Friday, May 23, 2008

Let's Not Involve The Agong, Please.....

Undoubtedly, Dr Mahathir Mohamad quitting Umno has drawn mixed responses. His detractors and critics have hit him real hard, saying that he's just seeking attention (the mildest), desperate, irresponsible and out to destroy the party.


His supporters think that that was the best course of action for him to take given that he has had enough of Abdullah Ahmad Badawi's incompetent and weak leadership of the party and country.

No matter how you want to look at the issue, Dr M's leaving Umno is an internal problem. Whether it is serious or catastrophic to the party, or whether it is a sandiwara or wayang kulit or whatever..the point is, this is an internal party problem.

What is needed is for Pak Lah to deal with it, the best way he knows how. Perhaps, this is the tricky part.

So, with all due respect to party veteran Aziz Tapa who suggested that the Yang di-Pertuan Agong intervened to bring peace between Dr M and Pak Lah, I'd like to say here that we ought to leave Sultan Mizan out of this.

Really. I'm pretty sure that Umno can deal with it...

By the way, Dr Mahathir who is in Tokyo for the Nikkei International Conference, thinks that Umno shouldn't bother His Majesty with this triviality.

Read it H E R E.

And oh, remember the "duri dalam daging" remark by former DPM Musa Hitam in response to Dr Mahathir's quit decision?

You didn't think that Dr M was going to take it lying down, didja? What are blogs for, huh, Che Det!

Wanna know Dr M's two cents worth? Read it H E R E.

(The English version in the Star H E R E)


wak segen said...

No lah lets not bother our Agong Sultan Mizan on this.
Why not just ask our famous Raja to intervene.
Which Raja? Of course Raja Petra la whoelse.....hehehe jangan mareh...

Daulat Tuanku!!

mn said...

A.kum Kak Aina,

1. U tak cari saya ker kemana daku pergi?hehehe

2. Why should Agong involves. Agong for Rakyat not for UMNO.

3. Samer jer dia orang tu:

a. Duri dalam daging
b. Musang dalam selimut
c. Menantu dalam ofis
d. Anak dalam litar lumba
e. Bila sampai waktunya semua mereka dalam 'kubur'.

Anonymous said...

i just don't get it,what is the big deal of him resigning.
he is like a spoilt brat who thinks he can get what he wants.
we have more important things to look at rather than this pathetic racist crap.

Unknown said...

Honestly and candidly, Dr M has had his days, and should be appropriately cut adrift by the party in light of his recent antics. Trivial? You bet it is. A similar scenario anywhere else would not have even batted an eyelid.

Agong to intercede in this little private 'scuffle'? There has to be a limit to idiocy, bearing in mind that all the players here are 'seasoned' politicians to a lesser or greater degree, and should have the capacity to defuse the standoff.

Yes, ultimately the party will decide the fate of the PM, and rightly or wrongly, the outcome must be accepted.

As a footnote, is there someone else who can be a superior replacement for the PM?

Anonymous said...

Under no circumtances whatsoever should the Agong be involved in the political squabbles between Mahathir and Pak Lah's UMNO.

The Tan Sri Aziz Tapa is living in anachronistic times. We are already living in a Parliamentary Democracry with a Consitutional Monarchy system.

Slim majority government will be the thing of the future and there may not even be any more 2/3 majority.

And that Two-Party system may soon come into being as coalitions and the demise of ethnic-racialist parties will be coming true.

Long live democracy " liberte egalite fraternite "

lady pot pet said...

...and to think that Dr.M was the one who appointed Pak Lah to take over his reign. Haih...what was he thinking then and what is he thinking now. They are both in dilemma, and guess who is grabbing the opportunity by the forelock....duhhhh...i assume we all know who!

malayamuda said...

with due respect to the Agung [ afraid i may be charged for sedition too ]

but Mahathir is 80 something, Pak Lah is 60 something and Agung is about 40 something..........

We say the old are wise !! Now dont you think these 2 old wise men can settle their problems without getting the younger Agung involved ?

Please dont get our Agong involved in petty childish politics. If ever he should get involved is in the passing of absurd laws, ISA detentions , cheating in elections and issues that affect the common man.

This fighting for toys between children should not require the intervention of the His Majesty.

Anonymous said...

Hi ,
absolutely right leave the kings and their merry men alone. Let the two individuals sort this one out by themselves. It normal to have differences of opinion but doesn't mean that the Malays are divided. The Malays have come of age and they are great people. Its the ruthless politicians who wants to see us divided.

Anonymous said...

mahathir has taken potshots at those UMNO members who came out to crititised him. Take a look at his remarks - they are remarks filled with revenge, no bite in them.

This is the true mahathir - sparing no one but himself.

This whole affair is a family matter of UMNo - the Agong does not get involve in divorces.

