Saturday, January 24, 2009

And According To Demi Negara.....

or rather the blogger Kijang Mas, Kuala Terengganu went to Pas because it was all about local Oghang Teganung factors and the wrong candidate.

In his latest posting, "The KT By-Election: A quasi-national plebiscite on Pak Lah or Najib or just a local Oghang Teganung affair?", he says:

This was just a local by-election that was inflated as a national happening by a clueless UMNO/BN and a delusional PR. In fact, this was not a BN vs. PR battle. This was not a Najib vs. Anwar beauty pageant. Of course it was never an irrelevant MCA vs an inconsequential DAP war either. Most importantly, KT was not a quasi referendum on Najib, as the increasingly bizarre Pakatan zealots would like the world to believe.

The KT by-election was nothing more than a
pertarungan between an Oghang Teganung vs. another Oghang Teganung to win the hearts and minds, the hati sanubari, of the Ghakyak Kualaa Teganung. The issues were localised, grassroots, parochial, endemic, indeed, far removed from Putrajaya and Kuala Lumpur.


Let this be a lesson to UMNO/BN. By-elections are won and lost on LOCAL issues, LOCAL personalities, LOCAL grievances, LOCAL sentiments.

Grandiose corridors and stupendous initiatives mean nothing if your candidate is not acceptable to the constituents.

I'm just taking excerpts from his posting. Read it all HERE.


Anonymous said...

This is just another "opinion" or "view" a pro-UMNO (esp. pro-Mahathir/Mukhriz/Najib) blogger, KijangMas.

He will be trying to underplay the gravity of the loss in Kuala Terengganu, so that it can benefit UMNO (that is, by playing up the "Najib Is Not The Reason" ploy).

We don't need to believe this "opinion".

But we can surely read it for entertainment value (that is, to see how far UMNO is taking its "denial syndrome"), just for chuckles.

Menarik also because you and Rocky sama-sama trying to promote KijangMas's views.

And we know who you and particular Rocky support *wink wink*. The rakyat ain't fools.

Starmandala said...

"Kijang Mas" is just a hired gun - no doubt a veteran sharpshooter & professional hitman equipped with state-of-the-art tools of the spin industry. He comes across as yet another case of "testosterone overdrive" - some cheroot-puffin' gunslinger in a black hat on a contract to rid this one-horse country of elements that pose a serious threat to Umno's Ketuanan Melayu agenda. If he wants us to take his opinions seriously he'll have to stop hiding behind a nick. Or at least disclose what he charges for pay-per-post blogging.


tok haji,

"Menarik also because you and Rocky sama-sama trying to promote KijangMas's views.

And we know who you and particular Rocky support *wink wink*. The rakyat ain't fools."

Actually, Rocky really beat me to it.
I wanted to post the article earlier but posted something else instead.

Now, now Tok Haji...wink wink. You all know something I don't. wink wink. Very mischievous. Wink wink.



Maybe so.

Some people write because they simply believe in the person they support. Some people write because they are hired to do so.

And hired guns. They're a dime a dozen.

Anonymous said...

Dah kalah tu terima sahaja, cuba lagi di lain masa.
KT folks had voted PAS and they like this guy - Don't you like this PAS guy sis? Better looking than Najib and Rocky!!!
Semua orang dah tahu kenapa dan mengapa PAS menang di KT.Kita tunggu sahaja PU akan datang dan lihat siapa yang rakyat pilih, buat masa ini have fun and stay away from mengumpat nanti mati susah nak jawab.dh9753

Mat Firestone said...

ntares: Oooooo... And somebody here is probably sitting back and admiring his sentences... hired gun, black hat, one-horse... and `cheroot-puffin' instead of cigar! Waaaaaa, I'm so witty, Ma!

The comment here confirms one thing - It looks like `somebody' is still sore... from the whackings and humiliations he had received from "The Patani Rajas and Panglimas"! (Psst! Here's a clue - You're WAY out of your league with this KijangMas. From what I had read, it's like him - of Mike Tyson class - against Antares of SUKMA Heheh!

