Thursday, April 30, 2009

Happy May Day!

With the current economic slowdown worldwide, there's very little to be happy about. But, celebrate the day, we must.
Let's commemorate the struggle of the international labour movement that had brought marked improvement in working conditions across the globe.

So, have a good holiday, a good break tomorrow to mark May Day, or The International Workers Day.

To those in key services that require you to work on Labour Day -- hats up and Syabas!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Tuesdays With ...

...... Dalilah Tamrin.

She is blogger Raden Galoh, a cancer survivor.

Last Monday, her book "Kanser Payudara Ku - Perjuangan Dan Kesedaran" was launched at the Putra World Trade Centre in Kuala Lumpur.

In her book, Dalilah talks about her fight to survive through the physical and emotional pain that cancer had inflicted.

Her postings in her blog "One Breast Bouncing" inspired her to write the book. It seemed to be a logical development from blogging to "documenting" her experiences in paperback.

She brings you into her world of uncertainty, of devotion, of patience, of love and of fear. She shares with you her pain, her anguish and her long journey towards recovery.

For a long time since the first time we "met" through our blogs, I had called her Raden. It was a little difficult to begin calling her Dalilah.

We met, for the first time, when I fetched her at the Kelana Jaya LRT station to join the lot of us bloggers (in 2007) for our mee rebus on Tuesday.

When she first appeared in the comment box of my blog in 2007, I was curious to know who Raden Galoh was. I knew she must be a Javanese (Raden is a title for those born of the "kraton" class or royalty in Javanese society). Raden Galoh Chandra Kirana was a Majapahit princess.

When I clicked on her link, I discovered that she was a cancer survivior. Because I had lost two sisters to cancer, I felt an immediate connection, an affinity with her.

We've been close since and she'd keep me and other blogger friends abreast of her condition.

It is not always that Dalilah can attend our mee rebus lunches on Tuesday. In fact, for quite some time late last year through early this year, Dalilah was unable to join us as she had a "relapse" when the cancer had begun to spread again. She was in hospital and was given the strongest of drug which could either "make" or "break" her.

Our prayers were with her.

She survived. She overcame. She is a survivor.

Today she looks so much better . We pray that she will remain well.

Dalilah joined us for our Tuesday mee rebus lunch at Kak Ton's (Maria Samad AKA Tok Mommy) Kelana Jaya home and brought 10 copies of her book.
Ahirudin Attan (Rocky's Bru) bought all 10 (@RM25) and donated one to each of us who were there.

To Dalilah : Thank you for enriching my life!

*Dalilah is wife to Saiful Bahri Abbas and mom to Adam Zachary and Idris Zachary. Selangor-born, she graduated from the International Islamic University in Petaling Jaya and later, obtained her Masters from University of Findlay in the US.
She works in the private sector and is active in cancer awareness activities.
Dalilah now resides in Sepang, Selangor with her family.

*Photo of Dalilah holding a copy of her book taken by me at Kak Ton's at lunch today.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Swine Flu: Don't Panic But Stay Alert

If you had been watching CNN, you'd have caught the news of the Swine Flu outbreak last week.

No, I didn't blog about it because I was pretty busy and was not able to post anything. No excuses.

I did talk about it to someone, though, remarking that the Swine Flu seemed eerily to remind me of our very own Nipah Virus which caused an outbreak in pig farms in this country in 1999, causing deaths.

Last week, the cases of Swine Flu were confined in Mexico. US authorities were then just issuing warnings and precautionary measures.
Now, several cases have been detected in Texas, California, Kansas and Ohio and as far as Canada and Israel.

The Health Ministry has advised Malaysians against travelling to Canada, Mexico and selected US states where there have been reports of swine flu infection.

Meanwhile, Deputy Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin has urged the public not to panic.

He said the Health Ministry has in place protocol to prevent the disease from spreading to Malaysia.

The protocol include tightening surveillance at all entry points into Malaysia via airports and ports, and also at border crossings.

