Sunday, May 25, 2008

Waiting For Ezam.... re-join Umno.

The signal seems to indicate Ezam Mohd Nor's impending re-entry into the party.

If this is true, then, there's no question that anything can happen in politics. Rather, in Umno.

Why, only last February (in 2007), Ezam denied speculations and rumour that he was re-joining Umno following his decision to step down as Parti Keadilan Rakyat Selangor deputy chairman and Shah Alam division chief. He was also PKR Youth chief.

(Ezam who left Umno after former DPM and Umno deputy president Anwar Ibrahim was sacked from the government and the party, is head of GERAK, the Movement for Democracy and Anti-Corruption he founded in 2005.)

Ezam who was Anwar's confidant and right-hand man quashed rumours of his soured relations with (the other Anwar's right-hand man) PKR vice-president Azmin Ali.

Ezam also dismissed rumours of relations with Umno Youth deputy chief Khairy Jamaluddin.

He was quoted as saying (in 2007):
"People love to speculate [...] and there must be some mischievous people in the party out to discredit me.
“But it (the allegations) is very illogical. If you want to join Umno, you should go for the highest post in the party (PKR). That way you can have more bargaining power before crossing over".

And on rumours of his re-joining Umno (in 2007), he had remarked:

Secondly, over the past few months as Gerak chair, I have been repeatedly lodging police reports against the Umno president [...] how can he accept me as a member? I think the speculation of me joining Umno should not arise at all.”

Okay. This is 2008. We're done with the general election.

Ezam has to move on.
Can't see him doing so in PKR. Wounds are deep.

Back in Umno, to welcoming arms?

Let's wait and see. Stranger things have happened.

Meanwhile, Umno Youth chief Hishamuddin Hussein has something to say H E R E.


Anonymous said...


So far reports of Ezam's impending cross-over to UMNO comes from secondary sources, i.e UMNO, and at a time when talk is rife of UMNO defections to Anwar and Keadilan. So far Ezam, who is abroad, has not made any comments to that effect. Would be interesting to hear what he has to say. My hunch is that Ezam is only too aware of the ton of bricks that will descend on him should he join UMNO, after all the bad things he said about them. And maybe the 3 reasons given my Hishammuddin would make Ezam pull back at the last minute. Let's wait and hear what comes out of the horse's mouth before we pass judgement on Ezam. But if he really joins UMNO, then I'll make a complete about turn in supporting him as someone who sacrificed much for hims principles to condemning him for being a most unprincipled politician and biggest hypocrite.

malayamuda said...

i'm losing respect for Ezam....I hope he doesnt do this to himself.

Anonymous said...

Sayuti Omar writes something here:

But I think he is being utterly naive. His political apostasty is quite appalling and hurts him more than it can hurt any other person. For your information, UMNO has passed a resolution in 2006 where anyone who left UMNO and joined another party can't be accepted again. Though the whole resolution was moved by Hisham who was fearing that Anwar may come bakc and displace him, one wonders how they will trample upon their resolution now that Anwar is beyond UMNO with his actions determining the political future of the counyry in a number of ways. But I agree with Hisham, what will Ezam do in UMNO? How will that benefit them? How will he protect his name unless there is politics involved? I think unless politics is involved, his will destroy his name for good and can't win any seat let alone any state.

But someone says he always thought they should rejoin UMNO once Mahathir exits and stillhe hates the old man. But it was Abdullah who signed his detention papers and the men who joined him in Kamuting like Saari Sungib, Tian Chua, Hisham Rais,etc are stll fighting. How will he face them? Goose pumps! If he fell out with Azmin Ali as to who will be seen the nearest to Anwar, he still can continue fighting for a better cause if Azmin emerged victorious. Azmin is not an emotional man unlike Ezam. Ali also likes to be a strategist who works behind the scenes without being detected unlike the bursty, emotional and frontal attack Ezam where secrets can slip through his hands. Knowing that UMNO is in its wtilight, I can't understand his actions. But since PKR has shown that it didn't need him and did well without him, and knowing that Azmin is in charge of the party and the election machinery of the party as well, may be he saw humiliating to go back and seek forgiveness and mend his ways and this forced him to throw all ideals to the wind and jump into the sinking ship of UMNO.

Anonymous said...

Ezam has big problem in PKR. He was involved in "desctructing" the party from within.

Do you still remember the day Roslan Kassim, Hanapiah Man & the gang left PKR?

Ezam was the person behind it.

In the party, everyone knows how he had destroyed Youth Wing.

