Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Women-Only KTM Coaches

Some people say it's a stupid idea to have separate coaches for females.

I don't think so. If it helps to prevent criminal acts against women -- young and old -- it gets my vote.

There have been numerous -- God-knows-how-many -- cases of butt-pinching (of women) and all manner of sexual harassment and molest, as well as petty crimes -- on trains (KTM) during rush hours .

What have we got to lose-lah?

So, I welcome Keretapi Tanah Melayu Berhad's (KTMB) only women's coach in the middle section of its train.

The women-only coach could be identified by the pink stickers on its door and windows.

Here's excerpts from the Bernama report:

"Acting KTM Komuter Corporate Communications senior manager Mohd Fazil Ismail told reporters in Kuala Lumpur that it would take about three months to educate the public about the separation of coaches because KTM would need to standardise the new regulations on the use of the special coach starting with the Sentul-Port-Klang route.

He said during a trial period of one week, KTMB would also collect feedback from the public on the separation and would extend the new separation system to other platforms."

So, if you're a KTM commuter, give your feedback on the service.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Semalam Di New York

One night in New York.

From where I am on the 16th floor of the Hilton in this city that does not sleep, I cannot see the night sky.

A concrete jungle, literally. What a cliche.

But, do you know that you can fall in love with this concrete jungle?

And the city does not sleep. 3am and there are people walking about -- I can see them from my window -- and the traffic is somewhat alive.

Since coming to the US, my biorythm (if you believe in biorythm) has been out of whack.

I'm up and awake at 3am - sometimes I just want to go jogging -- and oh-so-sleepy at times when i shouldn't be.

I was in New York 30 years ago. has it changed much? Just got here at 1am just now, so I can't tell. My friend, Ai Lee - who works here -- said, it probably has.

An Amercian lawyer told me the other day that it has, definitely. The streets are safer and cleaner.

I'll find out later.

I'll just be a night in New York.

(picture taken of the street below at 3am from my 16th floor hotel room)

Friday, April 09, 2010

The National Enquirer In The Running For The Pulitzer

The National Enquirer -- America's "master of celebrity gossip, the king of the supermarket tabloids and one of its most scurrilous yellow journals" is officially in the running for the Pulitzer.

The Pulitzer Prize board deemed the Enquirer's breaking story and coverage of the John Edwards extra-marital affair to be eligible as an investigative reporting entry.

Here's an excerpt of an earlier report last month about the Enquirer's entry for the Pulitzer:

"This Monday, the Pulitzer Prize board will announce whether or not it will bestow its esteemed award on the National Enquirer for its coverage of the John Edwards sex and morality scandals, putting an end to months of grand debate.

The mere notion of the tabloid's eligibility this year sparked a furor amongst journalists around the world, some still asking: should its penchant for checkbook journalism take it out of the running -- and is the Edwards material too salacious for consideration?

Well, that's all academic now. The Enquirer is in.

The Enquirer pursued the reporting of Edwards' affair (which he had earlier "confessed" to have ended) while the mainstream media were loath to follow up (after his denial).

The Enquirer announced on March 3 that an Edwards indictment was “imminent.” Within a few days, CBS News, the Boston Herald, Fox News and practically every member of the MSM followed with their own stories, citing the Enquirer as their source.

The story prevented a major scandal in the Democratic Party.

However, contrary to reports, the John Edwards' scandal story was not the Enquirer's first entry for the Pulitzer.

According to Pulitzer Administrator Sig Gissler, the tabloid has actually had an entry on four previous occasions.

* 1997 - In the Investigative category, a story entered by Executive Editor David J. Perel on behalf of reporter Larry Haley related to O.J. Simpson.

* 1996 - In the Explanatory category, a self-entry on pap smears from freelance reporter Nick Isenberg.

* 1995 - In the Public Service and Explanatory categories, a story on deadbeat dads from Editor John Cathcart on behalf of reporter John William Blosser.

* 1987 - In Spot News and Feature photography categories, self entries from photographers Anne McGuire and Thomas E. Devins. Their subjects are unknown.

The Enquirer has surely come a long way. Recognition at last, eh?

Saturday, April 03, 2010

Blogging For Terengganu Tourism

and win cash prizes...

Calling bloggers who want to try their hand at blogging about places to visit in Terengganu, and a chance to win cash prizes -- this is for you.

But prospective bloggers will have to first sign up for the Terengganu Tourism Blog Competition, organised by the state Communication Unit, before the closing date on June 30.

The competition ends in August.

The top prize is RM10,000 cash.

State Education, Higher Learning, Science, Technology and Human Resource Committee chairman Ahmad Razif Abd Rahman who launched the competition said RM70,000 in prize money would be up for grabs in three categories.

Fifteen winning blogs in each category will receive cash prize money.

Students in Form Six and below will compete for the RM5,000 first prize, RM3,500 second prize and RM2,500 third prize while college students stand a chance of winning RM7,000, RM5,000 and RM3,000 for finishing first, second and third respectively.

In the open category, the winner will receive RM10,000 while runner-up and third place finisher will get RM7,000 and RM5,000 respectively.

All competing blogs will be linked to and bloggers may register and get details of the competition through the same blog.


Thursday, April 01, 2010

Melayu Or Malaysian Or Melayu...

It seems it is unpatriotic of you if you confess to being a Malay or a Chinese or an Indian first, and Malaysian second.

I tell you...politicians can make hell for you.

I really don't care if Lim Kit Siang says he is a Chinese first and a Malaysian, second. And nobody should. Really. Hell, I know Uncle Kit is Malaysian through and through.

Cornered by Kit Siang, DPM Muhyiddin Yassin said he's a Malay first and Malaysian, second. He said why he had to say so. He was being honest.

Wrong answer, right?

Whatever. That doesn't mean that Muhyiddin is less Malaysian, nor that he is unsupportive of Najib's 1Malaysia.


Petty politics!