Thursday, May 01, 2008

Celebrating Workers!

Today we celebrate the International Workers’ day or May Day.

"This day was chosen more than 100 years ago to commemorate the struggles and gains of workers and the labour movement.

Most notable reasons to celebrate are the 8-hour day, Saturday as part of the weekend, improved working conditions and child labor laws. But these gains were not attained without the solidarity of workers

So, we are not forgetting our brothers and sisters -- in Malaysia and the rest of the world -- who are working under poor conditions and are being exploited, oppressed and suppressed.

Viva solidaridad!


Deo said...

Do you know that there are 37 Nepalese, who are working as security guard in various places, live in one 3-bedroom apartment where I live? It's actually half of the number at one time as they work in morning and night shift.

I just dont understand how could the 'boss', whoever he is, treat them like this when these nepalese friends are expected to perform as expected at the same time they were deprived with the basic needs.

Anonymous said...

Happy Holidays!

BaitiBadarudin said...

Well, workers' solidarity and trade unionism seem such archaic words since the triumph of global capitalism.