Tuesday, January 06, 2009

I Weep For You, Sons And Daughters of Palestine

May Allah bless the souls of those killed in the attacks.

More and more civilians are being killed and dying as Israel intensifies its savaged attacks on Gaza. We're here in peaceful Malaysia. We have no idea what is going on until we read about it in the media. Until we see pictures and images.

Israel is the world's biggest terrorist. And the United States is Israel's accessory in atrocities against the Palestinians.

The pictures you see are just two of the many that depict the brutality taking place in Gaza. This is not the first time this happening. This is not the first time babies and children are killed in the conflict.

Bully for Malaysia! Pak Lah has called for as called on the United Nations to convene a special meeting to oppose the latest Israel atrocities against Palestine.

And Dr Mahathir has urged citizens of the globe, including the Muslim states, to boycott American products and the use of the US currency because the US is the main driving force behind Israel's atrocities against the Palestinians.

Dr Mahathir said the power to cripple Washington lied solely in the people's hands and not their governments who were "scared stiff" of Uncle Sam.

Meanwhile, I'll say one thing, Kudos to the New Straits Times for its frontpaged play of the Gaza.

Bull's eye, NST, You nailed it!

For more on the atrocities, go HERE and HERE!
For Muslims....the fast of Asyura falls tomorrow.


Unknown said...

I hope the Arab league does something to stop this. My heart is with them and my prayers is for them..

Anonymous said...

I think most Malaysians look at this with a little bias, if not a lot. I may be taking liberties here, but do be honest with yourself.

It does take two to war, doesn't it.

But think about this while you're crying foul.

Firstly, there are victims on the other side of the fence as well. Just like the people in Gaza, they are not willing participants of this violence. But just as much, they have suffered loss and damage. The total loss may be less, but a life is still a life.

Secondly, at the very least, Palestinian Muslims have a voice and defender in the PLO and Hamas. But what about the thousands of Palestinians Christians in Gaza. Who, are daily alienated by the own people and now stuck in this war zone. I don't see their pictures being taken, or their stories being told.

Thirdly, if it really was a one-sided Massacre, why haven't the other neighboring countries leaped to the defense of the Palestinians? Perhaps Jordan still remembers Black September 1970? Egypt knows harboring more Palestinians will disrupt it society? Bashar al-Assad of Syria is not about to sacrifice his economic plan for political instability?

Fourthly, Malaysia couldn't even offer an ounce of influence on Myanmar - a regional neighbor. And now they want to impose their will on a situation on the other side of the world?

Come 'on!

Ralfie said...

You know a lot of Americans are angry at Israel's atrocities but their voices aren't heard in the media. We thought the Americans are all evil but the truth is it's the government and its media not the people. I was taken for a surprise to see so many normal Americans condemning Israel on its attack. I also don't know how we are going to boycott american products since most of them are made in China or elsewhere and China is one of malaysia's biggest trading partner. It'll be a vicious cycle affecting malaysia in the long run.

We are also quick to blame America for its undying support for Israel but where are all the Islamic countries when Palestinians needed them the most? Why the Arab countries kept quiet? Indonesia is preparing to send its troops to Palestine and already sent medical supplies over there. What have Malaysians done to help the Palestinians?

Old Fart said...

I have been looking for your comments when immediately after tearing up the truce agreement Hamas went on its merry ways shooting rockets indiscriminately into Israel. You know, the time before Israel responded?


Ben Israel,

thank you for your comments and your points of view.

I agree with you. I am very biased in this. Israel is the perpetrator and the terrorist here.

The Palestinians have become what they are because of Israel's brutal treatment of them and of the Zionist atrocities against the Palestinians for a very long time.

Surely you can read and you have intimated yourself with enough knowledge on the subject.

This did not happen overnight. You and I know that.

Can you (not do you) understand the historical context of the conflict?

Hamas did what it had to do.

Israel did what it had to do? Sorry... Israel had been doing all that all this while for a mighty long time, way before there was Hamas.

Thank you again.

Anonymous said...

Dear Kak Ena,

Yes my heart goes to the Palestinians, who have been suffering for a long time, and whose loved ones have been killed by Israelis' bombs.