Notice that there isn't *a single word* that contradicts what KijangMas had written. Instead, there is only lamentable whining - from someone who somehow thinks he's of some significance. Just look at this laughable line:

If he wants us to take his opinions seriously
"us", and not "me"? Who are you representing, dude??
I've seen this type hundreds of times... It's typical with the type carrying a few kilos of inferiority complex - They need to have the support of others to try whip up some courage.

Using the pronoun of "me" would have been really FRIGHTENING for you, ya? And you'd probably piss in your pants if... KIJANGMAS! Hahaha!

Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...


Who actually wins and who actually loses
We'll soon know the subsequent consequences
As long as we regularly clean our noses
We'll get our fresh air flowing in confluences

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 250109
Sun. 25th Jan. 2009.

Anonymous said...

You are nothing but a hypocrite like Rocky, pretending to be for the rakyat but working for Mahathir and Najib in secret. Shame on you. Shame on your attempts to incite racial disharmony. God have mercy on your soul. This is the last time I read your blog. I've lost all respect for you.


anon DH9753:

saya setuju. Itu-lah yang Kijang Mas tulis.
Wakil Pas memang ornag nya di minati dan di sukai pengundi.

Itu yang ramai penganalisa kata. It's the candidate and it's Pas.

Patut pun Pas menang. Syabas Pas!

This comment has been removed by the author.


I suggest you don't use this nick. You're really insulting the real Kijang Mas.

and you know what? I'm far better than you. way far.

I'm not stupid. I'm not a coward and I don't spread lies. Like you.

And please don't invoke God's name.
May I have God's mercy so that people like you do not bother me.

and do stay away from my blog.

thank you.

Mat Firestone said...

Antares, here's another one of you: another one of the "cikai level" Malaysia Today Junkies who are still in shock and disbelief.

(Imitating the handle of the great KijangMas is an indication this guy is still DAZED and CONFUSED)

"Of what?", the MT Junkie pretended not to know.

Of seeing their "formidable" heroes RPK, Din Merican, Haris Ibrahim and other MT Cabal bloggers sledgehammered by KijangMas - singlehandedly! Amazing, because KijangMas was an unknown newcomer!

But the worst effect for the MT Junkies and RPK Groupies was that other REAL Bangsa Malaysia bloggers and commentators were inspired by KijangMas' one-man army to put the foot down. Yes, KijangMas is the PATRIOT, the REAL MALAYSIAN who showed to everyone these facts:

Deceitful SNAKES hiding behind the name of Bangsa Malaysia launching attacks against national policies, including to challenge Bumiputera rights. So, these MT Junkies were wanting to see how far they can push the Malays? Not afraid of eventual repercussions that might upset and destroy everyone's interests?

Real Bangsa Malaysia: Give Thanks to KijangMas for whipping the Malays and real Bangsa Malaysia into action. Now, the warriors gave taken out their keris and lembing. AWAS, JAGA-JAGA: Dare to provoke the warriors now?

To the "Antares KijangMas", just listen to the advice, smallfry: Try and READ what KijangMas wrote first. Then, THINK - Which parts in the post are wrong? Can't come out with anything to contradict him?

I had guessed as much; that's why Antares/KijangMas could only come up with these pathetic `comments'. You two MT Junkies smallfries; just go back with your tails betwen your legs then.

Can you bring in someone with at least half a brain please? Haris Ibrahim might qualify. The two-bit newspaper writers: do they have the guts? Kee Thuan Chye? HAHAHA! This ahpek doesn't even dare to read what KijangMas wrote!! Who else? That nonsense penang char koay teuw writer... There's NOBODY worthwhile at MalaysiaToday!!

Mat Firestone said...

Laa!! Why are you wasting time with..... a LICE?? It's obvious he hasn't read what KijangMas has written - it's a kneejerk reaction.

When this type sees the name KijangMas, their brains get paralysed. He creates so much fear. Notice the people limited to just shooting blanks at KijangMas.... They know they can't debate his points! So they just try to distract; hoping people might think they are so `witty and intelligent' with gunslingers, cheerot and whatever.

HAHA! The third-ranked from MT; flattered by the cabal with praises of "liberal minded, open minded Anak Malaysia". THIS the so-called "formidable Barisan Rakyat Bloggers"??