Click HERE.

So, okay. Let's not panic. I don't know about you, but, I do get worried when there's an outbreak of any kind of DEADLY flu.
These days, outbreaks "travel" fast. There, today, here, tomorrow.

Let's hope the health and medical authorities the world over, including our own, will be able to act fast to prevent further spread.
And we need to play our part too.

Lat : The Early Series

"Lat: The Early Series" is the latest compilation of Lat's memorable works published by the New Straits Times.

It was launched today.

The 206-page hardcover brings you back to Lat's early cartoons and reminds you why you fell in love with Mamat (and, of course, Lat) and why you have always remained his fan.

When NST's E Media chief and columnist (former Business Times editor) Zainul Arifin who is responsible for this project, told me about the (then) upcoming collection of Lat's works, I was thrilled.

Lat is a Malaysian icon. Our national treasure. Is there any Malaysian who does not know, or love Lat?
I remember waiting for his "Kampung Boy" series to be out every year. I own all of Lat's calendars.
They're all collectors' items as far as I'm concerned.

Lat's talent was, and still is, recognised and appreciated beyond our shores.
Through his "working" years as a cartoonist, Lat was invited to visit the UK and Europe, Japan and the US.
He will, I believe, continue to receive such invitations.

More than anything, "Lat: The Early Series" pays tribute to Lat's "evolution as an artist and emergence as a social commentator".

*Lat is Mohamad Nor Khalid. At 17, he was already contributing his "Keluarga Si Mamat" to Berita Minggu, the Malay Sunday paper of the NST group.
He was first recruited by the NST as a reporter and started, as most cadets do, in the crime desk. When his bosses discovered his talent as a cartoonist, he was re-designated as, well, a cartoonist.
Lat now resides with his wife and children in Ipoh -- in a house that he built.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Tuesdays With.... friend and former colleague -- Aishah Ali or, as friends and family call her, Kudu.

"Tuesdays With Bapak" was slowly weaned off this blog after Bapak passed away last September.

It was difficult to reminisce. Perhaps, the heart and mind just refuse to, or has simply stopped functioning to do that.

I'm not sure if I want to revive it. To resume posting my reflections and reminiscences of my childhood and adulthood when Bapak was (somehow still is) so pivotal in my life, is a bit unsettling for me at the moment, as I am convinced that it will be an emotional journey which I'm not so sure I want to get on.

So, I decided that I'll just post little happenings for Tuesdays.

Like this little birthday gathering we had for Kudu at Treats (a cafe/restaurant) in Taman Tun Dr Ismail last Friday.

Kudu was three years my senior when I enrolled at ITM's School of Mass Communications in 1975.
But we got really close when I joined the NST after graduation in 1978. We have remained so.

I remember her as the tyrannical senior lady who told me off the first day I stepped into the 13th floor of the School Of Mass Comm for not attending the school's induction week.

(Induction week was when first-year students get to know the school and the seniors and this came after the college's orientation week.)

I was at the 13th floor lift lobby of ITM's multi-storey building when Kudu appeared and asked me, in a stern headmistress-ish voice : "Freshie, why were you not at the induction?"

Me: "I am not a Freshie" ( because I attended Pre-University at the college, so I was technically not a Freshie).

Kudu: (Looking so not amused) "The School Of Mass Comm has not declared you a junior!"

(I think that translated to -- "waah...kau ingat kau terror, eh?")

Then, miraculously, the lift door opened in front of me and I was saved from further verbal assault.

I decided I did not like this senior lady.

So, I turned to her and uttered, quite softly: "Too bad".

Suddenly it hit me that I was going to be in that place for the next three years.

"Alamak....I hope she did not hear that...", I thought.

But she must have heard.

Bapak who had helped establish the School Of Mass Comm and was lecturing part-time there, was also not amused by my "attitude". as I discovered.

Someone or more, without wasting time, must have happily reported to Bapak about my convenient absence from "induction week" and that brief exchange with Kudu.