Donplaypuks® said...

It's astonishing that anyone should even contemplate that the Agong dirty his hands.

Firaun & Rip Van Winkle have already had 1 round.

It's obvious that Rip, having won the elections, albeit with a reduced majority, has no reason to resign. After all, were it not for him, there would be no apology to Salleh Abbas, the RCI etc. This is at least a start to putting things in order, after 30 years of mess created by Firaun.

The fact of the matter is Firaun's idea of compromise is Rip should surrender everything and resign or agree completely 100% with Firaun's idea of how the Govt should be run. Heads I Win, Tails You Lose!!

And so Firaun once again plays the race card, the only one he has ever known, to keep the peoples of M'sia from coming together and be united.

But he should realise that in the morning after the night before, one becomes a non-entity.

His only real option is to form a new party and stand for elections again, and hope for the best. But that will only hand the Govt to DSAI on a platter.

In the final analysis, Rip should do what he is best doing - ignore Firaun completely!

Kerajaan Rakyat said...

Rite!! You r 100 % right.
Please don't put the Agong in this
UMNO' internal prob.

By d way Nuraina, pls give way to
your readers to read this:

UMNO. DEB dan Melayu.

Orang Melayu sepatutnya berbangga dan berterima kasih kepada kerajaan Barisan Nasional dan UMNO kerana DEB bukan hanya memberanakkan jutawan dan hartawan Melayu tetapi DEB dengan jayanya telah meneran sehingga terberanak Celakawan Melayu.

Datuk Nazir Tun Razak mendapatkan tempat ke-40 sebagai antara individu terkaya Malaysia dalam senarai 40 senarai terkaya Forbes Asia dengan nilai bersih AS$100 juta.

Nazir adalah adik kepada Datuk Seri Najib yang pada pandangan ramai terkait dengan kes pembunuhan seorang wanita rakyat Mongolia.

Kawan-kawan akrab Tun Mahathir bekas presiden UMNO, Tan Sri Robert Kuok, Lim Goh Tong, Ananda Krishnan, Tan Sri Vincent Tan adalah antara manusia terkaya yang turut tersenarai sejak bertahun lamanya.

Forbes Asia mungkin terlepas pandang untuk menyenaraikan Shah dan Hidan, De dan Ris, Lil anak Kob yang juga termasuk dalam senarai jutawan, hartawan dan celakawan Melayu.

Seorang lagi anak entah hantu mana ni yang siap ada kilang buat duit sepatutnya berada dalam senarai Celakawan Melayu di tangga teratas.

Forbes Asia juga tidak perasan jembalang yang juga Celakawan Melayu campuran ini juga jutawan walaupun dari hasil rompakan.


Anonymous said...

The Agong should not get involved. This is strictly an internal party problem, one which the Agong should not interfere.

What's next ? The Agong should sit in the MCA Snoop Squad probe ?


Anonymous said...

It is within the Agong's thoughts whether to intervene or Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces...he is able to mitigate possible anarchy! He is a learned man....and Malaysians should...must..respect the Constitutional Monarchy!

I am not Malay or a Muslim....I am a pagan from Sabah...BUT I JUST ADORE IT WHEN THAIS CRAWL APPROACHING KING BHUMIPOL! A military coup could happen here....

Gunung Kinabalu

syed syahrul zarizi b syed abdullah said...

Saya sebagai orang johor sungguh sedih. Saya tunggu apa kata musa hitam, shahrir, syed albar, hishammudin dan lain-lain pembesar dalam hal ini. Masih reda bertuankan pemimpin yang lemah dan 'tak'kisah?

Sireh Dan Cengkeh

Anonymous said...

Kak Nuraina:

Dr. Mahathir could be detained under the ISA for his inflammatory speech.

"Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s remarks in a May 17 speech ‘not only bordered on sedition but, applying his own standards, qualifies him for detention under the ISA’".

Anonymous said...

Hai Kak Nur... how are you? Everyone is busy writing about the politics and the Tun... how about any social issues Kak? Like National Islamic Students Association of Malaysia vice-president (Munirah Bahari) punya comment pasal pakaian seragam perempuan di sekolah encouraging rape?

What do you think about this social issue Kak?

sexyjudge said...

Go to the movies and watch Narnia. It's refreshing to be in different roles and responsibilities.
Undoubtedly, Politics in a mess... to think out of the box needs one to go out of the box and get some fresh air..

Anonymous said...


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Terima Kasih

the girl said...

the agong? come on the man have no balls...else he would have asked pak lah to step down after the last election. but he didnt, did he?

come to think of it, nobody have any balls nowadays except for the famous 80 year old man...

Anonymous said...

" Hey ! YOU can leave & dun come back to umno BUT dun escape till you are cleared in lingam's affair !!"