Anonymous said...

Nuraina, everyone in BN & UMNO seems to be on a Publick Relations attempt this week. Even this KijangMas fellow. Anyway, his explanation actually brings up more questions than answers.

Like "why couldn't UMNO/Badawi/Najib select a candidate thats spotless & liked by the people of Kuala Treng"?

Or "why can't the two Trengganu UMNO warlords see the bigger picture & put aside their differences to ensure an UMNO victory?"

The answers could be more complicated... but the defeats that result don't do well for its image to the Citizens/Voters. Now an UMNO assemblyman has just jumped ship in Perak...

BTW "Pakatan Rakyat"... or shall I say "Sharizat Groupie"... has Sharizat recovered from "shock & disbelief" of the March'08 drubbing from Miss Izzah?

Provoke the plastic pendekars & wooden warriors? Bah, we'll just let the Citizens do the job... like how they did in KT last week.

And you guys continue with this attitude... we AND they'll do it again.



Why and why indeed.

Simple. Wan Farid's was (and is) Pak Lah's choice. He was Pak Lah's political secretary.
Pak Lah is still PM and Umno president so he still calls the shot. Pak Lah wanted Wan Farid.

The second question is one that everyone has been asking. And this is the penyakit Umno. self interest and greed. and the root of Umno's problems.

and that's why the warlords don't care for the bigger picture. that'a why in KT it's a case of "to hell with whatever the outcome of the elections is".

nothing is that complicated. the leaders make it so.

you know, the thing about partisan bloggers -- BN or Pakatan -- they're that and they make no apologies for that.

and to me -- so what? I read everything. I have so many bloggers on my roll from both sides of the divide. Possibly a third. who knows?

Anonymous said...

May there be more KijangMas(Deminegara) - he is just superb. Love you man! U rock and also salsa! Muaaahhhh!!

Anonymous said...

IF the byelection was held yesterday, the 2631 >>>> 6321 lah !

Mat Firestone said...


Waa, it looks like the previous cikai-class MT Junkie has tagged another third-level `Citizen Junkie'. Or is it merely "going home to change the previous Sekolah Jenis Kebangsaan uniform with a fake John Masters shirt?

Questions: 1) Who are these "we" that you mentioned? You and who?? You sound a lot like that dazed and confused cheroot cat-with-Petaling Street-glasses traumatized by KijangMas.

It was so bad that you're carrying fear! You don't have enough self-confidence to assert yourselves with "I".... You MUST have company; phantoms oso can. But I'll be a sport: since you all are "brothers MT Junkies", you are representing the rest.

By the way, please `Kirim Salam' to your fellow MT Junkie; who won't read this blog again... Tell him, Nuraina can't get over this irreplaceable loss and hasn't stopped crying!

So this is like what you MT Junkies and Barisan Rakyat Toadies do with that "Boycott MSM" , "Hartal MSM" thing? boycott, hartal, hartal boycott; still buy, still read... HAHAHA!

Another one: (2) You had said this:
Bah, we'll just let the Citizens do the job... like how they did in KT last week.

What job on the panglima and warriors?? Me as "Amazon": Am I included? The clue is in what they did in KT last week....

Oh, the Citizens bloggers are going to take pictures of houses and then `belanja' the panglima and warriors beer and keropok lekor?? That's nice!

The BN won the bigger share of the Chinese votes that the "MT Junkies-cum-Hartal MSM" Bloggers had LOUDLY PLEDGED to deliver to PAS... So what does that tell you?

Oh, okay, okay..... Must have this face-saving explanation: The "Hartal Frauds" had actually achieved MUCH BETTER lah!.....

Raja Petra, Marina, Harris Ibrahim, Zorro and the other MT Junkies formidable bloggers had convinced the MALAY KAMPUNG PEOPLE to vote for PAS!!

With the RPK Groupies' strong influence in the Malay kampungs, PAS managed to win by more than 2,000 votes!! HAHAHA!! Perasan nak mampus!!