You see, Bapak -- if you knew him -- had a way with young people. He was managing editor of NST at that time and he had developed close ties with the school and even better relations with the students who were my seniors.

Word got round, I suspect, that "anak Pak Samad" was enrolled at the school, did not attend induction and, when encountered was "mengada-ngada". Such exaggeration!

The following morning, I was summoned to the office of the head of the School of Mass Comm - Marina Samad (no relations).

There, waiting for me was Bapak, cigarette in hand, smiling. Aaah...that smile was deceptive.

"I hear you've been arrogant to your seniors......", he remarked.

To cut the story short, Bapak was not pleased with the way I conducted myself, insisted I made up for the bad behaviour by treating the seniors I had offended, to lunch. So, he gave me some money. And yes, I did give them a treat, as instructed.

So...a lesson learnt and remembered.

Back to Kudu's birthday tea last Friday.

The little birthday gathering was organised by a few of Kudu's former classmates with whom she is still in touch. It was kind of impromptu.
The only non-classmates there were my own former classmate Hamidah Yusoff and me.

I got her a mixed bouquet, including roses. She got a beautiful piece of fabric from her former classmate, Nik (nicknamed Teo).

The tea was compliments of Datuk Zainul Azman, otherwise known to his former classmates as ZA.

Making a nostalgic evening for Kudu were (also): Baharuddin, Rose, Molina, Dee Basariah, Zohara (Lola), and Datuk Poziah (Jee).

The food was good -- mee siam Singapore, spaghetti (Olio). popiah, karipap, chicken wings (masala) and of course, the sangat sedap birhday cake.

Great company!

Notice I have left out Kudu's age.

Oh....she is still 35 as far as I can tell.

Happy Birthday, Kudu!

Thank you for an enduring friendship these past 30-plus years...

*By the way, Kudu was NST women's editor and The Sunday Mail editor. She left the NST group in 2006. She is now a media consultant (Ali & Ali) and is a free-lance writer. She is married to former NST and BBC journalist Ishak Nengah, mum to Jo Flizow of Too Phat, Ashraf and Iman, and sister to Datuk Zainun, Mustapha, Saleha (former NST features editor and now editor of Prestige magazine), Othman Hisham and Abdul Rahman..

CAPTION: (from left) - Jee, Kudu, Molina, Dee, Hamidah, Nuraina and Lola....

Thursday, April 16, 2009

One Brave Lady...

Elizabeth Wong has accepted "with greatest humility" the Selangor Government's offer to remain state exco Tourism, Consumer Affairs and Environment.

She went on a two-month leave after private pictures of her were posted in the internet.

I know I should have posted this yesterday but I was away -- "somewhere in the mountains" -- doing my own thing. And there was no internet.

Anyway, I cannot say whether or not Elizabeth did the right thing by deciding to stay in office.

I'll say one thing -- she is one brave lady because even as I am writing this Elizabeth who is Bukit Lanjan state assemblywoman, is still receiving threats from "unknown persons".

She said:

"I have been stripped bare publicly, both figuratively and literally, by force and against my will. My personal life has been violated and assaulted by none other than criminals.

On those pictures of her (taken in her home), she said: "this is not a scandal, as some have suggested, but a clear criminal act

I say she is brave because this episode will not go away and she will have to face it. She knows it.
I agree with Elizabeth that this is not a scandal but there are enough people out there who will make it -- or have already made it -- so.

Anyway, I wish Elizabeth all the best. And careful who you date....

Read HERE and HERE.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Reviving The Crooked Bridge Project...

The crooked bridge was among the mega projects scrapped during the Abdullah administration.

The decision to do away with the project further strained relations between the (then) PM and his predecessor Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

Abdullah attributed the decision to scrap the project in 2006 to "the people's wishes". Later, some files were declassified to show there were legal implications and ramifications with regards to some historical agreeements with Singapore.

