Friday, May 02, 2008

RPK Released After 2-hour Questioning....

Raja Petra Kamaruddin was released after he was questioned for two hours (from 4pm) by police at the Commercial Crime Division at Jalan Dato Onn, Kuala Lumpur.

Wearing a yellow t-shirt and a pair of jeans, a smiling RPK told waiting reporters and bloggers that he was being investigated under Section 4C of the Sedition Act for his article "Let's Send The Altantuya's Murderers To Hell" in Malaysia Today.

"For two hours, they tried to persuade me to make a statement, I refused to answer any question or have my statement taken. They threatened to charge me for refusing to make a statement. I told them to go ahead and arrest me or release me right now. And I told them that if they let me walk out of here, I don't want to see their faces again. Don't disturb me anymore. I gave them two choices, arrest me now or let me go."

However, RPK thinks that "this is not over yet".

He was accompanied his lawyer, William Leong who is MP for Selayang. His wife, Marina, was waiting outside the premises.

MP for Wangsa Maju Wee Choo Keong, who arrived after 5pm, asked to see RPK but was not allowed. (Read Rocky's Bru).

Earlier in the morning. seven policemen visited RPK at his home today and confiscated his laptop and CPU.

He was to go in for an "interview" at 11am tomorrow but the time was rescheduled to 4pm today.


Rockybru said...

I wrote that 6 police officers had gone to RPK's home this morning. I was wrong - it was 7.
Ain't that too many cops to spare for a writer like RPK? I thought our police force was facing shortages?
Is it any wonder that so many cases of real crime have not be solved?

Ena, what's the latest on Sharlini's case?

Anonymous said...

last minute change on the date....worry the compound will be mini Mina?


I know, I know, Even Marina was amused. SEVEN cops to "interview" RPK. Ok, ok... SIX cops to interview him at home and ONE cop to take away his laptop and CPU.

RPK is a heavyweight, that's why.

Meanwhile, we have (REAL) criminals running around FREE...and among them are NURIN's KILLERS and SHARLINIE's ABDUCTORS.

and, that is the reality..

Anonymous said...

RPK is a fantastic guy. I may not agree with him, I may not agree with his views, but I admire his guts. I salute you, RPK. You have principles.

Anonymous said...

It ain't over until that "fat lady" (and pendek) sings the blues !

Anonymous said...

Hi Ena,
Nice to have met you, RPK and many of the other bloggers at the BUM yesterday. This cherished momment for me was so suddenly and rudely interupted with news of RPK being harassed by the police today. In less than 24 hours, life changes so suddenly. All, the same, RPK will continue to shine thru all adversities and his leadership for freedom and mutual respect for others cannot be and will not be defeated. Glad to know he is released now.
Habib RAK

Donplaypuks® said...

No lah. Didn'y you geddit?

It took 6 to turn the table and one to hold the bulb.

That's how many you need to change the light bulb at HQ!

Why Raja Petra? Becoz he has a shiny head to shed some light in the room!

What? They thought they could get RPK to make a statement to incriminate himself? Like a famous AG did to DSAI to get him in a fix?

Yes sir, no sir, 3 bags full sir.

We have learnt our lesson exceedingly well from past masters.

Donplaypuks® said...

Dear Nuraina,

I'm surprised! Haven't you read the MSM yet?

The latest on unsolved murders is:

'We have the smoking gun, the matching bullets and 1 of the perps. But we cannot proceed further because the perp has not confessed. It is the perp's inalienable constitutional right that he does not have to testify to incriminate himself.

Accordingly, we have closed the file, sine die!'

sexyjudge said...

Yeah! News about RPK filled most blogs today. But no confess of real agenda behind it. Chronology includes PM out of the country... how's that...

Anonymous said...

Dare we even think there will be more of this to come? Will this be our reality when DPM becomes PM? Sending 7 cops for 1 writer. Sheer high-handedness and downright oppressive - shudder to think this will be our future. Najib for PM, anyone?

Anonymous said...

The Bully Boys are at it again! Less than a week after getting thrashed on live National TV by YM Raja Petra 'The Rock' Kamaruddin, the Umnoputra Bully Boys unleashed their errant boys PDRM to haul up RPK and wife for questioning for sedition.

News reports say that the interrogation has got to do with the article that appeared on Malaysia Today linking Altantunya with Najib and Rosmah. However, somehow I get the feeling it has got to do with RPK's appearance on RTM1 last Sunday. RPK did some major collateral damage to the BN/ Umno regime in that interview. I guess it did not go down well with the archaic Umno ultras and the 4th Floor Boys.

Nevertheless, my prayers and support is with RPK and his family. God is great! God will never forsake you for you stand on the side of Truth and Righteousness and the Truth shall set you and all who are unjustly detained free while sending the vermins who caused so much pain and suffering on His people fleeing into the Fires of Perdition.

To all idiots like Joachim Xavier who think that it is immoral for Pakatan Rakyat to come to power tomorrow through a cross over of BN MP's, I say to him and all the rest "Keris My Ass!". Only when PR takes power can all the abuses and injustices be stopped. The longer the BN regime rules, things like what happened to RPK and wife will continue. More Balkis and Bunga Tanjong will continue. More injustices by the Police will go unabated. More files and evidence of corruption and malpractices will disappear!

