Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Mukhriz Stays....

...but strongly urges Abdullah Ahmad Badawi to step down immediately as Prime Minister, Umno president and Barisan Nasional chairman.

Mukhriz, who said that while he understood and agreed that this father's action was because he cares for the party, he believed that he (Mukhriz) should remain in Umno and as Jerlun MP.

"I remain loyal to the party and will be the loud voice in criticising the weaknesses of the leadership," he told the Press conference at the Pan Pacific in Kuala Lumpur this evening.

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Anonymous said...

yawn.... so predictable that he would stay in umno, father goes out, son inside, no big loss. mukhriz hopes to be PM like his dad, but mukhriz just knows how to bersandiwara.

Apanama said...

Keep it burning Dtk Mukhriz! Let's see for how much longer Abdullah Ahmad Badawi could run from reality.

Kerajaan Rakyat said...

Sedarlah wahai pemimpin UMNO, kamu semua sebenarnya telah menderhaka bukan hanya kepada Raja-Raja Melayu tetapi kamu juga telah menderhaka kepada Orang Melayu keseluruhannya dan rakyat Malaysia kesemuanya.

Dan kamu juga telah …… baca seterusnya di:


Fadhil said...

Salam Puan Nuraina,

I think Mukhriz did the right thing in remaining as UMNO member and MP. The approach to effect change from within is the proper way to do it.

Perhaps he will now go all out to win the Youth head post and become the vocal critic that he has pledged to be. Having said that however, I don't think he's going to make it though. Too many UMNO members are too self-centred to give him the support that he needs.

Anonymous said...


Only in UMNO, Son deserted Father (and Mother) because of Money & Power. Greed has control over his mind, body and soul.

Abandon his Parent as easy as A-B-C shows that he could also ignore the plight of Rakyats as and when he take power in near future (if that to happen).

Such character is of course, expected from UMNO regime.

Anonymous said...


What has he done to garner such PR?
nothing and unproven. the glimpses of him so far pathetic.

All these boil down to the greed for power


what tun M did is nothing more than to secure the “political future” for his son


the only way is via the useless dpm.

thats the reason why he is making so much noise.

Really it is that simple.


Pride of unmo :
Get rich by screwing the public and country good
Get richer by screwing the public and country harder
Then pass the formula to progenies …

This is exactly what he is doing now.

Donplaypuks® said...

What more can we say?

Whoa, it's that old Greece vs Troy 2-pronged attack trick; 1 from within, and 1 from without.

Er, but the one from within is supposed to be a big secret!

Back to the drawing board.

Anonymous said...

The ghost of UMNO founder Datuk Onn Jaafar is haunting the party.
It will always be riddled with leadership problems. The party, we all know, based on Datuk Onn's ideas idea was to be a multi racial party. However, leaders then
hijacked his setup to turn it into
exactly what he did not want - a party promoting communal politics.
So the curse, May 13, leadership crisis, and the rest that unfolds
day after day. It is not nice hijacking people's ideas and used it against them.

Bung Karno said...


There will be NO resignation of top UMNO leaders and potential
delegates to the December polls for two reasons :

1. As usual, EVERYBODY will declare they are behind Paklah. But he cannot see what is behind him !!!

2. They must topple him as members
so they have to stay on. (Delegates are hunted species during the polls)

But there will be some resignation at grass roots and branch level, inactivity and continued resentment of Paklah, the lame President. If there is a by-election, UMNO will lose b'cos of this.

Mukriz is staying on to carry his own fight. Let him.

Anonymous said...

hsh, what has raja petra to do with this subject on mukhriz? meyampah saja!!

Anonymous said...

HSH EmperorX said...
Someone tipped me off that ..

Raja Petra Kamarudin is a Commoner ..

Q1: How come Raja Kamarudin has TWO GRANDFATHERS ie. Raja Uda and Sultan Musa?


Why not? Haven't you heard of paternal grandfather and maternal grandfather???

Anyway Mukhriz is a total let down. Why desert your father when he needs your support most at this moment???

zaitgha said...

to me Mukhriz is his own man...but i know someone would run to 'celah ketiak' FIL if Pak Lah ever decided to step down....

we can only wait and see whats next...