Am angry at the US, for not condeming the Israeli's massacre of Palestinians. No condemnation so far.

My prayers are for the Palestinians and for an end to these atrocities committed by these war criminals, the Zionists.

wak segen said...

Viva Venezuela....
Heard this morning's news that Venezuela had sacked its Israel envoys.
The harshest action taken against Israeli aggression so far.
Now where are the Arabs?

Anonymous said...

Nuraina, that's the problem isn't it? No one can pinpoint the an agreeable historical context to this whole issue.

Do we refer to pre-ottoman borders? The definition of Palestine under the Ottoman rule? The 1917 Balfour Declaration? The 1920 British Mandate or the 1947 UN Partition?

If I could turn back the clock, I would make Israel, Lebanon, Jordan and Syria jointly give up a portion of bordering land to create the nation of Palestine. After all, Palestine during the Ottoman rule consisted of these four territories. no?

Don't misunderstand me, I do not condone the violence. Both from the Israelis or the Palestinians.

But it not a simple, straight-forward subject as many (MANY) people make it out to be. Because if it was, we could just leave it to the International Court of Justice to decide - just as we did with Pedra Branca.

But it is not simple. And there are perpetrators and victims on both sides - as with any war, or conflict.

My stance on this is to pray for the women, children and innocent bystanders on BOTH sides.



ben israel,

thank you again.

i'm with you most certainly, unequivocally in your stand against violence etc..

i'd like to point out, though, that the international court of justice had found Israel to be guilty of the crimes it committed but .....well. the international community turned the other way and never held Israel accountable...so there. end of story and Israel has been going its merry way with immunity because, hey, the good ole US of A is Israel's bosom buddy and its biggest accomplice. For the past 60 years, Israel has violated almost every known international convention.

this is not a religous war. palestinians are palestinians. both muslims and christians are suffering.

historical context? surely you do not need me to tell you this.

thank you.


oh old fart,

rockets vs missiles?

in those very early days of Palestinian uprising against military zionism, stones against machine guns.

come on....

Anonymous said...

All Muslim is in sin at this very moment, it is fardu kifayah for a Muslim society to protect another Muslim. The Arab certainly have to take bigger share of that sin since they are closer to Palestine.

Anonymous said...

Ben Israel,

Show me pictures of Israeli babies killed by the Gaza people. Show me evidence of grown men crippled by the stones hurled by those Palestinian youths. Show me accounts of Israeli women and girls raped by those Palestinians you called thugs.

You don't have them pictures? No, of course not.

Don't give me pictures from WWII when the Jews were the ones being massacred.

For years after. we cried for the Jewish babies in those concentration camps.

But the pictures you see from Gaza aren't tots from Israel, man. The dead and the maimed aren't Israelis. They are Palestinians. They have always been Palestinians.

Old Fart,

You should stick to doing your pompom stuff for Haris and Raja Petra. You aren't your clever self here.

Anonymous said...

And Kak Ena,

I like your answer to Mr Ben Israel. Of course we are BIAS. Between good and evil, I am biased towards good.

Anonymous said...


when i saw the NST page one...it reminded me of how Malay Mail used to play up such stories when Rocky was editor.

Now....I am thinking, could that NST page one be something Chandra (ex Malay Mail) would have suggested. Perhaps too Lionel shortie Morais. They worked with Rocky. Boleh-lah...

I agree...that was a good NST play-up.

Maybe also becos Kalimullah not around to play up the Singapore card.

Come to think of it.... BETTER days now for NST editorial play on stories now that Kalimullah not around to dictate his bias!

Anonymous said...

Old Fart: Hamas is definitely a big part of the problem. Every rocket they lob into Israel is a nail in their own coffins. But just to clarify: it's been confirmed that Israel broke the truce, not Palestine.

Anonymous said...

Isabella, i think if you're honest, you'd say that the bias is for a people group - not a general good or bad.

I don't hear the same outrage for Myanmar, Zimbabwe, Congo, Sudan or the China-Tibet issue.

Let's end this hypocrisy.