Here's the conclusion after reading the various two-bit MT Junkies here: It's obvious that you all did not read KijangMas' post - You are all so scared of him ya?! HAHAHA!!

Calling Calling Kee Thuan Chye or whatever his name..... Not managed to build up the guts yet? So how are you going to REBUT Kijang Mas?? Chih, `newspaper guy-ah' like this??

Here's A TIP: If you have half a brain AND had read his posts, it's obvious that KijangMas is NOT UMNO. But I also understand the mentality of PINHEADS who'd assume he is such "because he had written a post favourable to Mukhriz"... "because he had said good things about Mahathir".....

I understand some of these RPK GROUPIES who have made erroneous basic assumptions about KijangMas, also write for the media.

I wouldn't trust them to write for the OBITUARIES columns..... Should someone accidentally put Teresa Kok's picture on their desk, they might actually print something about "her cortege will pass through Seputeh on 28 Feb at 3PM"; when it's actually something about her scheduled ceramah.

"BANGSA MALAYSIA: We will root out the fakes and the deceitful among you.... And strip naked the `autar liberal, open-minded MELAYU BANGANG. BEWARE the warning at DEMI NEGARA about the Sang Belang".

Anonymous said...

Hey Ms Barisan Rakyat. You of Sharizat groupe? Never mind. You fly like a butterfly. Sting like a bee. You dance circles round that Antares rempit. Yeh jab .. jab … jab … bang bang… a left-right hook. So not lady like .. flooring a small fry Haris or MT crowd.

Careful though. The whole gang might descend on you and lay havoc to rosy cheeks.

KT goes to PAS. Very happy for the KT people. I am happy for Tuan Guru. Nagib? I am happy for him too. One reason -- people have call him names, bad mouth him, pelt him with rotten eggs, … he keeps cool – plods on like a constipated tapir – seems to be too focused-never-to-be-distracted … never acting up. The other reason -- its like the left and right pocket thing ...

Yond Cascius has a lean and hungry look
Such man are dangerous ---

Beware The ides of March


Anonymous said...

>>The second question is one that everyone has been asking. And this is the penyakit Umno. self interest and greed. and the root of Umno's problems.

Bingo! One of the reasons why BN is doing rather badly these days. And curing this penyakit would be impossible, as it has entrenched itself in almost all aspects of the party.

And for 'Sharizat Groupie' aka 'Pakatan Rakyat'... you're still wondering what "job" the Citizens/Voters did inflict onto your gang in Kuala Trengganu? Excellent... you're still clueless as to what happened. I ain't gonna explain again the obvious answer. Keep your rivals clueless & guessing, thats the strategy to victory, or so they say.

Frankly, the fear seems to be coming from your team, our Sang Belang friend included... you guys seem to be going on overdrive this few days with frantic media spins to explain how "Najib/Badawi/pick-your-fave-UMNO-bigwig is not to blame for the defeat in KT". 'Tis the season for tai-chi/silat to divert & deflect responsibility!

Now excuse me, gotta help out in the eventual implosion of Perak's Tajol Rosli. You guys can spin on that too!

Peace. :)

Anonymous said...

Bright Eyes,

Yeah, Fei Lo, enjoy your circus while it lasts.

Hai, 'Tis is indeed the season for tai-chi/silat to divert & claim responsibility!

Ha ha, go ahead and fantasize that the KT Malays voted PAS because of the efforts of YOUR KINDS. Its like attributing Obama's win to the KKK. Your DAP masters and your PKR bankrollers are insulting the intelligence of the KT Malays and the PAS people are beginning to realise that. We shall see PAS' moves .......

Lets see how long your ugly smug chinky face will last in this Negara. Yeah, go ahead, instigate the silent rakyat, cocok the slumbering majority, poke the Tuans.

The battle has just begun, Fei Lo. And you better have something more than your Low Yat el-cheapo laptop in hand ......

Ha ha ha, jerk.

Anonymous said...

PAS won , may be the reasons are =
1) a simple & nice daddy look,
2) 1/3 of PR,
3) fed-up with bn of its 'corruption,
nepotism/cronism , $$$$$$$$ outfits'
4) umno fler got a lcly look !!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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