Saturday, May 24, 2008

Balkis' And Their Lavish Spending..

According to the Sun:

Balkis, the Wives of Selangor State Assemblymen and MPs Charity and Welfare Organisation, spent RM158,000 on clothes for its members to wear to a sporting event and RM121,000 on similar apparel for their spouses of members of the state assembly.

This "questionable" spending was in the list of expenditures that Selangor Mentri Besar Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim read out to the Assembly yesterday, in answer to two questions on Balkis from Lau Weng San (DAP-Kampung Tunku) and Dr Shafie Abu Bakar (PAS-Bangi).

These clothes were bought Galeri Balkis Sdn Bhd. Other expenditure pertained to the organising of charity events.

He also told the assembly how much state investment arms and companies like PKNS, Kumpulan Darul Ehsan Bhd and Permodalan Negeri Selangor Bhd (PNSB) had contributed to Balkis.

Abdul Khalid also said PNSB had contributed a total RM5,186,948 to Balkis.

The accounts of PNSB showed the company forked out RM50,000 for the officiating of Kompleks Wawasan Balkis and a majilis korban, and another RM50,000 for orphans.

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Anonymous said...

what!! with that much money which are meant for poor malaysians, they went and spent it on clothes!!! For themselves!

they should be drag to prison!
i have no more respect for those with UMNO. nothing but a bunch of greedy, arrogant bafoons

halimah said...

This kind of extravagance and foolhardiness of committees/organisations/agencies set up for public and charitible interests must stop! Period!

What utter nonsense do we have here! What breed of imbeciles who go on a spending spree with moneys meant for the underprivileged or such like causes!

I reel in disbelief each time I see committees and their VIPs in uniform attire purportedly to promote the local batik industry!

I choke in despair at the launch of books and products accompanied by icy smoke and swirling lights and that inevitable explosion of coloured beras kunyit. All this for no less than RM 10K I'm told!

What about expensive gifts for VVIPs and lavish bouquets for their spouses which are probably given or put away as something quite irrelevant to their needs or lifestyle.

Give them a good book to read on the cause they have so painstakingly put their name to!

This is exactly what's wrong with BALKIS and other charitable organisations, NGOs, GLCs, government agencies, departments and ministries!

It's high time the government orders redefine and redescribe the dos and donts of public spending and stop this Malaysian craze for public display and VIP culture!

The higher-up the VIP the crazier members of the committee become!

These BALKIS ladies should fill their heads with intellectual substance; their projects with hands-on activities instead of just receiving and doling out token cheques in the name of charity!

Anonymous said...

This is the MAIN reason why Umno was decimated in the last election. Balkis' extravagance is only the tip of the iceberg. The body was supposed to disburse donations to the needy, instead the ladies were the main beneficiaries. What is happening? Toyol, apa macam?

Old Fart said...

Nice to know wives are as crooked as their husbands. Maybe even better.

Anonymous said...

the clothings...are they branded labels?....from polo or armani!

Anonymous said...

Congrats to Pakatan Rakyat ... They are definately proving to the rakyat who voted them into power on 08 March 08 that they mean business. That's the way I like it ... Wali Kota.

slyderrose said...

charity fund divert for something else. what a joke! those balkis women really enjoying themselves with the money. poor deserving rakyat, look what umno baru has done to you. they keep millions of rm in the bank instead distributing the money to the needy. To Ezam, think twice before becoming part of this pirates.

Anonymous said...

what a shame!!
despite these revelations, the former MB is still so arrogant.
I think the PK government should make polis report and bring him to book. This BLAKIS is supposed to be helping charity? my foot!! they are spending on themselves.. pathetic, moronic and real bitches

Anonymous said...

They got all dolled up to the nines in the name of charity. Ah, ain't that sweet?

Anonymous said...

What do you expect from a bunch of uneducated kampong women...tak pernah tengok grab,glutton and watching akademia fantasia will be foremost in their mind....sigh...when will Malaysia or worse still the Malays will ever learn....

Anonymous said...

How can they use money intended and collected in the name of charity be used to buy clothes for the rich wives?

Blardy balkis b*tches

Ydiana said...

Tsk..tsk..tsk..! I feel so embarassed for them. I wonder how they feel.

Anonymous said...

BUT, new MB tak mahu them to vomit out the people's hard-earned RM which should be used for good purposes eg. buy RICE for the miskin, milk for the poor .....!