and he must be as exasperated as other Umno leaders who want to see money politics wiped out.

but, dismantling Puteri Umno and Putera is not the answer.

Money politics will continue to plague Umno for as long as its leaders and MEMBERS allow it to remain. For as long as its members expect to be rewarded and its leaders regard as okay and acceptable the practice of buying votes.

thank you



first of all, I am not Tok Mommy. That's my sister, Mariah or Kak Ton. But that's ok. You must have come from her blog.

i do agree with you. I also see tengku rithauddeen's point about Umno doing away with all the wings. but to me, not about wiping out money politics, but as a political party in this century.

perhaps the time has come for Umno to be just a single party minus all the wings.

thank you



my sentiments too.

thank you

Old Fart said...

I always thought the different wings in UMNO was another way to spreading the wealth! Lots of platform and all need to be to held up.

On the other hand if as Tengku Rithauddin was suggesting that there was no need for any of these wings (after all according to him the conservative of the Labour Parties in the UK don't have such wings), there would be just one platform to support.

Now what is to stop those standing on this platform to keep it all for themselves. More to share between fewer.

The wings surely know this and you can well bet that you'd rather stand on a smaller platform than on none at all.

Of course this is on the premise that there will be no let up in money politics in UMNO. How to change culture!!

Anonymous said...

ok, who is NOT corrupted shall cast the stones at the chairman , i mean the wings & the ibu !!