Friday, January 30, 2009

Najib Not In Favour Of Labu LCCT...

According to Sime Darby Watch, the DPM who is also the Finance Minister made this known to Air Asia and Sime Darby Berhad executives at a meeting this morning.

And from NST alert: Air Asia's Labu Airport is as good as off. The decision was conveyed to Air Air Asia executives when they met the Deputy Prime Minister today.

Read SD Watch and Apanama's Bye Bye Labu.


Anonymous said...


. said...

Good decision. Thank you, Najib!

Anonymous said...

Tony is unlucky now to have a working Finance Minister rather than a sleepy head where Tony was having wild parties with cooperation of konco-koncos.

Tony, you have to really have to work now that no more clutches available.

So far Air Asia corporate manoeuvrings have left much to be desired albeit the public low prices marketing gimmick to the unknowing Rakyat..


Iya.Bagus le kalau ianya benor.

Anonymous said...

If only we are manage by competent professional we won't need another airport. Have you been to LCCT airport terminal? Airasia are being force to operate under atrocious conditions. There is not enough checkin facilities, waiting areas are sited on driveways, the whole terminal is haphazardly organise, the passengers are being made to sit on the driveways, those sending off friends or love ones are stopped from entering the terminal. MAB please wake up. If you can't operate an airport please let Airasia have their own. What good decision? How can the Govt allow MAB to strangle a legitimate business.

selampit said...

Ini berita bagus! Dalam keadaan ekonomi dunia tengah gawat dan tidak menentu ni, memang projek LCCT labu ni nampak sangat tidak kena pada tempatnya.

Bukan semua orang mampu naik kapal terbang ni.

Kan bagus kalau wang tu digunakan untuk membaiki sistem pengangkutan darat, terutamanya jalan dan jambatan yang rosak. Atau buat lebih banyak jalan alternatif yang bagus supaya orang dapat lari dari tol PLUS.

Ni tidak, rakyat, terutamanya golongan pelajar asyik membebel pasal tambang bas yang naik mendadak. Nak balik masa cuti pun kena fikir dua kali. Kerajaan pula sibuk PASAL KAPAL TERBANG!

Masalah di bumi pun dah berlambak, tapi masih dok fikir masalah di langit.

Syabas DS Najib! Teruskan usaha memperjuangkan nasib rakyat.

ChengHo said...

Sime Darby owned by PNB , PNB is under ASN and ASN is under Lembaga Amanah ( or whatever name you want to call it? )
Why PNB keep aside and very quite??

Anonymous said...

Haha... Najib flip flop.

First he agreeed, then he put it on hold. Only when public pressure got too much to bear did he reluctantly relent.

A true leader who cares about the rakyat would never have even considered it in the first place.

Ths press article makes it sound as if he was never ever in favour of Labu LCCT. It's really merely SPIN to plaster over his earlier intentions.

And this post by NOT GIVING PROPER HISTORICAL CONTEXT of this latest decision by Najib is uhmm also pusing gasing.


Anonymous said...


Go on! Create more issues out of nothing like IJN & LCCT Labu, then quickly withdraw to make yourself look like a hero!

Make full use of your cronies in Sime Darby to create more fake issues to hide the real ones facing the country. Only from the left pocket into the right pocket.


Anonymous said...

Prehaps now is not the time for big projects to proceed. Need to understand the resons for the the FM & DPM not to be in favour of this project at the momment.
Yes when the economy gets better and when the gloom is behind us. But it just does not seem right for now.

Anonymous said...

Aiyah, shelved only. When palms are properly greased it will be revived. That's the culture we Malaysians are only too familiar with.

Anonymous said...

the project would not have likely to take place from the very beginning due to lack of financing/funds to complete it as well as other technical aspects such as being less than 50km away from the nearest radius of the KLIA sepang hub.

Thus, Tony got what he wanted; an upgrade of the LCCT by MAHB.

Who has won ? Tony/Air Asia + frequent users of low-budget air carriers because now MAHB is being forced to compromise.

Whether BN Govt/Najib was in favour or not is not important because ultimately; this fracas would not have happened if MAHB from the very beginning has been making business sense with Air Asia being its other biggest customers.

This is one of the reason why foreign airlines have refused to or being very reluctant to use KLIA as their regional hub.

If you want to protect MAS but at the same time allow competitors such as Qatar / Qantas / Brunei / etc Airlines to come in ... where is the equal if not better commercial treatment for all the airline players ?

What difference is AA to MAHB than say other big non-budget airlines to MAHB and MAS?


Old Fart said...

So was I. Not in favour!!

Doesn't mean Najib is nice guy...This is a brainless decision reject....

But then the push has been useful to Air Asia..surely Tony knows this is a chicken shit idea...but it has been useful in getting him what he wants at KLIA....wily bugger!!

Anonymous said...

Who's running the federal government? I am not sure anyone is. NTV7 just showed the Transport minister saying the project is still on.
The BN may have been in power for 51 years but sometimes they look as "refreshing" as the PR beginners ;)

Anonymous said...

how come no one is blogging about the incompetency of MAB, the sole operator of airports in Malaysia?

org labu

Anonymous said...


Kenapa tak komen atau mengkritik usaha Barisan Nasional sekarang untuk menarik dua ADUN PKR masuk BN?

Bila ADUN BN masuk PR, salah, tapi bila ADUN PR masuk BN, okey ker??

Sampai perdana menteri pun dah masuk cakap dia mahukan 'perlompatan' ADUN PKR ni masuk ke BN:

"Umno president Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi also added to the intrigue by saying that "God-willing" there would be some defections from the Pakatan Rakyat in Perak to the Barisan Nasional."

Dari The Malaysian Insider.



i know... sorry but i was not on the internet yesterday.

thanks...i have already posted the news story.

but let me be clear.

i am against defection, whethr from PKR to BN or BN to PKR.