Sunday, January 18, 2009

Another Vote For Pakatan In Parliament..

As though you couldn't have guessed it? Duh.

And one more vote for Hudud.

Pas' candidate Mohd Abdul Wahid Endut, won the Kuala Terengganu parliamentary seat in what was dubbed a very close fight.
Actually, it wasn't that close.

Abdul Wahid obtained 32,883 votes against Umno's Datuk Wan Ahmad Farid Wan Salleh, who got 30,252 votes.
The Independent candidate, Azhazudin Mamat, received 193. There were 665 spoilt votes.

In the 12th general election last year, Datuk Razali Ismail who died on Nov 28, defeated Mohamad Sabu of PAS and an Independent candidate, Maimun Yusuf, with a 628-vote majority.

Here's the thing. The media (officially) hooted that it was 50:50 even in the last hours of counting the votes.

But, on the ground, it was clear that Pas was winning. Merdeka Central had indicated that crucial votes from the Chinese in the constituency were going to Pas.

As early as last week, reporters were saying that it was a foregone conclusion. Pas was going to win.
From the start, the buzz was that Wan Farid was the WRONG choice because he was not appealing to the KT voters.

As polling day drew nearer, this was beginning to get truer and truer.

To make matters worse, grassroots Umno in KT is so divisive and not u n i t e d. Alamak. Decide-lah. You want to win or not!

Besides, Umno formulas are not a one-size-fits-all. Surely we know that. And this being a by-election.

Reflect on earlier reports -- the feedback was that Wan Farid is arrogant and so forth and so on. Even our statesman Tun Dr M said so.

A little too late to make rectifications, so BN leaders pooh-poohed this.

No point in crying over spilt milk. Nasi dah jadi bubur. Again, the writing was on the wall.

As you can see, the margin in the Pas victory is wider.

Everyone's take on this victory would be apt: that of DAP's veteran LKS, veteran Umno leader Ku Li, journo-blogger Rocky, my old buddy Jai, my friend Voice, my friend and neighbour Wee and political analyst/blogger Sakmongkol.

The point is, the Opposition has one added vote in the Dewan Rakyat. Bravo!

I can hear my friends in Pas/Pakatan Rakyat thanking Umno, saying, oh..gloating..: Tebeng ah, buak gi.

I think it means, do that again (or more often)...something to that effect.


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Anonymous said...

Just wanna say........ Yah...! PAS won & very happy about it! Congrats to United PKR...! Lets start preparing for the General Election coz no matter what.... others will find means & ways to not loose anymore. Be afraid... Be very afraid..!

ChengHo said...

The divisional Umno meeting after effect the late dato razali peoples was marginalise by Wan Farid.
Still Najib keep his elegant silence...

k said...

Between Hudud and ISA, I opt for Hudud. At least Hudud don't simply lock someone up for nothing! At least PAS and PR not arrogant like Umno and BN!

p.s.- I consider using the police for political intimidation ARROGANT too!

Anonymous said...

Looking at the win from a wider perspective, the win for PAS reflects just a swing to the liberal PR. UMNO-BN is not necessarily redundant or irrelevant - unless it does not evolved from a communalist coalition to a non communalist one that is.

10 years down the road, I forsee Malaysians will regard a two-party system as a norm. But right now, people want a change and they do indeed have the right to want one. The conservative UMNO-BN has been in power too long and even I, like any other true blue, Malaysian, think it is about time for change; for another capable and credible party to take over the reins of power. Much like what has happened every now and then in the Anglo Saxon countries of New Zealand, Australia, Canada, UK and US.

In my opinion however, the pivotal point for change normally is when a worthy leader is thrown up from amongst the people. And in this instance, that man is Mr Anwar Ibrahim.

However, if and when an equally if not more, capable and credible leader emerges from UMNO-BN, rest assure, the people will pause and take a second look, and perhaps the pendulum will once again swing to the UMNO-BN. For now perhaps, the question is - Is Mr Najib destined to be the next Mr Cameron, or will he be similar to the Conservative PM and Opposition Leaders who came before him and following the stepping-down of a strong-minded leader like Mrs Thatcher?

As a digression, I am somewhat amused at Mr Mahathir’s lamentable if not pathetic, recent attempt to deflect UMNO’s losses to Mr Abdullah Badawi. Surely it ought to be evident by now - as any historian worth his or her salt - must now conclude, is that UMNO-BN’s losses are due mainly to that “Indian” Mr Mahathir’s highly questionable ideology and misrule. The votes for PR and agains UMNO-BN is a vote against Mahathirsm.

And that is where UMNO-BN under Mr Najib or anyone else, must review and revise to enable BN to get back into the fray with a fighting chance

So having said all these, the question therefore remain - When will BN throw up a good, credible and acceptable leader who can espouse and articulate with conviction a clear, cogent, fair, intelligent and far-sighted ideas for the conservative BN coalition?

