Friday, May 09, 2008

RPK Claims Sirul And Azilah Threatened Him In Prison..

When Raja Petra Kamaruddin was taken to Sungai Buloh on Tuesday after he refused to post the RM5,000 bail, we all jokingly said that he might just bump into Abdul Razak Baginda who is accused of abetting two policemen in the murder of Mongolian Altantuya Shaaribuu. The other two are Chief Insp Azilah Hadri and Cpl Sirul Azhar Umar.

"He'll probably try to get a story out of Razak," a blogger friend said.

Seriously, though. What were the chances of RPK bumping into any of the three? Sungai Buloh Prison is not exactly your neighbourhood shopping mall.

No, RPK did not bump into Razak. But, surprise, surprise, he had an encounter with Azilah and Sirul who shouted threats at him.

Here's RPK's story (Sun online):

Raja Petra said: “They (prison authorities) received reports that when I entered prison, Azilah and Sirul shouted at me and threatened that something is going to happen to me inside there.”

He said the prison authorities were worried and detailed two police Special Action Unit (UTK) officers to "look after me".

Asked if he met Sirul and Azilah, Raja Petra said: “Ya! We were in the same block, the police block, which had about 18 policemen there all awaiting trial.”

“So anyhow, they saw me and they shouted at me and the prison guards were very worried, and they even shouted at the prison guard."

He claimed the prison guards told him: “So please, get out la, kita tak boleh tidur la (we won’t be able to sleep) because we have to watch out for you.”

Raja Petra added: “The prison authorities spoke to me and asked to allow my wife to bail me out because they say they cannot guarantee my safety in prison.”

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Anonymous said...

RPK is a pussy.
nuff said

Anonymous said...

We cant get enough, do we? What is next? A candle light dinner with Razak Baginda inside the cell?? Come on!!

Anonymous said...

First he refused to post bail so I presumed he was prepared to stay in prison until Oct. I gathered that what changed his mind was when the guards told him that they couldnt guarantee his safety.

Then there’s the ‘hunger strike’., apparenly because he did not want to makan ‘duit rakyat’. Bless his noble mind. But pray tell me, how did he expect to stay there until October without eating anything? Or did he know that he would be there only for a few days, despite refusing to post bail?
One more thing, I read earlier that the reason he did not post bail earlier was because he knew he was innocent and thus saw no point to part with his money. But the reasoning changed when it comes to other people’s money?
I know my comment will incur the wrath of RPK’s supporters. But hey, this is my opinion. Freedom of expression remember?

mn said...

A.kum Kak Aina,

1. Ya situ pulak dah?

2. Agaknya ia akan berakhir sebuah drama atau filem?

3. Jika 'filem' tentunya tak boleh mengatasi my favourite movies "The Day After Tomorrow". Ulang tayang filem ini sedang ditayangkan di Myanmar..'Nargis'?

Anonymous said...

What a joke that the prisons can't guarantee RPK stay in prison. You mean to say that the inmates call the shots.............My ghosh what is happening????????

Anonymous said...

Don't forget, these 2 are mercenaries. One of them boasted having killed before. And all the bone fragments they found in the jungle belonging to at least 6 other victims.

Anonymous said...

What type of law enforcer we have here in this country, police personnel like Sirul and Azilah.
Threatening people in Prison itself. Can you imagine these two `rascals' behaving outside in public. Or are we again, having these so called `black sheeps' in the force as often claimed by the Police and the Government. Are we having problem with the `sheeps' or the `sherpeards'.

We are having `problems' with the Police force. Indisciplined personnel behaving like `thugs' and gangsters. Do we still have `remains' of Rahim Noor's legacy in the Force. Where do they get themselves trained before the join the force.

To me it is serious, very serious, please forget about the `black sheep' sindrome. It is the `human beings' themselves. They don`t qualify to be law enforcers, they should work for any casino in Macau or work for the US `contractor' in Iraq. Budak dua ekor Sirul dan Azilah ni, Islam ke?
The Police Force under the leadership of Dato Musa Hassan (not Rahim Noor of course!!) should be more professional, highly disciplined and `more civilised'.

My God!! in prison they are shouting at inmates and guards, God knows what they were doing outside. That is, if they believe in God!!


Anonymous said...

Poor little Altantuya. When she fell in love, the naive little girl must have imagined it all to be so glamorous, jet-setting, all the shopping sprees. Imagine her last moments in the hands of these two monsters. May God save her crying soul.
For the adulterer, thought so easy to 'take care of problems' - after all, know so many VVIPs. But who is James Bond? Licensed to kill?

Bung Karno said...

Gua sokong lu, Ali.

He thought Sg Buloh is Hard Rock Cafe. But it must be hard life cafe.

Somehow these people want the prison record to get the label that you are macho, fighter, defender of the oppressed, hardcore, but...

Anonymous said...

Negeri kita ada undang undang, ..dalam hutan pun ada undang undang… law of jungle.. At least respect the court as that the case is in session. Lets us wait for the verdict first before make any comments. . And if you think you have new evidents that can help the court in delivering justice why not pass it to the public prosecutor.

Nak memerintah macam mana .Most of these suppressive laws were formulated and enacted after May 13 and it was meant good to maintain stability and peace to the country. We are different . Sdr Anwar was with the authority once ; a Minister and later DPM, did he make an honest attempt to his influences on his government to repeal the laws? He did not do it because he was almost near to the “throne” so he thought these laws would be useful tools for him in governing the country! He want to be “ saya mahu memerintah seribu tahun lagi!”.

Anonymous said...

dear kak ina,
reading these commentators' postings here made me wonder where you really stand on the whole RPK issue. i mean, whether you really believe that the man was in the right or in the wrong. to me, so far, you have been rather vague on that point. you are letting all sorts of allegations by these posters go without your own comment on them. Knowing you as a responsible blogger and a person whom i used to trust to clear my political stories, i hate to conclude that this means that you are tolerating some of the posters views, such that the prison authorities were utterly useless (as alleged by RPK and believed by these posters) and those two cops are guilty before even judged by the court. do correct me if i am wrong. thanks.

Anonymous said...

Hye, askum ...Nice to see you last nite (Blog RTM)... Good jobs.. N have a nice day.... ada masa lawati. salam perjuangan dr cucumatkilau

Anonymous said...

RPK...RPK ... Raja Pelakon Khayalan!!

Mula2 sengaja tak nak keluar duit, maka tak nak bayar wang jaminan!!

Beri arahan tak nak jumpa anak bini. Datang isteri bawa duit jaminan, tak nak jumpa!!

Tak nak makan duit rakyat. Maka nak mogok lapar dalam penjara!!

Lepas tu tak tahan dan selesa di Sungai Buloh kerana tak dapat buat blog. Buat cerita kena ugut oleh geng Razak yang dua orang tu!!

Kita hanya penonton yang menyaksikan drama sensasi RPK!! Kita tunggu episod seterusnya. Sesungguhnya pandai RPK berlakon dan rasa2nya boleh menang aktor lelaki terbaik dalam mana2 anugerah anjuran bloggers penyokongnya!!!

Hmmmmm - RPK...RPK ... Raja Pelakon Khayalan!!

Anonymous said...

kalau ada juga yang percaya cerita karut ni , tak taulah nak cakap apa.

Unknown said...

Sokong Ali. Every body is tickled eh?