The massacre in Zimbabwe has been going on for years. The humanitarian issue in Congo is much MUCH bigger.

I don't see the NST group raising funds for that? Or crying murder?

In fact, Mugabe still has friends in the Malaysian administration. and we the people, condone it with our silence.

*Nuraina, sorry to take up so much space. I'll end here. I am praying for the people in Gaza. I do hope that Egypt opens the Rafah Crossing soon. Egypt is the other party that I'm pissed at.



ben israel,

please don't apologize. thank you for your comments. I welcome and appreciate them.

we differ in our views of the situation (and that is only natural) but we agree on the urgent need for peace in the Mid-East.

thank you again.

Anonymous said...

hamas oh hamas ! why...why...WHY did you disturb the hornets 1st ah !!??

selampit said...

Ben Israel,

You said "..it takes two to war" What kind of a bogus statement is that. My question is what war? What we have in Gaza is a regional conflict, not a war.

"Die Judenstaat" (Israel), currently receives a 3 billion dollars a year military assistance from the US. The Israeli Military Force is one of the most modern and best equipped in the world. Aircraft fighters, attack helicopters, UAVs (unmanned Aerial Vehicle), Main battle tanks, a range of smart and dumb missile systems; and to mention nuclear weapons.

The best weapons the Palestinians could come up with are home-made missiles and AK-47s. Most of the time however, they fight with rocks and other non-lethal projectiles. I don't know about you, but I don't call a situation where soldiers armed with gunships, tanks, smart missiles - takes on a a bunch of boys and men armed with rocks - a war. I call it slaughter.

When the Jews occupied Palestine in 1948, they simply drove off the Arab population from their rightful homeland. What do you expect? That the Arabs would give the Jews a warm embrace. What would YOU DO, if some one throw YOU out of your home?

The Palestinians have every justification to DESPISE THE STATE OF ISRAEL.

Now, I'll rephrase the question, what would do if you see a despot throw out a family from their RIGHTFUL home? Would you be DUMB enough to say "I'm not going to biased and show my sympathy towards the oppressed family".

You said "..if it really was a one-sided Massacre, why haven't the other neighboring countries leaped to the defense of the Palestinians? The answer is simple, doing so would trigger a full-scale war, and unlike during the Yom Kippur war, the Arabs now have to face Israel's 300 or so Israel's nuclear warheads. Israel had strenuously warned that she would employ the weapons if attacked by Arab countries.

You said "..there are victims on the other side of the fence as well..". Victims? In the latest conflict less than 10 Israelis died of 'stupid' rockets (more Malaysians are killed during festive seasons in a day, in road accidents). So far 700 hundred Palestinians - babies, children, women - got blown. The Israeli Government halted all humanitarian efforts by the international community to save the inflicted victims. The Israeli Army even blew a UN marked vehicle carrying supplies. Death toll in Gaza is expected to go up due to lack of medical supplies and food. A mud flood is expected to hit Gaza, adding more pain to the misery, and you want us TO PITY Israelis in their air-conditioned homes and hospitals?

Yes Ben Israel, people were, are, and will be killed in senseless massacres throughout the world. I can tell you horror stories of The Holocaust, Rape of Nanking, the Killing Field, Bosnian Conflict, Rwandan civil war etc.

The real hypocrites in this sense are not the Malaysian people. The real hypocrites are the western powers, headed by the US (the self-appointed sheriff of the planet).

The have the economic prowess and military might to 'rescue' the people of Zimbabwe, Congo and Sudan. I mean, if they could defeat Iraq and 'liberate' the Kuwaitis and Iraqis, how hard it is to liberate the people of those countries?

Instead of punishing China for its 'undemocratic behaviours', Uncle Sam granted China 'The Most Favourable Trading Status'. You see, oil in the Persian Gulf is more important than those poor souls in Africa. China's expanding market is more important than democracy in Tibet.

And you come here hollering to us about being hypocrites?

Anonymous said...

pray...pray...PRAY ! billions have been praying = no effect , why...why...WHY, just tell me why !?
GOD only listens to the righteous lah
who are...no...who is righteous !?