The next 15 years should be interesting.

Anonymous said...

Salam Kak Ina

The writing on the wall is not only big but very clear as clear as crystal but that means nothing to a man who like to close his eyes/sleep so it is as good as nothing is written on the wall. And to make thing worse you cannot teach that man anything bcoz he won't learn from anyone except from his son and son in law, a graduate from Cambridge. So let it be...biar luncai tenggelam dengan labu-labunya. But he and his family won't get drowned easily. Remember during banjir besar in 2007? Guess where was him...yes he and his family were happily enjoying their holiday in Perth, Australia. Dia ni kira tok nujum juga boleh tahu negara nak kena banjir dia dan keluarga siang2 dan keluar negeri. According to Bigdog, this man has more than one luxury houses at Perth. Perhaps villas.

Unknown said...

Was it a vote for hudud, or a vote against BN?

mut said...

.... and the institutionalised racism and corruption crowd lost a vote....

I will take that! Yup, sounds good to me....

Anonymous said...

not for hudud but BN mistakes for example
1 EZAM - he makes more people hate BN
2. Wan Farid - shows his wealth during election
3. HIs face - serious and only entertain VVIP people who is not a voter in KT
4. Money and gift - voters will take for free
5. Media - all the negative issue on opposition, make people hate more BN
6. Finally, all president BN component are dictatorship. like MIC and MCA

zamri, ex-umno

kamsiah said...

Nuraina, I think it is so unfair to say they voted for Hudud, when clearly Hudud is only pertinent to the Muslims. Please do not use this as what UMNO-BN has been doing, politics of FEAR, which is tak laku...

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

and they had people like Ezam roped in, a desperado trying hard to fit in. poor sod.

LazerJuan said...

"One more vote for hudud."

it ain't that bad if the `hududers' know what they are talking about. Please read Kassim Ahmad's take on the issue.

Anonymous said...

win or lose - that's just the way it goes for any competition.what more for an election.BN have to face the music that they lose this time..again.but that doesnt mean that BN had already lose all their supports since there are thousand voter who are still loyal to them.they have to see it at a bright side.

on PAS side,they have to proof that they can manage KT well after least until the next general election.

Anonymous said...

this has been a really good experience for Wan Ahmad Farid.yeah who knows that he might make it in the future.there's almost nothing certain in politics as we all knows it.just accept the defeat as just another phase in life.for sure there's must be someone who have to be this case Wan Ahmad Farid had to accept the fact that he's the defeated one.but i hope that's not for long.

there's still hope as long as the light is still on.



A Pas candidate stands for an Islamic state.
I'm sorry if you interpret my statement in a negative light as though I am casting aspersion on Pas.
I am not. Neither am I trivializing Pas' objective of setting up an Islamic State.
It is a serious matter. And yes Hudud applies only to Muslims.

When you vote in a Pas candidate to Parliament, you vote in another voice for Hudud in parliament.
Whether you like or not (and I did not make any comment on this), that is the reality.
Do you think we should fear the Hudud?

Meanwhile, I am not an Umno member. nor Pas. nor Keadilan.

Lee said...

One vote for PAS does not boil down to one vote for Hudud.Its simple really, because Hudud can never ever become law even if, eventually, Pakatan takes over the Federal Government.Mathematicaly
, it is impossible as DAP is against Hudud!Personally, I think extreme law like Hudud (God's Law ) may be effective against crimes like robbing and wanton thievery ( including snatching handbags) where common law seems to be ineffective as a deterent!

Anonymous said...

Common law is more humane.

Hudud uses extreme and inhumane retribution as a deterrent.

But we do not need that sort of deterrent at all.

Just look lah at the advanced Scandinavian countries with among the world's lowest crime rates. Did they succeed because they used Hudud? Not at all.

Conversely, do you know that my Iranian friends speak ill of these Hudud-style punishments that is meted out in their country? Many Iranians wished that Ayatollah Khomeini liberated their country and then moved back into the background where theologians should be (as espoused by the other, late Ayatollah Kazem Shariatmadari) and let the state be run secularly rather than as an Islamic State. But even the Ayatollahs who suggested this were persecuted (as in the case of Ayatollah Shariatmadari).

Give good thought about hudud. After all, we were doing fine without hudud in the last 52 years since independence. The recent spate of crimes cannot be attributed to the lack of hudud laws.

You don't solve the socioeconomic problem by offering to chop off hands or stoning -- you merely suppress it that way. You solve the problem by addressing the underlying cause of crime, which has its roots in how societal welfare is looked after and managed. Plain and simple. And this is how the more enlightened societies in the world go about it.

Anonymous said...

Can someone be kind enough to tell me what is the penalty for CORRUPTION under HUDUD?

