Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Selangor's Concern For ISA Detainees' Families

The Selangor Government promises to help families of Internal Security Act detainees by providing welfare assistance.

Mentri Besar Khalid Ibrahim said several steps could be taken to help the wives and children while their husbands or fathers were being detained.

The Star report H E R E.

Well, I'm listening and I'm hoping that this will not remain an empty promise.

For now I say good for you, PKR!


Anonymous said...

From all angle I looked at the report it is just a political ploy for PKR. Nothing more than that. I for one is beginning to feel disgusted over PKR's witchhunt. Stop these stupid charade and get on to govern the states and fulfill your promises to the rakyat.

Just another malay.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 3:38 pm...

I think PKR should look after the welfare of the people of the states it controls.

Among the most unfairly treated citizens are the family of those whose breadwinners are in ISA, where they are detained with no clue of when they can come out again.

So PKR -- whose election promises included abolishing the ISA -- is doing apa yang ADIL dan menunaikan janji pilihanraya mereka.

Simple as that.

This doesn't mean by helping those unfairly detained means that they are NOT governing the states.

Do you stop breathing when you walk? You can do both right?

So please don't be so simple-minded.

Yours truly,
Just another malay too.

Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...

The best of intentions will come to naught
If not followed up with concrete actions
Especially when innocent victims are caught
As a result of those still in inhuman detentions

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 270508
Tue. 27th May 2008.

sexyjudge said...

Smelly promises that might come with a BUT, soon enough...

Khun Pana aka johanssm said...

Fully support the proposal to helps out the families of ISA detainees.
While the PR state government are working , they be bound to discover past discrepancies and will investigate such matter.
Its not a charade or the game of PR to digs up dirt .
As we work day by day , we might accidentally digs up dirts from the past government , this cannot be avoided.
Work is slow , do try to understand that important files went "conveniently missing " or were destroyed by former government.
Helps PR , instead of criticizing from the comfort of your armchair.
To say PKR is just another malay is wrong notion.

mn said...

A.kum Kak Aina,

1. Penyanyi popular..Elyana kerana tak pakai kasut.

2. Pelakon popular...Fasha Sandha kerana Datuk S.

3. Politik popular...PKR kerana nak memerintah.


Anonymous said...


The Selangor State Govt has not only promised welfare assistance for the families of the ISA detainees, but also have publicly made known their opposition of the ISA.

This,I feel is one step in the right direction.

Like you, I'm hoping that these won't be empty promises, and they really pull through what they say today.

Anonymous said...

How about others detained earlier? PKR cares for the five only?


Anonymous said...


The question should be Do DAP cares for only the Hindraf 5?

DAP were dead silence about the detention of the so-called JI operatives - the most popular being Tok Guru's son. Did they fight for the release of these detainees then?

Anonymous said...

Zaib dan Two-Face:

Apa dia, mintak pertahankan JI operatives yang mempunyai kaitan dengan Al-Quaeda??

Mintak DAP sokong orang yang jelas menggugat keamanan negara dan dunia??

Mana boleh wei! Gila ke?

Ketua-ketua HINDRAF pula telah diakui oleh Syed Hamid Albar bahawa tidak dapat dibuktikan langsung bahawa mereka ada kaitan dengan organisasi teroris mana-mana.

INILAH sebabnya Pakatan Rakyat kata adalah tidak ADIL orang yang jelas tak bersalah ditahan, itupun di bawah ISA.

Paham tak?

Mohd Nadzri Kamsin said...

Why should now showing big concern over ISA detainees? There were hundreds ISA detainees previously which not get sympathy and special concern from any government states in Malaysia

Anonymous said...

DAP only concern to free non malay.
For them Malays deserve to be detained under ISA, only non malay don't!

For me, ISA still applicable past and future.

Malay or non malay, as long as they can bring harm to this beloved country, just ISA them!

Anonymous said...

I am in the same wavelength with Belalai Gajah, Khun Pana & Michelle ... Abolishing ISA is one of the item in their election manifesto. And they are proving to the rakyat that they are in that direction. FYI, Pakatan Rakyat think tank have a 50 year blueprint which they don't publicize ... Wali Kota.

Anonymous said...

And on the same note. Selangor government should also look into helping the WELFARE of the residents caught in the Grand Saga BMC issue. Don't let these matters fall on deaf ears or PR's just the same like the previous government.

Anonymous said...

Pendekar Demokrasi, lets ask the authority to forward evidents on both sides; the threats from HINDRAF as well as AlQaeda.

Hindraf happened on our streets while the so said Al-Qaeda happened in invisible streets outside our country.

If you wanna pursue in the name of democracy, fight for both because demokrasi is not about double standard, thats all I can say.