Friday, May 16, 2008

Inquiry Report On V.K Lingam Case To Be Made Public

The Cabinet today agreed that the contents of the Royal Commission of Inquiry report into the Datuk V.K. Lingam clip be made public and copies made available for sale.

It has also agreed that the Attorney-General's Chambers investigate the allegations in the report against individuals including Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

The others (against whom allegations were made) are V.K. Lingam, business tycoon Vincent Tan, former Tourism Minister Tengku Adnan Mansor, retired Chief Justice Eusoff Chin and former Chief Justice Ahmad Fairuz Sheikh Abdul Halim.

(The Star online quoted Law Minister Zaid Ibrahim.)

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mn said...

A.kum Kak Aina,

1. What for sale?

2. All

3. Ok we can buy this report dont buy 'Beras'

. said...

Selepas 22 tahun beliau menjadi Perdana Menteri dan menyumbang untuk negara, adakah itu caranya kita melayani Tun Dr Mahathir?

Anonymous said...

Bravo to the government for making the Commission's findings public. Zaid Ibrahim should proceed with the next step and prosecute Mahathir and his band of dirty crooks.

The people's next move should be galvanising its support for the Commission's Recommendations. Let us go to work. Make your desire known to your MPs, write your views in the blogsphere and in the main media. Speak out, now!

Don't allow Patail to wriggle out of this.

Anonymous said...

Don't dilly dally ... Bring out all, and every, skeletons from the cupboard asap.

Anonymous said...

The people caused the political tsunami to happen om March 8. No one, not even many of the victorious MPs, believed it could happened before the event. But happened it did!

Now, no one may believe a Judiciary Tsunami may happen. But happen it will, if the rakyat wants it to happen. So, do we want it to happen? Do we want a Judiciary Tsunami here now?

If so, let us work for it. Let each want of us make our desire known. Write, speak, blog, lobby, do whatever you can!!!!

Get your MPs to keep fighting for the Commission's Recommendations to be implemented

Anonymous said...

Another episode of `ba ba black sheep..have you any wool ??

Public or OSA or whatever, the whole issue has been denting our international image.

Locally, we should always read between the lines. See whether there are `crabs' around anywhere..

I had enough..what about you??

Ramli Mohd Yunus
Alor Star.

Unknown said...

Can you now trust the AG chambers?

Anonymous said...

DEar Nobisha,
Nobody on earth is above the law.
Just as everyone will meet God.
From year old baby who dies early to 100 year old man who just died.All are accountable for their actions.
Anyway this is firstly an investigation into the allegations mentioned.

Anonymous said...

Berhubung komen saudara yang berbunyi berikut:

"Selepas 22 tahun beliau menjadi Perdana Menteri dan menyumbang untuk negara, adakah itu caranya kita melayani Tun Dr Mahathir?"

Saudara, sumbangan Dr. Mahathir adalah dihargai oleh rakyat Malaysia jelata. Namun, kalau mana-mana insan pun melakukan kemungkaran atau kesilapan, termasuk Dr. Mahathir, maka dia harus disiasat dan dihukum. Oleh kerana dia bekas perdana menteri tidak bermaksud beliau bebas dari rangkuman undang-undang. Dia manusia biasa juga dan harus disiasat dan dihukum sekiranya didapati bersalah.

Soalnya begini: mana lebih murni dan tinggi --> undang-undang dan keadilan, atau personaliti seorang manusia?

. said...

Maaf sekiranya komen pertama saya dalam blog ini agak ringkas dan mungkin tidak menepati maksud sebenar. Izinkan saya menjelaskan beberapa perkara.

1. Saya setuju bahawa undang-undang tidak memilih bulu, hatta TDM sekali pun. Saya setuju, no one is above the law.

2. Ramai bloggers bercakap dari perspektif undang2 dan politik. Dalam beberapa tulisan, saya suka melihat dari perspektif pengurusan negara.

3. Saya fikir sukar untuk seseorang menjalankan tugasnya sebagai PM sekiranya keputusannya itu dicurigai. Kita harus berperasangka baik dalam hal ini kerana kita memilih beliau (melalui sistem politik yang diamalkan) untuk menjadi PM.

4. Sebagai PM, dia harus mendengar pendapat semua orang sebelum mengemukakan cadangan nama Ketua Hakim kepada YDP Agong. Soal lobi melobi untuk apa2 jawatan sekali pun, adalah perkara biasa. Adakah ada yang melobi dengan cara yang tak betul dan salah undang2? Itu saya tak pasti, siasatlah mereka. Kalau salah, ambil tindakan. Sebagai PM, dia harus mendengar pendapat sesiapa sahaja rakyat Malaysia yang ingin memberikan pendapat.