Is there penalty for racial discrimination under HUDUD?

Anonymous said...


In Allah's name, is this true??

If so, then I am truly, truly heartbroken, Kakak... for I loved what you (once) stood for... the love of our country and rakyat...

Anonymous said...

"A Pas candidate stands for an Islamic state."

Agreed with you kak Ina, but so does UMNO as said by Dr M in 2001 or potential PM-in-waiting Najib in 2007. UMNO implemented Syarah, with MCA's benevolent support, and not PAS
This is no differential factor.

This comment has been removed by the author.
This comment has been removed by the author.

Your disappointed fan,

"In Allah's name, is this true??"

wow. that's heavy, invoking Allah's name.

and that info you read, now, that's fitnah.

but let me tell you that i know all of these people, personally -- mukhriz, JJ and Rocky.

anyway, u don't have to believe me.

Good Lord...even if it did happen -- a sin to be with these people?

sorry to tell you, but i make no distinction bt supporters of Pak Lah, Tun Dr M, Anwar, Najib etc....

I am seen with them all.

Anonymous said...

Do not worry about PAS, for reasons already discussed. In the very least, the ordinary person can instinctively, like a child would, trust Tuan Guru Nik Aziz for his honesty, truthfulness and for his putting public interest above personal interest.

Recall Mahathir Mohammad's infamous, insidious 929 Declaration that Malaysia is an Islamic State, which is a quintuple violation of the social contract, 1957 Merdeka Constitution, 1963 Malaysia Agreement and Tunku Abdul Rahman's nation-building formula and Rukunegara?

Mahathir totally overtook PAS by leaps and bounds.

So why attack PAS? It's totally irrelevant. It is Mahathir, if anyone, who should be blamed for trying to radically Islamise Malaysia in contravention of the above-said national documents, and above all, the Federal Constitution.

The beauty of it is that no one dared question a super-dominant UMNO and authoritarian Mahathir back then.

Now, going back to putting public interest above personal interest (I quote the celebrated, Nobel-winning UN Secretary General, Dag Hammarskjold: "I inherited a belief that no life was more satisfactory than one of selfless service to your country - or humanity. This service required a sacrifice of all personal interests..."). When did Tuan Guru's sons or family or friends benefit from his influential political position? Now, check this out to see who is the 20th richest man in Malaysia in 2008.. Anak siapa orang ni? Is it coincidental that this billionaire is the son of our former prime minister? Think again.

To all those who worship Mahathir, I ask of you think of Allah (God), listen truly to your conscience, and decide your allegiance out of love and justice -- and never out of gratitude. Remember: one can be grateful to a tyrant for sparing one's own life or that of a family members, but that does not change the fact that a tyrant remains just that, a tyrant, no matter how he embellishes himself or his reputation.


dato rithaudeen jamil,

indeed. i do have much regard and admiration for the Tok Guru.
But, I personally will not malign Dr Mahathir.
We all know why Dr M declared that Malaysia was an Islamic state. Of course he was wrong.

I will not crucify Dr M. Neither will I, Najib nor Anwar.

As a Muslim, I find a lot of good in what Pas believes in. The trouble is, I have met enough Pas grassroots leaders who are ready to hang me out to dry because I do not wear a tudung.

thank you.

Anonymous said...

UMNO/BN guys must learn from the PR boys how to demonise the enemy.

UMNO/BN do not know how to use cameras to snap candid shots and exploit it to the hilt unlike the PR boys.

It is a skill yet to be learned.


Anonymous said...

Cheers for your response, Nuraina.

That some people would judge your keimanan by whether you wear a tudung or not is immensely unfair and only shows how shallow and unsuitable they are as a person and as guardians of the peoples' welfare. I hope you are not too traumatised by the attitudes of these people and that you are able to stand proud knowing that you know yourself better than any other person who may profess his superiority in religion or proper behaviour.

Yang ikhlas,


Anonymous said...


It does not matter who you hang out with.... that is not the answer I was lookin for..... the main point is the agenda...... the agenda that was discussed by Mukhriz and perhaps the rest who are named in that group which includes Rocky and you. If this info was uncertain or was an untruth then I doubt bro Haris Ibrahim would say it....... he is one with high integrity and will never say something that is a fitnah. Anyway, as u say, its up to anyone to believe who is right.... our Maker knows for sure da truth.......

STEADYAKU47 said...