On April 1, in a meeting with editors, (outgoing PM) Abdullah was asked why the project was scrapped.

He explained that it was due to federal budget deficit.

In December last year and early this year, there was talk that the project might be revived.

Today, Bernama quoted Johor Umno Youth who expressed hope that Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak will review the decision on the project.

Johor Umno Youth information chief Khalid Mohamad said today all the people of Johor, regardless of religious belief and race, wanted the government to review the decision.

"The people of Johor are placing high hopes on the Prime Minister to review the decision to cancel the crooked bridge project across the Johor Straits.

"The effects from the construction of the crooked bridge will be most positive to the Johor economy. We urge the government to reconsider (the cancellation) as soon as possible."

Khalid is also the Johor Baru Umno Youth chief.

Read the full report HERE.

And Trouble In Terengganu.....

Update (NST alert):

*5:32pm: PM orders 10 BN assemblymen to attend state assembly sitting tomorrow and regard "death threat" SMS as invalid.

*5:03pm: Two BN assemblymen who boycotted morning assembly session returned in the afternoon, including ex-MB Idris Jusoh.


(original posting)

Today is the second day of the Terengganu state assembly sitting.

I received an NST alert that said: "10 out of 24 BN reps did not attend Terengganu state assembly sitting this morning allegedly due to threatening smses".

By about 2.45pm, the NST online carried a report that 11 BN assemblymen were absent in the morning session.

Some people think that it is
an attempt "by a group in the BN camp to force Menteri Besar Datuk Ahmad Said to step down".

Read the report HERE

I'm remembering what someone said yonks ago: "Politics is a place of humble hopes and strangely modest requirements, where all are good who are not criminal and all are wise who are not ridiculously otherwise". longer holds true, I reckon.

New Year Greetings....

for my Indian brothers and sisters.

Today is an auspicious day for the Indian communities in Malaysia.

For the Tamils and Malayalees, it is their new year. The Sikhs celebrate Vasakhi, which marks the anniversary of the creation of the Khalsa order.

The Tamil new year is Virothi, which marks the beginning of the Chittirai month.

The Malayalees, meanwhile, observe Vishu, the astronomical new year day.

So, have a HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Let's pray for a blessed and wonderful beginning of the new year.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Thai Crackdown..

I wish I were there in Thailand to see what's really going on.

Then again, I'd have to be careful what I wish for. Not a pretty place to be stuck in right now.

According to latest reports, trouble and violence are escalating in the Thai capital as soldiers began firing volleys of shots in the air to disperse protesters blocking key roads.

With the first show of force by the government since declaring emergency rule, 74 are left wounded.

According to AFP, demonstrators sent hijacked buses and molotov cocktails hurtling towards military lines in a chaotic battle at one intersection, where soldiers fired assault rifles and tear gas shells as they advanced.

Here's the rest of the story.

Got my finger clicking on this blog Mana-Mana. I had a nagging feeling that he'd blog something about Thailand, given his affinity and deep endearment for our neighbour.

Read Aziz Hassan's cry for the Thais. Don't weep too much, brother!

New Cabinet Begins Work Today

It's the first day on the job today for the Prime Minister's Cabinet.

The monitor is ticking and in six months we will see who are performing and who are not.

Do keep your own KPI.
As you know, new broom always sweeps clean. After a while, one may just lose one's stamina.

And if you still have something to say about Najib Abdul Razak's line-up, just drop him a line in his blog

He welcomes it.