DSAI, Uncle Kit and Tok Guru Hadi Awang, form PR Federal Government now and stop the rot before it is too late. Pakatan Rakyat please help RPK! Hidup Malaysia!

adzha said...

this is normal practice for him, manipulating police force to do the dirty work for him... sounds very familiar...poor girl

Anonymous said...

It's good that Raja Petra makes it plain and clear to the police (and more importantly Pak Lah & 4th Flr boys) that he is no pushover and will fight their intimidation tooth and nail. Let's see what they are going to do next. If it's a war of attrition they want, then RPK is more than a match for them. Keep up the fight RPK! We are behind you all the way!

Wakmasnoor said...

If Raja Petra has the proof of Najib definite involvement, then make the stand (and prove) in the Court of Law. He amongst all people, has the highest numbers of collaborators and Lawyers (and political associates too) to assist him in doing so. Why engage in public opinion for such case that can results in someone else humiliations? Whats the need in doing so? Whats the catch?

If Raja Petra regarded our court of law as shameful and untrusted, hence did thousands of unfortunate others. Not just our ever-so-popular Mr Sharibuu.

Surely with such intensity (and energy) in one man, Raja Petra; and whistle blowers and informers surrounding him, the truth about Malaysians killed in police custodies can easily be ripped open and made public by our dear Raja Petra. Why not do that? Why the double standard then? Were common Malaysians any less important than Najib?

If Raja Petra cant find Judiciary platform that suits his highly intellectual thinking and indepth agenda, than fight for the establishment of one. Surely it will take time and efforts, but the whole idea and its scavenging shall meant priceless to million others in vain. Thats a far worthed contributing than anything other.

Just because we hate Najib and our sad judiciary system, it does not give us the absolute right to put everything in one dangling basket and smashes it to the ground.

If we shouted demanding reformation, top to bottom, we should also be prepared to reform our thinking and action.

Im deeply distressed and sad with this kind of people who taking advantage of the late Altantuya and her family, for the benefits of their clear and dangerous agenda. And knowing Raja Petra, its even more so.

Sorry RPK mate. Im against you on this one.

Anonymous said...

I'll say this again... the problem with this country is that it is ruled by idiots and opposed by idiots.

between the BN and the PR lies the truth.

RPK erred with his article because:
a. he was emotional rather than factual.
b. he was referring to 2 different cases.

did anyone notice the lack of evidence in this particular posting as opposed to his other postings?

on this particular posting he relied only on hearsay and emotional outbursts of individuals.

the Anwar case was different from the Baginda case... in that, Anwar was charged and stood trial but Najib isn't but Baginda is!

so, discussing about Anwar's case then would have been subjudice and implicating a party that is not on trial is seditious.

frankly, this is fast turning into a Hindustani movie... all emotion but no fact!

if the father really has the evidence... then produce it in court... why only threaten to produce it?

unless, of course, it is not Justice that he is after... but money!

... and, you guys want to support this?

just because you assume one party is bad doesn't mean that the other party is good.

has it ever occured to anyone that BOTH could be equally bad?

Anonymous said...

Dear Kak Ina,
Honestly, I am quite dissapointed as I read these postings about RPK. The majority are blindly supporting him simply because he hantam Najib and wife and insinuating that the couple is behind the Altantuya murder. Wonder what happened to them, who all these while have been calling for the return of the rule of law. Or is it cakap-cakap saja, bila our turn, we just dont give a damn as long as we can fullfilled our agenda and satisfy our perceptions of things. I m no big fan of Najib and definitely no fan of Rosmah, but reading the writings of RPK on them simply make me sick. Just go through the RPK's reply to Tengku Sharifuddin and you would understand why I said that. The man is plain arrogant, thinking he is above everything. And just look at the postings by his supporters, the names they called Tengku really sadden me. These people does not even know who Tengku is. You know him, and I think you would agree that he is a decent guy who probably doesnt have an ounce of malice in his self. I am making this point about Tengku because what they called him just shows what type of upbringing these people have. Having a blog and running a website does not make one a God and free to slander people. I think you, Kak Ina as a responsible blogger have to agree with that. Thanks for the space. cheers

Anonymous said...

To salvage the situation, the only sensible recourse now is for some very very bigwigs in the government, better still the DPM himself,to come out and answer the points raised in RPK's article. The longer the silence, the more misgivings the world will have that justice will be done. It is as simple as that!

Unknown said...

by doing this, it just make it easier for the rakyat to understand how desperate is BN. Making use of the police force for their own benefit!

Anonymous said...

Aww, C'MOn guys,

RPK is a mercenary.

He's doing this for JUSTICE?
He's being paid to "kill" off Najib.

Unknown said...


I read his reply to Najib's press secretary and he does not came across as arrogant as you said earlier. Infact his argument was based on facts ie his experience. and i think its about freedom of speech. One can write and one felt and if he felt it is wrong (or write) than he (or she) should be given a chance to express it. If Najib or Rosmah felt that they have been kena fitnah than sue him . Lets get it all out in the court and see who is right or wrong