Pak Lah

In 2004 you had Malaysia in the palm of your hand. You had the mandate to do what you will and the people would have been there with you. You could have done without Samy Velu, Rafidah to name a few, within your Cabinet. You could have come down hard on corruption in UMNO and in every Government Department and the people would have been there for you. You could have reformed the Judiciary, insisted that all your Ministers declare their worth etc etc all that you say you want to do now before your March voluntary termination as PM you could have done many times over in the time since 2004 BUT you did not. Now it is too late. Too late for UMNO, too late for you. You are a decent man who meant well but possibly our expectations of you were too high. In the end we realized that you are like us - like Mahathir - where our personal and Family greed invariably required us to "close one eye" when plundering of our Nation's wealth was done by our Family and Friends. Amen.


your disappointed fan,

i'm sorry to "disappoint" you again.

the meeting never took place.
the agenda? spinning for Najib?
you shouldn't give me too much credit.
besides, I don't do spinning for anyone. not najib. not anwar. not anyone. Maybe Palestine.

i gather you hate najib.

as for haris, i'm sure his source was very mistaken. because i was not there (if there was indeed such a meeting).

anyway, if such a meeting were ever to take place, i can tell you it will not be at La Bodega. wil catch me at these places with some very familiar faces.

Rockybru said...

Dear Ena,

If I may address "Your Disappointed Fan",

I found this line at Kit Siang's blog: Opinions are free but Facts are sacred. It applies here where the meeting Haris Ibrahim said we attended with JJ, Mukhriz and one Khairuddin at La Bodega two days ago is concerned.

Haris's views and mine have clashed time and again in blogosphere, but in his latest posting he reported about the La Bodega meeting as if it was a fact that the meeting took place.

Well, there was no such meeting.

And, therefore, "Your Disappointed Fan", there was no such agenda as alleged by Haris.

I've called Haris to tell him that there was no such meeting. He said he will update his posting. I'm not sure how he'll approach the matter but "Your Disappointed Fan", you'd do well to watch his space.

I can't speak on Ena's behalf, but I'm sure he's disappointed with you, "Your Disappointed Fan", for being so gullible.

Fans like you, my friend, are free. Just like Kit Siang's opinions. And if I may quote Rehman Rashid, an opinion is like rectum, everyone has one. You, Fan, should have kept you opinion to yourself.

Thank you.



thanks for coming in here.

but you left out an "s" here:

"I can't speak on Ena's behalf, but I'm sure he's disappointed with you, "Your Disappointed Fan", for being so gullible."

I'm sure you meant "she's disappointed".


STEADYAKU47 said...

Najib Razak
How this guy is going to shake of the excesses of his wife and himself from the time they knew each other (while married to other people) until he became a serious PM contender is something I will watch with anticipation and trepidation (not for me but for him). It will take a monumental effort to contain their goings on - sexual and financials. Can you imagine the amount of money that would be required to keep everybody quite? What contracts, projects, tenders have to be kautim in order to contain these possible exposures - anyone of which , if they become public knowledge, will mean no more Sri Perdana? The mind boggles...and that is why Mahyuddin (the Man who would be King) is cool and waiting in the wings. For me Najib is just a temporary blip in Mahyuddins journey to Sri Perdana. Najib will be so tied up covering his sordid past that he will not have time to Govern... he will not go past a year or two at the most.


STEADYAKU47 said...

A sad old man. Tun your time is over. You should really be in a retirement home by now. Are we an ungrateful lot that has forgotten your contributions to the Nation? No we have not. When all is said and done you and your Family, your Friends have been well rewarded financially for the services you have rendered to the Nation. Some will say too well rewarded, but who are we to say, that is how the cookies crumbles. You have made mistakes and you have to live with the mistakes you made.It pains me to see you know - a pathetic and at times articulate old man being used by others for their own gains. Tun we understand your worry that UMNO and Barisan glory days are gone (there are some among us who are grateful that it is so !!!) that your legacies are being ravaged and left adrift (Proton, Putrajaya etc ) that the crooked bridge project have been cancelled AFTER money has been paid by u know who to u know who...but in spite or should I say despite all this, our affection for you remains. Live what is left of your life without too rancor or hate for those that now control UMNO - it is their time and they will reap what they sow (Pak Lah will leave in March barring any miracles happening). It is far better that you retire with grace and tell yourself "I have done my best"....though there will be some amongst us that will insists that your best was not good enough. Your work is done.


Anonymous said...

"We all know why Dr M declared that Malaysia was an Islamic state. Of course he was wrong."

Kak Ina, you are having me confused. Is this some kind of double-standard? When Mahathir and DPM-cum-PM-to-be Najib (17 July 2007) said Malaysia is an Islamic state, "we all know why" and they are "wrong". What do you mean by wrong here? How does it differ from PAS agenda?
UMNO, and not PAS, set up the syariah courts. Based on agenda and track-record, I fail to see how UMNO differs from PAS on these issues.



i'm sorry to have you all confused.

don't be.

By PAS' definition, Malaysia is not an ISlamic State.

By Umno (then under Tun Dr M), Malaysia is.

i wouldn;t worry to much with all the polemics.

it's politik-speak.

you don;t even have to take my word for it (that Dr M was wrong). Because I maybe well be wrong,