Saturday, May 24, 2008

Will Someone Please Check The Rising Prices of Food...

Are you feeling the pinch of everyday living?

And, ouch...the price of rice has almost doubled.

So, Najib, I hope you have some good news H E R E.


Donplaypuks® said...

2 weeks ago I bought rotiboy at parkson subang jaya at $1.50 per bun. 2 days later, it was $1.80 a bun i.e. 20% increase.

The price pf all basic foodstuff has gone anywhere from 20% to 50%, while petrol prices have artificially been kept at $1.92/lite through heavy govt subsidies.

With oil prices hovering at US130/barrel, prive of rice up 25%, jittery stock markets and escalating commodity and raw material prices, the overall oulook is a little gloomy.

These problems cannot be resolved in the short term. Simply because rising populations (and therefore rising consumption) and the hell-for-leather bent chase to become world no.1 economies by China & India vs the West, will see demand outstripping supply worldwide.

So, for ordinary folks like us, the answer is rein in spending, be prudent, don't speculate on property and stock market, and eat less!

zaitgha said...

but Pak Lah asked to change lifestyle maa.....sheeesshhh

i know its the global thingy but almost RM3.00 a kg increased is just too much....and again the same o same o about in Msia good still cheaper and yada yada part the Consumer Minister just passed the buck to another ministry....talking about thorn in a flesh .....

Anonymous said...

And you are feeling the pinch now? I have felt the pinch in steady force since last September!! I have changed my lifestyle so many times since then.

From someone who can afford to pamper oneself with all sorts of luxuries, I can hardly even afford to have the bare basic needs like facial once every other month!!! No need to talk about other stuff.. even skin care have to be changed to a much cheaper brand even if the result is not as great as the usual brand.

As for food, I chose to maintain my standards but in smaller portions but yet, there is a substantial increase. The best part is that our government has advertise saying our inflation is 3%??!!!!!! 3% his ass, I say!

I understand that this is a worldwide trend but I can see countries that are efficiently run are not facing such terrible price increase like us! Ours are something like 30%!! I am more than shocked!

ezyrhino said...

we are in a perfect storm. only way to address this problem at the individual level is to control our spending.

the subsidies that we enjoy are not going to last forever, and we cannot depend on the government all at time.

we ourselves have to prepare for the worst. spend less, save more, so the saying goes.

we have been spoiled by all the consumer products and services. no we got to ween ourselves off it.

there is no need for that latte. nescafe 3 in 1 does the same thing.

the girl said...

my mum has ordered me, my bro and my sis to get rice at tesco whenever we can to stock up food. i seemed to remember a while ago, was it najib or pak lah, when they increased petrol cost to rm1.92, that we all should ride bicycles.

so what's next? my family gonna eat pasir cuz we all cant go to work cuz we cant pay for fuel.

Anonymous said...

Aiyah, 'pinch here pinch there', my tigress wife has demanded that my new pension in Jan 2009 MUST all go to her, otherwise she will pinch my ....!!!???