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Najib's Line-Up

Here's an update from the Star online :

Prime Minister and Finance Minister 1 - Najib

Deputy PM and Education Minister - Muhyiddin

Finance Minister 2 - Ahmad Husni

Ministers in PM dept - Nazri Aziz, Nor Mohd Yaakob, Koh Tsu Koon and Jamil Khir Baharom

Transport - Ong Tee Keat

Science and Technology - Maximus Ongkili

Maximus Ongkili - Science and Technology

Defence - Ahmad Zahid Hamidi

Home - Hishammuddin

Rural Development - Shafie Apdal

Housing and Local Government - Kong Cho Ha

Health - Liow Tiong Lai

Tourism - Ng Yen Yen

Human Resource - S. Subramaniam

Natural Resource and Environment - Douglas Uggah

Women, Family and Community Development -- Shahrizat Jalil

International Trade and Industry - Mustapa Mohamed

Higher Education - Khaled Nordin

Information, Unity, Culture and Arts - Rais Yatim

Agriculture - Noh Omar

Works - Shahziman Mansor

Domestic Trade - Ismail Sabri

Sports - Ahmad Shabery Cheek

Foreign - Anifah Aman

Federal Territories - Raja Nong Chik

Defence - Ahmad Zahid Hamidi

Mukhriz Mahathir is Deputy International Trade and Undustry Minister.

No post for Khairy Jamaluddin.


I do not have the full list.
According to NST alert, the Prime Minister will assess his ministers' performance in the next six months.
The Cabinet is reduced from 32 ministers to 28.

A new ministry is Energy, Green, Technology and Water while a Unity ministry is set up under the PM's Department.

So, stay updated.

Death For Altantuya's Killers

Chief Insp Azilah Hadri and Corporal Sirul Azhar Umar were sentenced to death after the Shah Alam High Court found them guilty of murdering Altantuya Shaariibuu.

Judge Datuk Mohd Zaki Md Yasin said the defence failed to create a reasonable doubt in the prosecution case.

Azilah, 32 and Sirul, 37, were charged with murdering Altantuya at Mukim Bukit Raja between 9.54pm on Oct 18, 2006, and 9.45pm the next day.

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Najib's Cabinet...

UPDATE: Najib will announce his Cabinet at 3pm tomorrow.


Earlier posting:

We all have our own idea of what Najib Abdul Razak's Cabinet should be.

Malaysia's new Prime Minister is expected to announce his line-up soon.

According to the NST, at least three ministries will be dismantled while Najib is bringing back the posts of parliamentary secretaries.

Six ministries, it seems. will be merged into three.
The Culture, Arts and Heritage Ministry is expected to be merged with the Tourism Ministry; Higher Education Ministry with the Education Ministry; and, Plantation, Industries and Commodities Ministry with the Agriculture and Agro-based Industry Ministry.

Actually, that does make practical sense.

I thought the Cabinet under Abdullah Ahmad Badawi was too big and well, unwieldy.

I remember having difficulty remembering the names of deputy ministers and some of the ministries. We had a "poster" of the Cabinet, featuring the pictures and names of ministers and deputy ministers to help us if we forgot who was where.

I hope to not see tainted individuals in the new Cabinet.

Again...I am sad to see Shahrir Samad's departure.

Anyway, we are all waiting with bated breath, need I say, to know who's going where.

PR Wins 2, BN Wins 1 must know the equation already.
Pakatan Rakyat retained the Bukit Gantang parliamentary seat in Perak and the Bukit Selambau state seat in Kedah in by-elections held simultaneously yesterday.

The Barisan Nasional retained the Batang Ai state seat in Sarawak.

Ousted Menteri Besar Mohammad Nizar Jamaluddin captured Bukit Gantang, defeating BN candidate Ismail Saffian and independent Kamarul Rami-zu Idris.

Nizar won 21,860 votes against Ismail's 19,071 while Kamarul got only 62 votes, losing his deposit.

PKR's majority increased this time. More people cast their votes too.
Nizar's majority is 2,789-vote over Ismail. The late Roslan Shahrom defeated BN's Azim Zabidi with a 1,566 vote-majority in last year's general election.

The Election Commission said 75.1 per cent or 41,626 of the 55,562 voters cast their ballots.
In last year's election, voter turnout was 72.6 per cent.

