Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Tajol Rosli To Quit As Perak Umno Chief And BN Chairman

He is expected to resign from both posts sometime this week. Umno deputy president Najib Abdul Razak will take over from Tajol.

Tajol is taking responsibility for the defection of Bota assemblyman Nasaruddin Hashim to Parti Keadilan Rakyat.

There has been talk that two other Umno wakil rakyat - Lintang assemblyman Ahamad Pakeh Adam and Pengkalan Baharu assemblyman Hamdi Abu Bakar -- were going to take the same road as Nasaruddin but that, apparently, is not happening. They have taken a pledge of loyalty to Umno and have given an assurance that they ain't going nowhere.

Click here for the NST report.

And NST columnist Zainul Arifin's two cents worth HERE.

Also ex-journo Aziz Hassan's HERE.

Looks like really big trouble in Perak Umno.


Anonymous said...

he has to coz he bragged to form back bn gment b4 31-8-08 one !!

Anonymous said...

No comments because Zainul Arifin summed it well enough.

But, will Tajol Rosli jump ship?


Anonymous said...

I wonder, Najib is not accepted as indicated in the last 2 by - election and yet he is taking over Perak.
What is happening to UMNO? Anyway sis, just wait and see, enjoy next coming weekend.
"Apa nak jadi, sampai sekarang tak faham lagi" Salam. dh9753

fital said...

Sepatutnya awal-awal lagi dah lepaskan jawatan baharu bertanggungjawab. Sekarang siapa tanggung dan siapa jawab. UMNO tanggung PKR jawab

Bangsa Cina Malaysia said...

the beginning of the end of UMNO.

and also the MCA MIC GERAKAN PPP

Anonymous said...

Tajul Rosli letak jawatan.

One down, more to go!

Anonymous said...

It doesnt matter anyway. For too long Perak leaders had competed to be the worst state in Malaysia. Jual handphonepun susah nak laku kat Perak.

Anonymous said...

selepas ini bagi dari kalangan orang UMNO Perak yang lain untuk menerajui UMNO Perak.Tajol Rosli pun rekod dia dah punah semasa kalah PRU umum sebelum ini dan punah lagi apabila Nasaruddin melompat ke PKR.

Anonymous said...

so sad, poor ( $$$$$$$$less ) fellow !!