Friday, May 02, 2008

Rosmah: Don't Believe Stories About Me...

We all must have heard those "horror" stories about Rosmah Mansor, wife of our DPM. Some of us believe these tales. Some of us don't.

For the most part, these stories are unverified.

Last night, Rosmah responded to those "internet stories".

"They are slanderous allegations and are not true."

Here's from Malaysiakini:

Those who need clarifications should ask her directly, she said.

“Whatever you read on the Internet, don’t telan bulat-bulat (take it as it is),” the Star quoted her as saying today.

"I guarantee that all the stories on the Internet about me are not true,” she said in her speech at a charity event in Kuala Lumpur last night.

Rosmah was responding to certain allegations about her published recently on the Internet and expressed disappointment that some resorted to deceit.

However, she did not detail the allegations against her.

“When I am patient and quiet, people resort to slander. I kept quiet previously thinking that people can decide for themselves but now even ridiculous stories are being believed.

Fitnah (Slander) is not a small sin that can be easily forgiven especially when it involves trying to bring disrepute to others,” she said.

“Don’t believe those who use deceit to get positions. They are willing to fool the community to get what they want. May Allah forgive them and may they return to the right path,” Rosmah added.


Old Fart said...

So tell me your story, Rosmah! Start from the time you left school!! I am sure Barbara Cartland would have loved to spin a story from there...Or would she not have wanted to touch your subject matter?

Anonymous said...

Dear Friends,

About Rosmah Mansor she had to response, explain and tell the truth. Yes, no doubt, there are lies all over the country, not only about you. Tell us which are are the truth, honestly and with proof, and stop whatever you are doing that created the so called lies about you. But remember there people out there who might know the real truth!!

The point is, you are the wife of the Deputy Prime Minister, the leader of this country, you have very little choice of saying what is right for you, be it your behaviour, your life style, your family etc etc.

The priveleges you have as the wife of the number 2 comes with a package. So are the other leaders and their spouses too. You have your personal life, yes, but you are subject to `public screening' too. You are there because of US. So we have every right to `see and know' what type of person are you, your likings, your lifestyle, your history etc etc, Thats includes in the `package' too. Nothing personal, it is just our little right.

Ramli Mohd Yunus
Alor Star, Kedah.

Anonymous said...

She got the message across, we have to not believe every single thing we read on the net. In her case, truth or not, only God knows.

Ambil yang baik, buang yang keruh, I hope people do not equate this to pak lah and the government (as i've seen in counttless blogs) because i dont see the direct link between rosmah and him or BN.

Anonymous said...

Like they say: "It comes with the territory."

You chose to be this man's wife remember? It's not as though you didnt know...that you had no choice You knew it.

I am sure you're aware of what it is like to be the wife of a polician, what more, that spouse of the No.2 man in the country. And as a rule poeple want to know what the wife of this man is like.

You are under the constant stare of the public, that is for sure.

There are alot of stories about you which unfortunately do not put you in a good light.

So tell us, which part of the stories arent true - that you are a terrible step mother, you are a queen-control, you cant stand competition and you're bossy?

AnakMelaka said...

I disagree that Rosmah has to tell her side of the story ... yet

If these rumours are true, it's up to the writers to prove it.

Rosmah, why don't you just take them to court?

GobloKing said...

et tu brutus!

As fitnah is a small sin, is there s a grading system to sins?

how about cheating. lying, killing, stealing - in which order of magnitude are those sins?

as a simpleton, I admit I am the 1st not not to get it how some spouses of VVIPs can justify owning a piece of jewellery which costs more than the annual salaries of most top govt servants!

Anonymous said...

only God knows what is the truth.

Anonymous said...

On day She went to Dubai to attend a sort of exhibitions. At the Dubai airport at Mas counter ,on homeward bound, she checked in her luggages which were in exess. The counter asked her to pay but she refused; insisting that being a TPM's wife she should not be charged. My friend was happened to be there witnessing the whole episode,He felt so horrified and ashamed of the whole thing.

Fadhil said...

There are good stories and of course, the not so good ones.

"I guarantee that all the stories on the Internet about me are not true,” she said. Well, Datin Seri Rosmah, can you just pick one and tell us why is it not true. There are so many...

You are the wife of the 2nd-ranked leader in the country. To have that much negative gossip being circulated about is not good. Not good for you, not food for your husband, and not good for the rakyat of Malaysia! Surely you've heard of the saying, `Where there's smoke, there's fire'.

You should look at the wives of our other leaders, namely the late Endon and Siti Hasmah. While their husbands go through various trials and criticisms, they remain dignified and relatively controversy-free.

Anonymous said...

Instead of harassing Raja Petra for the articles appeared, Rosmah should come forward to clear her name. Simply refuting an accusation or trying to silence someone will not make you innocent.
It is not that you do not know, Malaysians have seen enough of those including top judges lying through their teeth and eventually caught red handed.

Anonymous said...

Very simple, if the stories are not true,take legal action against whoever told the stories. Why can't she take legal action? Then let the truth come out in the courts to clear her name.

season in d sun said...

so....i'd like very much to know the real story from u about the Dubai incidence..dear ds rosmah...