Anonymous said...

so what if raja petra is a commoner?? what has that got to do with this? no big deal being a commoner or a royalty after all we are going to die anyway

raspintar said...


Ramai akan mula berhijrah keluar dari gerigi besi penjara parti politik, semua mahu bebas dan lepas supaya boleh bersama-sama bergotong royong membangunkan negara mengikut pesanan Ibu Pertiwi.

Sudah 50 tahun bercakaran dari gerigi besi penjara parti politik, nafsu masing-masing bersahabat tetapi diri zahir bermusuhan.

Benarlah kata orang-orang tua dahulu (selepas era Jepun)semasa membezakan 3 bangsa utama di Malaysia ini,


Anonymous said...

Masaalah yg di hadapai oleh Umno semenjak 2 atau 3 bulan ini semakin hampir kepada kehancuran dan akan menamatkan riwayat BN Umno memerintah di negara ini.

Mengapakah terjadi begini?

Retak tunggu belah
Kepincangan ini telah bermula semenjak 1988 di mana Tun Salleh Abas telah di lucutkan jawatan nya sebagai Hakim Negara.

Pemimpin2 Umno telah membelakangkan ajaran2 Islam, memutar belitkan ajaran Islam kepada rakyat semata2 untok kepentingan peribadi, kuasa dan juga kemewahan.

Hingga sekarang, mereka masih belum sedar akan kkesilapan2 yg besar yg mereka telah lakukan.

Orang yg terlalu "angkuh" tidak akan nampak kesalahan mereka malah mereka menafikan kesalahan itu demi untok kuasa, jawatan, kemewahan dan kemegahan.

Mereka bukan sahja menderhaka terhadap ajaran dan nilai2 Islam yang tinggi lagi 'adil, malah mereka telah memusnahkan harapan rakyat yg telah di amanahkan kepada mereka untok memerintah dengan 'adil dan kesejahteraan.

Ini lah "bala" yang telah menimpa mereka dengan sebab sifat keangkuhan pemimpin2 yang zalim.

Negara ini tidak akan aman selagi pemimpin2 Umno tidak balik kepangkal jalan dengan mengamalkan dan menghayati ajaran Islam (Islam Way Of Life) dalam kehidupan harian mereka.

anaklangkawi said...

its good that Mukriz does not follow his fathers footstep.

there will be pressure from within & outside for him to step down.. anyway to think about I wonder if paklah will get the number of nomination this coming UMNO election..

for those who hate UMNO so much think about it.. dont hate the party hate the ppl who represent the party.. (some of it lah)..

i give u example.. do you hate Pakatan Rakyat or DAP for LIm kit siang or Karpal remarks.. why for this case u gave an excuse...

Mukriz will stay & fight for good of the UMNO

malayamuda said...

Dr Mahathir said as a doctor if there is a part of the body which is gangrenous which could cause the whole body to become diseased, he would amputate that part of the body.

We also know , from the little baby who lost her foream in Klang GH sometime ago ,that if a gangrenous part is left alone to rot it would automatically fall off after some time which is known as auto-amputation.

Dr Mahathir has realised that he is gangrenous to UMNO and has decided to auto amputate himself.

Thank You Doc !!

Anonymous said...

Cant you all see that this is an anak beranak strategy smartly executed from Mahathir? Of course Mahathir still wants Mukhriz to be in, now he has people IN umno which is Mukhriz and Tun M can be the person outside umno giving pressure for pak lah to move out. Beware Mahathir's deceiving ways!

Read this: http://anilnetto.com/2008/05/21/mahathirs-multi-prong-strategy-to-unseat-abdullah/

Anonymous said...

Nuraina,I'm just curious.are you a fan of Mukhriz or his father?even by a small measure?

Anonymous said...

" paklah, please lah step down, my father is already 83, pity him lah ...let him come back to umno lah ...where else can he go , pas? dap? ppp? dr.sorechai's ? ....PLEASE lah, paklah !! "