Saturday, May 24, 2008

What Will Umno Do To Mukhriz?

So we know that Mukhriz Mahathir is staying on in Umno to fight the good fight. And we also know that he's told Abdullah Ahmad Badawi to immediately step down as PM, Umno president and BN chairman.

You think he is kurang ajar and out of line?

Or you think that he was left with little choice but to be blunt because that's the sentiment on the ground?

What does Umno think? Will the party take disciplinary action against Dr Mahathir's son?

You know what I think?

I think that Mukhriz will set the stage and the pace for what's to come.

And...oh. I can hear the sharpening of knives already.


mn said...

A.kum Kak Aina,

1. Saya dah malas nak komen2 pasal orang UMNO ni.

2. Mereka semua samer jer 2x5.

3. Baik tengok gambar Cikgu Syafie dan Linda Jasmine lagi bagus. Orang tengok peserta AF6 tapi saya tengok tenaga pengajar AF6.

Anonymous said...

memang kurang ajar pun..
kalau mukhriz jadi pm... lingkuplah malaysia. orang macamnya tak ada maruah.

Anonymous said...

Salam Kak Aina,

Apa Pemuda UMNO nak buat pada Mukhriz perlu didahului dengan TINDAKAN SEGERA YANG PERLU diorang fikir semasak-masaknya tentang tindakan ke atas diri diorang kerana biarkan kelemahan dan ke"rotten"nan bangsa Melayu berpanjangan semata-mata kerana mahu menjulang kepimpinan yang telah menge"fail"kan harapan Melayu.

Apa kita tak cukup pemimpin pelapis berbakatkah! Kita tak tau mentadbirkah!
Kita takut bersuara kerana nak jaga periuk belangakah! Kita suka hidup beginikah! Kita nak hak bangsa Melayu dicabar lagikah! Ini bukan lagi soalan tapi seruan.

Jadi jika ikut akal fikiran yang bijak dan waras, patutkah kita hukum Mukhriz dahulu atau hukum diri sendiri dahulu?


Anonymous said...

Dr M can't be wrong, Pak Lah should step down, Malaysia is not for his Family alone. Malaysia is for Malaysians, Pak Lah has been the master of Cs; Corridors, Cronisim, Coruption, Civil Disorders, Civicly Weak....
ISA Kertih boy

Donplaypuks® said...

Who cares?

Firaun, Muk, Rip Van Winkle, Kerismudin, Rosemajib, 4th Floor, Wigs Samy and Toyota have succeeded in starting the soon to be concluded disintegration of UMNO & BN.

Who would have thought they would be handing it on a platter to DSAiI

Anonymous said...

It is a disappointment that Mukriz did not follow his father's advice to leave UMNO. If he had done that, possibly TDM's plan would have worked but because he did not follow his own father's advice, how could anyone follow his father's advice?

Anonymous said...

UMNO bukannya milik peribadi sesorang pemimpin..ianya adalah milik setiap ahli yang sayang dan masih percaya akan perjuangan org melayu secara amnya..nenek moyang kita telah memperjuangkan UMNO dengan nilai integriti yg tinggi..kita sebagai pelapis bukan hanya perlu meneruskan perjuangan ini ttp memastikan perjuangan tersebut tidak tersasar dari paksinya..

Anonymous said...

Mukris is not as strong as his father..he cannot stand the onslaught from PM's men..even without the PM doing anything.

In the end it will be a moral victory for AAB over the Tun.

Mukris won't last.

Anonymous said...

The public has given too much undeserved attention to what mahathir says and does. This plays directly to his inflated sense self-importance.

mahathir’s resignation from UMNO is no national earth-shaterring event, and it has not caused any uncertainty in the nation, as some would like us to believe.

It may be an emotionally bruising experience for mahathir but knowing him, he may yet come out with more brazen action. The public must do its part, it should make it known to him, in no uncertain terms, that his tantrums and ravings are not convincing anyone of his infallibility and the righteouness of his views!

Tunku AA has done well to remind the public of mahathir’s long history of launching vicious personal attacks against those whom he wanted to get rid off. It has repeatedly been shown by his own acts, that he is not shy to go down to the level of bending and twisitng facts to serve his narrow self-interests and purposes.

mahatir, by inciting racial fears, shows he is not only prepared to divide and destroy UMNO, but that he is also prepared to divide and destroy the nation. This is how selfish and irrational he has become!.

Judging by the actions he has taken, it clearly shows humbleness, inordinate charms and dignity are his not personal qualities. He harbours a sense of indispensability, he also harbours the notion that he is infallible. That’s how arrogant he is!

Navi said...

What Mukriz is doing is getting cheap publicity. In the end, I can't see him being President of the youth faction, UMNO. His approach is all wrong and he is actually making more enemies than friends. He would be better off joining his dad.