It is always Ezam' intention not to leave Umno, but the circumstances did not allow him to remain in 1998/early 1999.

I would like to bring you one writer' comment:

Ezam To Bring His 6 Boxes Along To UMNO

One of my SMS conversations with aruah Adlan Benan Omar (Ben) back in 2006 was on Ezam's pending re-admission to UMNO. They were close friends.

Ben answered my question, yes, Ezam would be back in UMNO soon. It was 2006, even before Ezam's departure from PKR. This plan was never materialised or the timing was not right. I thought it would never happen at all. But I was wrong and Ben had said it right long time ago.

Ezam was at my home in Dubai together with Anwar Ibrahim, Zunar and now YBs, Dr. Hatta, Dr Zulkifly and Zulkifli Noordin as well as Ben in 2005. First time I met him in person.

I am a distant friend of Ezam. Will update you if I have something better to say.

Da Real Deal said...

I wonder why people still have the time of day for Hishammuddin. He has lost his standing as a bona fide Malay leader. Let's stop covering his story and put him in his place, with other traitors. He can't even defend our heritage and he wants to stop Ezam? He should embrace him instead because they are two of a kind, only Ezam is more sincere in leaving the party when he no longer can uphold its values.

Anonymous said...

The road map is for Ezam to return to UMNO first and when the time is right Anwar will rejoin and take over as PM with PKR & UMNO forming the back bone of the new government. In this way the Malay will still be walking in the corridor of power. Najib will be kicked out to Mongolia of course.

Anonymous said...

Ezam wants to enter UMNO because he is a very ambitious politician. He really wants to bring something good for the country. But the big problem is that Azmin Ali has permanently blocked his progress in keADILan and further more Anwar favours Azmin more than him. He could try build a stronger support in keADILan but he knows one day when Anwar is gone, Azmin will definitely finish him off.

As for PAS, he wasn't given an area in Selangor to build up his political platform base. He was in fact offered to contest in Kelantan for PAS in the recent election. But he disagreed and still believes he should be in Selangor.

So it's a no-win situation for him. Therefore, because of lack of patience and being greedy (i would say), he thinks that time is running out and he needs to move his political carier forward. So Pak Lah, on the other hand knew about this, thus taking advantage by giving him an offer to revive his political carier in UMNO.

The truth is Pak Lah knows that the rakyat does not believe in his pledge to curb corruption and reform the country, so he needs somebody clean and known for being anti-corruption to back him on his new agenda. This is where Pak Lah has tricked Ezam by giving false assurance that he really needs Ezam to help him revive the country. Off course we all know that Pak Lah is just playing dirty politics here, but Ezam, being bitter with keADILan, seems to believe that he is now being more appreciated and needed by UMNO, and that he is being given space by Pak Lah to reform UMNO.

The thing is, because he is too ambitious and over confident with his own ability, he does not see that Pak Lah will be able to make him a puppet. However, the whole country knows that Pak Lah has made everyone around him as his puppet! And an indebted person like Ezam could never bite back the hand that feeds him!

Ezam will therefore lost the respect given to him all these while by the 'rakyat'!


Anonymous said...

It'll be a mistake for him to rejoin umno.

Anonymous said...

Mencintai Ezam..

Anonymous said...

Maybe he is abandoning GERAK to fight UMNO coruption from within. Yeah right.
Where are all the boxes of files he said he had against the top leaders? Swept under the carpet or keeping it under wraps for a future hostage situation or using it in negotiation to secure a positions?

Anonymous said...

I feel if Ezam keeps to what he does in Gerak, he might be of really good asset to UMNO.

Now it's a matter of who's dangling the better carrot, UMNO or PAS to Ezam. :P

Indeed, if people feel you are a good leader with calbre, people will be fighting for you. How many people are like that in politics anyway?

Anonymous said...

What is GERAK? does it significant enough for nation contribution? every man has a price and ezam prove it with his life!

wak segen said...

Ezam to rejoin UMNO?
KJ mesti tentang.
Nanti tak boleh la lagi KJ nak claim dia paling handsome dalam UMNO...
...hehehe jangan mareh...kalau nak muntah takpe..

Anonymous said...

I watched Ezam's interview on TV3 8 o'clock news tonight Wednesday, 28 May 2008. Ezam said that he is in UMNO for the changes/reform (according to his words) ... I agree with Irfan/Chipon that Ezam is going to be a puppet to AAB whom the rakyat knows is unable to do anything on the various reforms post 08 March 08 election ... Dear Ezam, I believe that, some time in the future, you shall be a very disappointed person ... Wali Kota.