Friday, January 16, 2009

Bloody Gaza..

Israel will bombard every inch of Gaza because the Zionist regime is convinced that Palestinian "terrorists" are everywhere.
So what if they bomb hospitals?Are they not shelter for "terrorists" and Hamas militants?
So what if they bomb relief aid?

Oh...give them a break.

Who can stop them? They're on a killing spree. They've got a carte blanche from big brother to do that.

So you see.
They will bloody Gaza, if they haven't already.


Anonymous said...

Whose fault is it when Hamas hides in the towns and villages and uses innocent civilians as human shields?


Lisa Lee said...

Jews make me sick. Bullying and massacre other people.

Jews whine about Germans killing them in WWII. But now they are worst than the Germans, dont you think so?

Anonymous said...

Nuraina Dear,

We are sad and angry over the attack on Gaza by the Israel.

But I am even more sad to see that the Arab neighbours of the Palestinian are not doing enough to help their brothers, sisters and children which are being slaughtered by the Zionist regime.

Nabi Muhammad SAW tentu merasa malu dengan keturunan Baginda yang sebangsa iaitu Arab....

Aaaaaagh!!!... cakap pun tak guna.


CT said...


Satu masa mereka akan bomb Al-Aqsa lebih teruk lagi dan memberi excuse yang sama:(

Old Fart said...

If there was ever the best climate to achieve a settlement to the entire Israel/Palestine issue, it is now.

Many, including me, who have been supporterrs of Israel in this conflict, have been particularly disappointed with the Israeli putsch. Yes, we find all kinds of excuses justifying Israel's move. But the "collateral damage" has just been too great and become unacceptable.

At the same time, all protagonists have to be serious about wanting to arrive at solution that can take them all forward. And moving forward has to mean not looking back to look for support for the future.

After 60 years of conflict we have seen that history or religious motivation have failed all communities there miserably. It has to take a fool to think the solution has to be crafted out of history or the holy books. Or that these books gives anyone a right over anything at all.

Moving forward it has to commence from the established positions today. Obviously there are displaced people outside these lands who trace their origins to these lands and they have to be accomodated into this solution.

Also, I do not believe in the two state solution. It is just not going to work with one state almost dependent on the other for its livelihood as well as connection to the rest of the world.

Just one nation made up of Jews and Palestinians and leave it to them to work out how they will govern and live as one. They should not forge a Malaysian style constituency with Palestinian leaders for PAlestinians and Jewish leaders for Jews. Constituencies should be ideological like the Red and Blue States of Amerca or the Conservatives and Labour of the UK and anyone who claims to want to lead out of a religious motivation should be banned from the political process.

But for this to happen we cannot have indiscriminate throwing of stones or shooting of rockets at no apparent target. Israel can be likened to the wild elephant that has somehow got into your house and sleeping. Yea, it moves its tail and it kills or destroys. But just don't wake it up. Then you got a rampage in your hands. We all know this and yet we throw stones or pin prick the elephant. The result is what you see. I am giving no excuses for the elephant's behaviour after it has woken up! It was just recklessly careles of Hamas to keep shooting rockets when it knows very well that it has got a sleeping elephant to contend with.

Anonymous said...

I'm sick of the Israeli murderous actions. Now, everytime I see a movie talking about the Holocaust or a Jew talking about their families killed by the Nazis (as shown on Oprah last week) I feel no empathy, no sadness, no tears for them at all. It makes me sick to the stomach that a people who experienced ethnic cleansing are now the unashamed perpetrators. I hope they will realise that their actions today will only breed a host of future 'Nazis' out for their blood sometime in the future. I am a non Muslim but I have absolutely no sympathy for them when that time comes. You reap what you sow.

Anonymous said...

Rabbi’s urge killing: Genocide Announced

Check out this link:


Old Fart,

and all this, you've been a supporter of Israel in the conflict?

blow me down!



thank you for commenting.

but let me just say here that we must make a distinction between Jews and Israel.

When I in the US as a graduate student, I was at Boston University. Our academic staff was predominantly Jewish and I count Jews as some of my closest friends there.

It is the Israeli Zionist regime that we have to oppose because it is a more sinister and virulent apartheid system.
It is evil and it is instrumental in giving birth to a population who knows nothing but hatred for them.

selampit said...

Supporters of the Zionist regime like to point out the fact that the Palestinian started this bloody conflict by launching rockets into Israeli territories. They would assert that Israel is justified to retaliate in self defense. Israel reserves the rights to blow up Palestinian women, babies, children and so forth the say, because the Palestinians started the whole mess.

Is it true then? Did the Palestinians start the whole mess?

Why did the Palestinians launch their crude, home-made rockets into Israeli heartland anyway? Was it because they are a bunch of belligerent sadists whose only mission in life is the total annihilation of the State of Israel? I don't think so.

Why then? The answer is because Israel has imposed a military blockade on Gaza. What is a blockade? A blockade is an effort to cut off the communications of a particular area, by force. The word 'communications' here refers to all air, land and maritime transportation. Nothing can get into Gaza without the expressed permission of the Israeli regime.

This means the inhabitants of Gaza can not do business with the outside world. They can not buy nor sell goods and services in the international markets like we normally do, meaning no foreign investment, meaning no job for the adults. They can not build manufacturing plants to produce their own goods since Gaza's economy is too weak due to years of war and blockade, therefore forget about creating job opportunities for the people of Gaza.

A self-sustaining economy can never be achieved in Gaza.

They can not go and work in neighbouring Arab nations due to the fear that Israelis would steal their land and turn it into an illegal settlement. Find work in Israel? In you dreams pal.

And the adults of Gaza, like their counterparts everywhere in the world, have their mouths the the mouths of the loved ones to feed on a daily basis.

Military blockade itself is an act of war. Israel, by imposing blockade on the people of Gaza, had launch an all out war on the Palestinians. Israel has turned Gaza into a giant prison, and has brutally deprived Palestinians off their rights to live as normal human beings.

Blockade is deemed so inhuman that The International Criminal Court plans to include blockades against coasts and ports in its list of acts of war in 2009.

Whatever way you look at it, the Palestinians have every right to launch anything - rockets, old shoes, rocks - into Israel.

Rockybru said...

Old Fart,

I suppose deep in your heart you are a supporter of Hitler and the Nazis.

Am truly disappointed to know that you have been a supporter of Israel.