Parti Keadilan Rakyat won Bukit Selambau with a slightly increased majority of 2,403 votes.
PKR's S. Manikumar polled 12,632 votes against BN's S. Ganesan's 10,229 votes. There were 415 spoilt votes.

All the 13 independent candidates lost their deposits as they failed to poll one-eighth of the ballots cast. Collectively they polled just 1,326 votes.

The Bukit Selambau by-election was called after incumbent and Kedah state executive councillor V. Arumugam resigned over morality issues.

In last year's general election, Arumugam, who contested as an independent, won the seat with a majority of 2,362 votes, against S. Krishnan of the BN.

BN candidate Malcom Mussen Lamoh polled 3,907 votes beating PKR's Jawah Gerang who managed 2,053, delivering the ruling coalition a 1,854-vote majority in Batang Ai.

In the 2006 state elections, the late Datuk Dublin Unting of BN retained the seat with a 806-vote majority.

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Polling In Three By-elections Today...

Voting is underway in the three constituencies of Bukit Selambau (Kedah), Bukit Gantang (Perak) and Batang Ai (Sarawak) where by-elections are being held simultaneously.

The candidates in the Bukit Selambau state constituency are BN's Datuk S. Ganesan, PKR's S.Manikuma and 13 independent candidates - former Kedah PPP Wanita Chief L. Sarala, insurance manager T. Chandrarajan, businessman R. Loganathan, Arumugam’s special assistant S. Moganakumar, management consultant A. Jayagopal, businessman Venason Michael, businessman Tan Hock Huat, former army personnel Mohd Fazil Abdul Wahab, former army personnel Major (rtd) Anuar Abdul Hamid, quarry operator Husaini Yaacob, contractor Abdul Rahim Abu, town planner Khamis Awang, and businessman Radzi Md Lazim.

The seat was left vacant following the resignation of elected representative V. Arumugam.

In the Bukit Gantang parliamentary constituency, it is a 3-cornered fight between BN's Ismail Saffian, ousted Menteri Besar Mohamed Mizar Jamaluddin of Pas and independent candidate Kamarul Ramizu Idris.

The BN and PKR are contesting the Batang Ai state seat.

BN is represented byformer state agriculture department engineer Malcom Mussen Lamoh and PK by Jawah Gerang.

Jawah was the former Lubok Antu BN member of parliament for five terms.

Najib And The ISA

I'm glad our new PM Najib Abdul Razak released 13 people, including Hindraf leaders, detained under the Internal Security Act.

When I got the NST alert last Friday that 13 people will be released, I was so so happy.
And that Najib would have the ISA reviewed...I was happier.

Revoking the ban on Harakah and Suara Keadilan was also good news.

Cynics will dismiss - if they have not already - his action as political, warning Malaysians not to be duped by this man.

Oh... come on. Give me a break for once. Najib has ordered the release of ISA detainees. Let's be glad for that.

I know I was so happy when Datuk Seri (now Tun) Dr Mahathir Mohamad ordered the release of more than 100 ISA detainees, including my father and his friends and colleagues, immediately after he assumed the premiership.

And if Najib is duping us all with his "soft approach"...well...we'll just have to wait and see.

You can't fool everyone all time. And Malaysians are not idiots. I know I am not.

Najib-haters can go to town with their anti-Najib slogans and all....but I am just so glad for the families of the ISA detainees.

And for Harakah and Suara Keadilan -- because I buy and read these publications and I was so angry that the Government had ordered their ban!!!!!!

As Najib said: “If we don’t release them, they will say the Government is repressive. If we release them, they will say we are populist.”

“The Government has the best interest of the people at heart,” he said.

So....I'm going to see if Najib is as good as his word.

And oh, I'm hoping that he'll pick really good people in his Cabinet. Tough, I know.

(I'm sad, though, that Shahrir Samad is quitting! I'd like him to remain. )

The Storm Is Coming....

Sunday in Sepang at the F1-race.

The race in progress just before the storm..

Celcom CEO Shazalli introducing the Storm

Two of the three teen bloggers Shaira and Sara. The other is Aiman.


