Wednesday, May 21, 2008

But Older Brother Mokhzani Quits...

...and expresses the hope that Abdullah Ahmad Badawi would step down as the party president before more Umno members leave the party in protest.

On Monday, his dad, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad quit the party, calling on other members to follow suit to show their vote of no confidence in Abdullah’s leadership.

Yesterday, younger brother, Mukhriz who is Umno Youth exco member and MP for Jerlun announced that he was staying to be, well, that thorn in the flesh.

Heck....somebody's got to stay and fight. No?

Mokhzani, a member of the Sungai Layar Hujung Umno branch for 22 years, submitted his letter of resignation to the Merbok division yesterday.

Mokhzani said mass resignation has created a ripple in Umno.

Read the Star report H E R E.

Meanwhile, you would all have read and heard the comments from Umno leaders and members about Dr Mahathir's decision to quit and be a pain outside the party.

I'm just waiting to see what happens next...


Donplaypuks® said...

the more the merrier. The Berlin wall is crumbling down right in front of our eyes!

mn said...

A.kum Kak Aina,

1. Biasalah UMNO dah tak bagus.

2. Biasalah UMNO dah lemah.

3. Biasalah UMNO dah tak ada projek.

Fadhil said...

Salam Puan Nuraina,

What I think would happen next is TDM being left to fight a lonely war. He will end up being remembered for the wrong reasons, which is a pity.

His detractors will say `good riddance' while his die-hard supporters will say he's the best leader Malaysia ever had.

To me, I would say he already had his time. He chose to step down when nobody forced him to. He opted to pass the baton to AAB, whether rightly or wrongly. If he says that AAB is not doing his job, then it is no longer his call alone that decides whether AAB should be replaced. It is now up to UMNO members, BN MPs and the rakyat to decide this.

Tun, you should now aim to be an elder statesman. Give advice and directions, if you wish, but let the younger leaders do the work. You have done enough... it's time to let go...

Anonymous said...

Calling all Malaysians, go out and make a donation to help the cyclone-ravaged people of Myanmar and the earthquake-devastated people of Sichuan.

The accumulated good accrued will rid Malaysia of all the evil perpetrated by the evil doers. The universal law of cause and effect in action

Bung Karno said...


Komen Tun Musa Hitam berhubung keputusan Tun Dr Mahathir
keluar dari UMNO sangat menarik untuk diulas.

1. Tun MH berkata 'Duri dalam daging sudah pun terkeluar'.
Sekiranya TDM adalah duri kecil yang sudah terkeluar, namun
masih ada paku besar ditapak kaki yang masih menyakitkan
UMNO. Paku ini berkarat dan kian hari membawa penyakit dan
menambah sakit UMNO.

2. Tun MH berkata lagi ..... minta pemimpin...'pertama, menerima
realiti UMNO sekarang bukan lagi sekuat atau diterima sepenuhnya
oleh rakyat, terutamanya Melayu...'

Benar, UMNO kini dipimpin oleh geng Tun MH tidak kuat, tetapi
malangnya DS Abdullah Ahmad Badawi masih mendabik megah sombong ...'kita masih kuat, kita menang banyak kerusi...'

Tun MH menyambung komen
...'kedua... balik kepada
konsep Bersih, Cekap, Amanah yang pada awal 1980an telah
diterima dengan begitu positif oleh rakyat jelata...'

Konsep itu memang telah lama ditinggalkan kerana ramai
pemimpin UMNO yang dah tak amanah, tetapi DS AAB tak akan kembali kepada konsep itu sebab DS AAB kini
mengamalkan konsep
CEMERLANG mengaut harta,
terpesona dan lena atas gilang-GEMILANG harta yg terkumpul,dan yang tak TERBILANG banyaknya.

Mungkin TDM ada sebab-sebab peribadi mahu DS AAB
letak jawatan tetapi akar umbi UMNO juga tidak bersemangat
berketuakan DS AAB kerana Cemerlang, Gemilang, Terbilang
sebenarnya untuk diri dan keluarga. Keyakinan juga hilang
kerana DS AAB tidak berwibawa sebagai ketua pemerintah.

Posted by Bung Karno at 10:08 AM

Anonymous said...

well I am not taking it with a pinch of salt, alas the great Kutty
era has come to and end. The predecessors knew the coming of the devil that was why he was expelled from UMNO. Surprisingly he wormed his way into UMNO BARU and wrecked everything good in his path.

Anonymous said...

Salam Kak Aina,

In response to Mr Oldstock, to a certain extent I do agree with your opinion. But somehow, I too can understand how frustrated Tun Mahathir could be on seeing the Malays are less bothered about their future, especially with the Government's dismal performance during the recent GE. Isn't it fair to say that the poor performance was entirely caused by a weak leadership who was too confident of winning. A complacent leadership who's not realised that majority of the poulation are educated, aware of their basic rights, fed-up with too many undelivered pledges; hence to voice out their dissatisfactions, protested silently but democratically during the election. Tun Mahathir sent his messages long before the election and kept on reminding us to change for the better but they left no effects. So who'd be better people to champion the cause of the Malays, and if there are, what are their concrete plans to ensure that our rights are tightly safeguarded and what are the plans to ward off any attempts to even question the privileged rights?

He has said time and over that he loves the Malays and his political struggle had always been to position the Malays in the rightful place in all aspects of life. But who has responded his calls?

He has set a fair performance benchmark before he left, yet what we see being done today is far from better. Shall we let it slide further and see the consequences from the dismal performance before we open up our mind and say "Yala that Old Man Is Actually Correct" -Bukan aksi correct, correct correct tu - yang tu bertindak lebih kuah dari sudu. Renungkanlah!

Lets hope for the best



Anonymous said...

I bet it'll just stop with Mukhriz.

I hope Mahathir wont pull another *karpal singh* where he ends up asking, "Where is everyone?" Why isnt anyone following me... :(

Anonymous said...

Oops, pardon me, referring to my last comment: I bet the last person will be MOKHZANI. (not Mukhriz... my bad)

Taurus Sitara said...

Assalamualaikum Nuraina,
Get Tun Mahathir and PakLah to smoke peacepipe?Mokhzani is one of the key moneymakers in the marine-oil industry.The bunkering island at Tanjung Pelepas is under his charge and rumours is Khairy Jamaludin is trying to wrestle control of that island from Mokhzani !So if Mokhzani said sayonara to UMNO that means a lot of legal funds from Mokhzani's groupings will not be given to UMNO anymore.So Khairy and his gang will have to work extra hard to support UMNO?.I am guessing who is going to be on Khairy's moneyspinning hit list?He tried ECM Libra and the Monsoon Cup and FOMEMA.He is a moneyspinning wizard but if he steps on too many toes then people hates UMNO more.Frankly speaking I must say Khairy is the Malay Ultraman who is destroying the monsters (our colonial Brits and the Chinese and Indians who flourished under these Brits?)who are happily eating away the Malays' rights.This Malaysia is definitely Melayu punya.Singapore is Chinese punya coz they practised meritocracy for Chinese and Indians but merit-tak-mahu kasi towards Malays,No matter how excellent the Malay chap is,the most is Deputy Director for Singapore Malays.Perhaps get Khairy and Tun Mahathir and Mokhzani and Tun Daim and all the wellknown moneymakers of Malaysia to sit together and planned together to make Malays rich?But without hurting our Malaysian Chinese and Indians?
A New Malaysia Economic Plan?Wassalam.