Friday, May 02, 2008

Che Det, The Blogger

Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad has finally started his own blog -- H E R E (

Welcome to blogosphere, Sir!

Good for you, Tun. We're glad that you have finally started your own blog.

Rocky and I were probably among the first few who asked him to blog. In fact, we could well have been the first to plant the idea in his head.

At a luncheon gathering at the Mandarin Oriental Kuala Lumpur, held in his honour in 2006, Dr Mahathir was articulating several issues and lamented that "people should know about these things". Seated near him were two former group editors of mainstream media and several former and serving civil servants, and corporate leaders.

Dr Mahathir had asked how could he get these issues across to people.

I remember saying, from across the table: "Blog, Tun. You should blog about about these issues."

He grinned and feigned surprise: "Blog? "

"Yes, you should," chipped in Rocky.

Dr Mahathir said he didn't think he would have the time to blog.

I don't know whether he ever thought about blogging after that. Probably not.

But well, Tun. Looks like you must have thought about it lately, and have found the time to blog now.

Dr Mahathir's first posting is "The Appointment Of Judges". And at my last count, he had 382 comments.

Keep them coming, Tun!


Anonymous said...

Very interesting, during his 22 years of ceating Bolehland people like me or you could not dream of getting close to him and now he is blogging so everyone can reach him now.

Tun should not blog because the internate is created by the West and Tun believes the West is eyeing to recolonise Malays. Can I accuse him of selling his sole to the West since he didn't gave credit to the West for creating the internet?

fs said...

When you can't beat them ... join them! His next problem could be ... addiction. Hey, the PM may have to similarly set up shop to rebut. Should make some entertaining cyber-battles of the titans!

Major D Swami (Retired) said...

I have a feeling he will go the way of Ali Rustam, removing his comments section. He will, the Old Goat, when I am through with him. I am being mild here.

Anonymous said...

TDM was the one who brings in the internet and he was the one who insist on 'no censorship' in the net.

Anonymous said...

Its good to hear that TDM is blogging. Anyone not satisfied with TDM's opinions may now confront him online. Forward your opinions brilliantly and have patience to wait for his reply. And remember instead of lashing out your anger with crude words; use your emotional intelligence to show that you are in the class to debate with this statesman. Otherwise, forget about posting any opinions.

Tunku in exile, if you really love the nation, be at home and champion your ideas like what our opposition colleagues did recently.

I disagree with you on his right to use the internet. Why should we give credit to the West for creating the internet when they have made tonnes of money out of it? Did the West give credit to the Muslim world for pioneering modern medicine, and many other technologies we enjoy today? TDM is an intelligent person, so be careful when your debate subject matters with him.


White Eagle said...

By all means, go ahead as much and as long as you could and would. Of course you will attract some unpleasant comments but hey what the heck! You have given plenty to others before. My only concern is TDM may think he needs to get his views across to the people but most people would think that they already knew that and then, the punch line...who was the main contributor to the present state of our beloved contry? For 22 years at the helm with all available resources, is this the best he could do and now becoming a whinging recalcitrant?

PRAY,IT WORKS. joe's blog said...

Yes, mahathir, a weak govt. is no good. YOURS was so strong it could do no wrong. Pl. read the blogs on the Altantuyu case and RPK. HOW malaysia has gone the drain when you played with the scales of JUSTICE. The courts of malaysian justice is in a mess. You messed with the lives of the rakyat. I DAMN YOU. Be not afraid you will live long, I assure you.

Anonymous said...

I truly admire TDM for his singlemindedness. No matter what people say about him nobody can deny the fact that he has contributed a lot to Malaysia. I guess we can only miss him when he is gone.

Anonymous said...

OH yeah,what`s up,Nuraina?