5. Kebimbangan saya ialah sekiranya PM disekat mendengar pendapat orang sebelum membuat keputusan, maka susah untuk PM uruskan negara. Sebab itu saya katakan usah diseret TDM selepas 22 tahun dia menjadi PM. Kita tak mahu keputusan2 yang beliau buat bagi menjalankan tugas sebagai PM dicurigai.

6. Sekiranya rakyat curiga, PM SEKARANG dan AKAN DATANG akan takut dan sukar membuat keputusan yang terbaik untuk negara. Saya percaya ini tidak baik untuk negara kita.

Itulah sedikit penjelasan saya dalam soal ini. Niat saya hanyalah satu iaitu memberikan ruang kepada PM SEKARANG dan AKAN datang untuk bebas membuat keputusan yang menguntungkan rakyat.

zaitgha said...

i am just thinking about this scenario Nuraina...

i paid you a visit in your office, sat across you at your desk and while we chatted your phone rang...i got bored and fiddled with my sophisticated handphone and made a video of your phone conversation....and one day were on the headlines...

i think some people just gotten very sick in their heads....

and nobisha, i fully agree with you. I dont know TDM personally but I think TDM would had tawakal his fate to Allah completely...

Anonymous said...

The damage has already been done. It has travelled all over the EARTH, truths or lies has been recorded.

What now, is it another one of those episode of situation where you need to `read between the lines'. Or simply an acts of `rehabilatation of bad deed' or merely an acts of `artificial' reform!!

Lets not be too presumtious about it, it will not go anywhere, it is all in the name of the game!!

Lingam has made his million, so is Vincent. Fairuz has made his stature, so is Tengku Nan and Dr Mahathir. What now??

Ramli Mohd Yunus
Alor Star.

Anonymous said...

Since when we are ruled by Zaid and the Bar Council?

mCrossings said...

After five years the old man left the the fort, is this the only issue to bring him to court. Those whom opposed and condemn him like he has done a million wrong doings will keep on condemning.

Where are these allegations.

If there is so much truth, and real justice to be upheld, he would have been in jail by now.

he is human after all. If anyone can please each and every one of 20 million malaysian, then that guy is a master magician - but still no good in the end, coz its just a trick.

But somebody claims he can please all malaysian. Let's hope its not some rabbit out of the hat.

Malaysian is becoming a tough bunch of mortals to please.

Letting the time pass me by said...

I am sad that some people want to repay the ex-PM with these kind of allegations... and what more concern me is that these is all alegation... And it is sad also that public has already pass the judgement even before the case is taken to court...

He is being elected in a democratic system and in his 22 years, he has winning democratically within the system. During his 22 years he always get the 2/3 mandate... Why question his judgement on things that within his perrogative?

He did not lose the election when he step down, but retire gracefully and allowing other people to take his place...

It is not imposible to loose some states in an election, TDM also have been hit by some bad result in 1999...

I also do not agree with many of his decision or policy during his 22 years, but overall, I think he deserve a respected retirement...

If we really wanted to see the true justice, that we have to be impartial, fair and sincere in our views towards TDM... How can we said that we want justice when we already accuse him of wrong doings even before he goes to trial...

Anonymous said...

Dear Kak Ana.

Allah itu maha adil.Now Mahathir turn to face the music.Kesian dia.Malu malu malu .

The Phoenix Foundation said...

Very Frankly & from very personal experience, if the Commissions recommendations are ever to be implemented to the fullest extent of the Law, with no coverups!I will personally stand at the Temple & break 1000 cocunuts & donate the fruits to the needy!
I will further light 1000 candles in my mother's church & donate the monies to the needy!
That's how sure I am that the matter will be "closed"

Unknown said...

Responding to Nobisha - everybody should be responsible for their action. In this case it is Mahathir so be it. However i think this is a selective action taken by government

Bung Karno said...

These boxing matches go like this :

1. S'jaya Penyiasatan D'raja (SPD)
ditangan AAB :
AAB,Zaid &Co. bersorak,
PKR & anti-Tun M bloggerrs
penyokong Tun M risau.

2. SPD diumum pada rakyat :
PKR & anti-Tun M bloggers
AAB, Zaid & co senyum, senyum,
penyokong Tun M tension

3. Tun M jawab :
Penyokong bersorak,
AAB, Zaid & co masam muka
PKR & anti Tun M bloggers
bengang tapi hentam jugak &
tengah korek cerita-cerita lain.

4. Rakyat :
Kena bayar nak beli laporan
Kena tunggu court case jugak
Nak dengar cerita lain.

Posted by Bung Karno