Thursday, January 08, 2009

The Mid-East Conflict: The Same Old S**t..

I'll say one thing. We may disagree on the war on Gaza (some people are insistent that Hamas was the instigator and provoked the attacks but disregard the reasonS for it).

However, that doesn't mean we're blind to the realities such as the apathy of the Arab nations.

We weep for the children of Palestine. We do. Because we see very little hope in finding lasting peace in the Middle-East.

If only some things do not remain unchanged.
And, yeah..if only Malaysia was bigger and more powerful than the United States....

Read Adrian Hamilton's take on the path to Mid-East Peace:

There are four iron laws of the Middle East: that the Palestinians will always end up at the bottom of the heap and that they will always be let down by their Arab bretheren; that Israel will act unilaterally whenever it sees it in its interest to do so and that the international community will do nothing to stop them, only intervening once the battle is drawn and they can help bring a messy end to the bloody proceedings.

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Anonymous said...

Hamas and Zionis fights between eachother but it's the Palestin people who had to suffer the most.the babies and the childrens knows nothing about Hamas and Zionis but they were killed.we dont know how long this gonna continue...we weep for the children of Palestin.

Anonymous said...

hamas...hamas...oh HAMAS ! why...why
...WHY did you disturb the hornets at your people's expense in the very 1st place ah !?

Anonymous said...

This war is really very complicated. How come the Arab neigbours are not as worried as the Malaysians. It is I slap you..u slap me..after so long who knows who slapped who first.
The Arabs must also be blamed for this.
I am not being callus to the Palestinians suffering. It is always the innocent /civilians people who suffer in war or terror attacks.
So uch hatred has been preached against one another. The Muslims tend to take it as anti Islamic thing. I am sure there are many Christien Palestinians also are suffering as much.
Violence must stop in every part of the world.It is against humanity and right to live.We all must rise to condem every kind of violence, be it in Darfur, Somalia ,India or any where.

Azhar said...

Israel has violated or ignored so many UN resolutions; more than any other countries combined. Yet UN did nothing to impose the resolutions on them. Why? Becasue Uncle Sam is there to back them up. They even ignored International Court decision which declared the erection of walls in the palestinian areas as illegal and need to be demolished. Why? Because they just couldn't care less for others. Israel will never keep to any agreements or truce. History is there for us to judge.
They can kill so many children and yet not feeling sad at all. They can demolished so many homes and so many buildings and yet fell nothing about it. They are just inhumane. They are TERRORIST. They are the real Axis of Evil.
What can we do? We should all do our bits, no matter how small they are. Those with money can contribute some to the Palestians. Those who can write, write..blogs, newspaper column, emails, SMS etc. Remind others of the atrocities of Israel/US. We also consumers. Stop consuming all the known products that are funding Israel in some way or another. The list is already out there. Just do it. I know some peole say "we are just small consumers, so it will not give any impact". Trust me, it will. If millions of Muslim around the world stop drinking coke or starbucks (just to pick a few), there will be impact. And when the impact is felt by these companies, they will start doing something.
Just do it. Boycott Isreale and US products. This is the least we can do. When we meet ALLAH our creator, at least we can say "O Allah, I had tried to help my fellow brethren in waht ever ways I could." What excuse can we pull if we had not done anything?.

Anonymous said...


Tahniah atas kejayaan saudari dalam memperjuangkan IJN tempohari.

Perjuangan kita kali ini ialah untuk membantah sekeras-kerasnya pembangunan KLIA@EAST di Labu oleh Sime Darby dan Air Asia. Ini adalah satu percubaan untuk "membunuh" KLIA di Sepang yang diilhamkan dan dibina oleh YABhg Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad. Tun Musa Hitam sebagai pengerusi Sime Darby ingin menggagalkan semua legasi Tun Dr Mahathir. Saya harap saudari boleh melawat blog saya iaitu Saya telah memaparkan logo "No to KLIA@EAST". Saya harap saudari akan juga menggunakan logo itu di website saudari. Terima kasih.


Unknown said...

Mungkin boleh dimaafkan jika kita membeli peralatan yang canggih yang kita tidak ada kemampuan dan kepakaran untuk membuatnya dari negara Amerika, tetapi adalah keterlaluan kalau hendak menyediakan minuman (Coca-cola) dan menggorengkan ayam (Mc Donald) yang boleh kita lakukan sendiri itu pun kita menggunakan perkhidmatan syarikat Amerika.

BaitiBadarudin said...

Jomlah sokong 'sirap bandung', 'ayam goreng rempah' dan apa jua perusahaan tempatan yang dapat menandingi jenama AS/Israel.

prachai said...

The fact is that the Arab nations are all experts at this game called international politics. They don't like Hamas, so they are more than happy to let the Israelis pound Hamas.

It's disgusting, and a Malay proverb sums it up nicely:

Gajah sama gajah berperang, pelanduk mati di tengah-tengah.

Besides, it's election time in Israel. Start a war to make yourself popular, like Bush did.

It's beyond my comprehension why Saudi Arabia as the so-called "protector of the holy shrines", have no role to play at all in this matter. They got oil, something the US wants badly, so why not use that effectively?

Anonymous said...

What have the likes of Malek Imtiaz, Farrish Noor, Latifah Koya Koya etc...the champion of human rights got to say to all these.

Anonymous said...


Then what will happen to the workers of (for example) Coca-Cola in Malaysia if the company starts to retrench its workers due to sharp fall in the demand of its product?

I am all against violence, war etc. but let's also think of fellow Malaysians.

There's more than 50,000 Malaysians who are directly or indirectly (by choice or by fate) working for US Companies (in and out of Malaysia).

Pray tell, who is going to help them financially should they lose their jobs (worst case scenario)due to sudden boycott?

It will definitely create a domino effect in our country (should this happen) then we have no one to blame but ourselves. Why? Because we don't have a real proper teguh economic plan (in order to distant ourselves from the states). I do have sympathies for the Palestinians but I also have fellow Malaysians best interest in mind and at heart.

Jangan nanti when unemployment meningkat, crime rates meningkat, baru Malaysia nak ingat.

Good planning is the key here.

Anonymous said...

unemployment !? whose kesalahan ?
mahathiu lah, siapa lagi ! why ?
dia berkata : " quit...quit...QUIT "
SO we QUIT LAH = now waiting for him to supply or dia akan susah kerana
tens of thousand of us are jobless !