Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Najib: It's Not Politically Motivated..

and it's not a clampdown on bloggers, said the Deputy Prime Minister.

"He reminded bloggers and Internet users that there were laws pertaining to sedition, defamation and libel.

"Just because you operate in cyberspace does not mean that you are absolved from having to comply with the nation’s laws," he said in Mersing today, when asked to comment on the recent case involving Raja Petra Raja Kamarudin.

Asked about the timing of the arrest, which made the Government look unpopular, he said: "I do not think so. We have to draw the line between what is right and wrong".

Najib said that in any case, it was up to the Attorney-General to see if there was a case.

"This is not politically-motivated," he said Wednesday after accompanying Brunei's Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah during a one-day working visit to the military's special forces base here."

(Source: The Star)

I'm not sure whether there are more people out there who are angry, or more who think that the government did the right thing by slapping the Sedition Act on Raja Petra Kamaruddin and author Syed Akbar Ali.

But I don't think I'm wrong to say that there are very many angry Malaysians out there.


Starmandala said...

"We have to draw the line between what is right and wrong."

Precisely, Najib. The nation looks up to you as Guardian of Morality ever since you warned all Cabinet Ministers that they have to be more circumspect, after news broke on the Chua Soi Lek webcam scandal.

Amusing as you are, I just can't bring myself to turn my back on you. I wonder why! Come to think of it, I have never trusted you - not since the day you decided to step into your father's shoes as a career politician.

Perhaps I've been prejudiced, after reading an account of Pahang politics in the 19th century by Hugh Clifford. It struck me then that nothing has changed except the tailoring.

toyolbuster said...

My dear sister Nuraina,
Angry is a terrible understatement. I have so many adjectives that I can just blurt out in reflex, but you being such a gentle lady, I have to refrain from using those colorful words. I mean, how else can we describe such species of vermins and scumbags. Can we honestly accept such a character to be the PM of our motherland. Yes I do agree with someone here that Pigs can be cute too.

Anonymous said...

Isn't it great to watch grown men lie without bating an eye lid?

Taurus Sitara said...

Assalamualaikum Nuraina,
Obviously there are many angry Malaysians about RPK's arrest and Syed too.But maybe the High Court Judge should have activated (tru proper legal channel, I mean)"contempt of Court" proceedings against RPK and Syed.That is correct bcoz once Court starts you should not make comments that are related to the on-going case.But again the TPM Datuk Seri Najib (or IGP Musa) can explain why need 7 police 'ocifers' to arrest RPK?Iz it true?coz dez a waste of manpower-we do have missing kids and misguided youths( roaming our streets on Rempit bikes )and many criminals are taking Malaysia as "heaven eleven".But I do acknowledge that our IGP has made tremendous improvements to our Police Force,especially setting up "neighbourhood" police stations.But that RPK's article appeared on 25April and court action on 5May?Around 11days for Gov't to react.Maybe debating whether AG take action against RPK for Contempt of Court or Gov't feels iz a Sedition Act?My personal opinion abt RPK's article?-SHOULD NOT HAVE BEEN WRITTEN.If RPK feels and recently did say he has proofs then he should have filed a police report against TPM Datuk Najib,right?But he did not and people may take to the streets to ask Najib to step down,right?That is writing irresponsibly so as to cause chaos in our almost politically-unstable country,right?I must say that I fully agree with TPM Datuk Seri Najib that the action against RPK is not politically motivated but perhaps it is RPK who is politically motivated when he pen that article.Wassalam.

Anonymous said...

Hello Nuraina,

I don't have any problem about RPK getting charged. It's just he shouldn't be charged under Sedition Act. But personally i think he should be charged not to shut him up but to show that in this country we do have laws and if you crossed that line, be prepared to face the music. You can say anything to anyone but there are areas that you do have to be careful with as other people also have rights.

Anyway,he is a big man who always challenge the government to charge him. He got his wish. Besides, its a political advantage for him to be charged as you can see he wants it. And the way he writes the article was insinuating. If you have evidence show it and if you dont then a bit of responsiblle writing would do. So face the music bro. Don't pass the buck to someone else like the rakyat for that RM 5K bail money. And dont say its about mobilising support cause in order for you to get support you have to prove what you wrote was right And you haven't done that. You think all the people in this country will support you just because you insinuate something thats not even proven?

As for Syed i dont know what was the reason he was charged. Was it because of the books he wrote? I don't think its that bad. He was just merely expressing his opinions and analysis which were factual and spot on (most of the time).Besides a rebuttal of the points he raised would do just fine rather than slapping him with Sedition.

Thats all,

Penanak Nasik

Oleh admin Bebas Malaysia said...

"Its all about Sadness, they rape ours freedom.."

Anonymous said...

i was born yesterday and i believe every single word najib (whoever he/she is) says. if he/she said "its not politically motivated", i believe him/her. being 1 day old, i have to believe him/her as he/she, his/her fathers/mothers and forefathers/mothers have done so much to the country that i am eternally indebted to them no matter what they do i have to bow and never be "kacang lupakan kulit".

however, since i am now 1 day old, i am also incline to believe raja petra. maybe, just maybe, there is some truth in whatever he mumbles. so much so that the gomen had to take actions. but since i am 1 day old, why sedition act?

tomorrow i would be 2 days old. i will then question why sultans are head of islam in their respective states if fine dining and FINE WINE is part of their culture? being 2 days old tomorrow, i was told that alcohol (whether beer, wine or whatever intoxicates) is forbidden in ISLAM. if that is so, wouldn't the head of Islam be subjected to similar ISLAMIC LAWS? or is there an exception to the rule i.e. such laws apply only to the subjects? please educate me!