Celcom held a sneak preview of the new Blackberry Storm at the Sepang International Circuit on Sunday.

What a place and occasion to have the event.

Ten bloggers, including three teen bloggers and a blogger-on-wheels, were invited together with representatives of the Press.

Celcom CEO Shazalli Ramli and his team were on hand to welcome everyone who had gathered at KL Hilton for lunch, from where they were taken in a coach to Sepang. Blogger-on-wheels Kerp was in a car, ahead of our bus.

The product presentation -- held in the Silver Suite -- was at 3.30pm, a couple of hours before the start of the F-1 race.

First off -- that was my first F-1 race. Those days at the NST, I turned down every media invite to F-1. I'd give my ticket (every year) to friends and family. The main reason was that it was always a working day for me. For some odd reason, I'd be working on F-1 days.

So, why did I accept the invite? Well....because Celcom invited me as a blogger. do you like that? Sneak preview of the Storm and watch the race -- cool.

Secondly, I was curious about the Storm. I mean, it did not have very good reviews in the media but so many people I know overseas seem to have immediately changed from their Bold, Curve, Javelin to the Storm.
I am NO crackberry. I have been resisting buying a Blackberry since the first was introduced. I find Blackberry users terribly anti-social. It's like the Blackberry is their life and soul, it is unbelievable.

And, I'm one of those very weird people who are not into touch-screen.

Close crackberry friends tell me that I'm behind time because the Blackberry is the way to go, it is now, It is a must-have.
I call them crack-pots.

Naah. Not even Shazalli's glowing review of the Storm got me sold. A touch-screen Blackberry...don't think so.

Celcom's senior vice-president (marketing) Zalman Aefendy Zainal Abidin introduced it as the all-in-one multimedia device.

The Storm is designed not just for the enterprise market but also for the mass consumers. (That means, me..)

It is a smartphone that combines the powerful communications features. It has a camera (3.2MP), built-in GPS, media player, video recording, Blackberry Maps, wireles email, organiser, browser, phone, corporate data access, and SMS/MMS.
It is a 3G smartphone with screen interaction capabilities.

It is custom-built with facebook, yahoo messenger, ICQ, windows messenger, AOL instant messenger and Flickr.

The Storm is 4.43 inches in height, 2.45 inches wide with a depth of 0.55 inches and weighs 5.5 ounces.

While many Blackberry users are averse to the touch-screen use, just as many have converted to the Storm because of the touch-screen.

I am one of those who cannot seem to like touch-screen smartphones and all.

I hate to sound conciliatory or conceded, but I must admit that the Storm's touch-screen is something else, It is clickable and respond like a keyboard.

Am I sold yet?

I had a good feel of the Storm for a good 45 minutes.

Well, the Bold couldn't do it. Neither could the Curve, the Pearl, the Javelin......

So....I'll wait until April 28 when the Storm makes its debut in stores.
It is priced at RM2,499 and rebates will be available subject to promotion plans taken by customers.
For more info, please visit

Celcom customers can also call 1-800-111-777 to order their Storm. And to find out more about the product, visit

As for the F-1 race.....the Storm really brought the storm in Sepang. The race, as we all know, had to be stopped because of the heavy downpour.

What a stormy Sunday at the race.
And no....none of us got a free Storm....

Friday, April 03, 2009

Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak

Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak was sworn in as Malaysia's sixth prime minister this morning.

He takes over from Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi who stepped down after leading the country for over five years.

Najib took his oath of office before the Yang di-Pertuan Agong Tuanku Mizan Zainal Abdidin at Istana Negara, Kuala Lumpur.

Meanwhile, Abdullah and his wife, Jean Abdullah received awards which carry the title "Tun" from Tuanku Mizan at Istana Negara.

Abdullah received the nation's highest award, Seri Maharaja Mangku Negara (SMN) while, Jean the Seri Setia Mahkota award.