Friday, January 09, 2009

MARA Scholarships...


Bumiputera undergraduates with excellent results can apply for scholarships to study in top universities overseas under Mara's Excellent Students' Scheme.

Those with a cumulative grade point average of three and above are encouraged to apply. Advertisements in newspapers will be out from today until Sunday.


Anonymous said...

No need excelent results also can get scholarship what! mara kan?

sfso@pulaijb said...

good..about time to give more scholarship to deserving students since bumi portion for JPA have been slashed to 55%

Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...


At times students are kept in a 'cage'
Now they are being turned into a 'rage'
Why must they now be put on a selected 'stage'
When they should be encouraged to turn another 'page'

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 090109
Fri. 9th Jan. 2009

Anonymous said...

Hello Nuraina;

happy new year to you.
Why Bumiputra only? Should it not be simply result and means-tested? Why does it have to be race-based? MARA means Majlis Amanah RAKYAT, isn't it?
Good day.

WY said...

GPA >3.0 (~B) sudah excellent ga? Oh well, lupa pula, it's Bumiputera undergradutes. Pardon my ignorant.

ChengHo said...

Yes that the way to go Meritocracy and do not forget patriotic and an aptitude test excellent in English and Bahasa Malaysia....


Wy Kam,

You are wrong. You know that.

Thank you

Azhar said...

WY Kam,
I think you are not ignorant. You knew the fact but tried to be cynical and stereo-typing bumiputras as lazy and not so bright. You need to rid your heart of this. FYI,
I graduated from Univ of Michigan with a CGPA of 3.67 . Studied Engineering. I was top of the class. And yes, I am a Bumiputera.

Que Sera Sera said...

Wy Kam,
That was insulting! Please..
I wanted to write more, but am afraid I will say things that I will regret later.

So, before you commented like that again in any of the blogs or postings, really hope you do think first..many times!


Anonymous said...

WY Kam

Stop the patronising. My kids go to American top school with 3.9 GPA.
For your info Mara would not accept less than 3.7.
That was only to encourage more applicants.

Anonymous said...

azhar, mr kam is referring to marah students Lah !!

Anonymous said...

Lets not waste everyone's time to entertain bigots such as this Wy Kam.

He knows there are good Bumi graduates as there are mediocre Chinese and Indian graduates.

If only we can rise above this race issue and focus on competing with the world!


sfso@pulaijb said...

I wish MARA could give as many scholarshie as they can..Up to the maximum for BUMI student because many that score good grades(CGPA 3.5 above)find it difficult to get scholarship because gov are giving more opportunity to non-bumi.
Why when gov slash quota to 55%,idiots like WY keep quiet??

As if we don't know thousands of non-bumi get shcolarship by many foundations such as STAR,SHELL,GENTING,TANJONG,MCA,DAP,PUBLIC BANK.should I go further?Why Bumi are not given although many of them qualify?
But u guys keep quiet takot nanti org2 BUMI tahu pulak.

Meritocracy my ass

Suci Dalam Debu said...

Shouldn't it be all good students but from poor families?

When is this gonna be color blind?

Let's stop the brain drain ----> especially to Singapore.

MARA has outlived its usefullness and should be abolished and replaced by another body that meets today's conditions.

Anonymous said...

Go ahead mara, send more students overseas. And let them work there, and show the pathetic singapore worshiper we can do better, better than you.


Anonymous said...


JPA may have been cut to 55%, but JPA involves very limited numbers. MARA and UiTM have been cut by how much? 0.0 betul! You are as stupid as WY Kam 甘永元. Bigots of any colour are bigots.
"gov are giving more opportunity to non-bumi." What does bumi-non-bumi have to do with this anyway?
Lastly, I really doubt Shell or DAP refuse to give scholarships to bumiputra. Show us evidence to the contrary. MCA and its subsidiary the Star are however as bigot as you are.
Let's remove all racist institutions in this country and refuse the "divide and rule" game once and for all.

Anonymous said...

All I can say is the 'busuk hati' and 'pendengki' chinese are being unravelled bit by bit

Anonymous said...

wy kam himself is not so bright. Can't even tell when to use ignorance and ignorant. I've met, taught and graded really mediocre malaysian students here in the States and I'm telling you they come in variety of races. Well Wy Kam, I'd like to see if you can even get 3.0 cgpa in MIT because I know some bumis who scores nearly a 5.0 there. Until then keep your insults to yourself. Thanks a lot!

Anonymous said...

Barackah, 'less than 3.7 tak boleh masuk mara' !!?? pls make SURE then correct yourself, ok ? tq !

Anonymous said...

DUN abuse my hard-earned $$$$$$$$$ !!

Anonymous said...

kak ana, mine is 3.1 boleh kah saya apply !? pls help !

Anonymous said...

wy kam,it seems like you really dont understand what is inside the PERLEMBAGAAN MALAYSIA.Have you forgotten that during before we celebrate our independence day,there is one agreement between bumi and non bumi which was non bumi must RESPECT bumi's special position and rights in order for the non bumis to get citizenship to stay in Malaysia.If you cannot respect that,you can get out of Malaysia and go back to China.We do not need someone who does not appreciate what we had given to them.

Anonymous said...

Our country's wealth has gone into someone-we-know-who's pockets. Thats y all of us are scrambling for the little left- overs !
Otherwise there would be enough scholarships for all bright students regardless of race.
Cant all of you see what I mean ? Its so pathetic that all of us here are fighting with each other when year after year billions of our country's wealth is siphoned away rght under our noses.

Anonymous said...

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