Friday, May 09, 2008

Police Report Against Karpal..

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi has asked Umno secretary-general Datuk Seri Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor to lodge a police report against DAP chairman Karpal Singh over his statement on the powers of the Perak Sultan.

Abdullah said this was to enable the matter to be referred to the Attorney-General and then brought to court.

He said Karpal's statement had incurred the ire of the public, including non-Malays.

"It is seditious and seen by the people as ridiculing the Sultan as though the ruler did not know his duty," he told reporters when asked about Karpal's controversial statement.

Earlier, Abdullah had opened the 5th Halal Industry International Exhibition hosted by Malaysia, in Kuala Lumpur Thursday.

Abdullah said the Malays and other races felt aggrieved and offended by Karpal's statement, and he was made to understand that more people would be making police reports against the lawyer.

On the case of blogger and 'Malaysia Today' website editor, Raja Petra Kamaruddin, Abdullah said anyone who contravened the law would face action.

"When there's a report lodge against them, then action will be taken. If they are guilty, they will face the penalty."

On the statement by Minister in the Prime Minister's Department Datuk Seri Nazri Aziz in parliament Thursday that the government would not draw up a law on "whistle blowers", Abdullah said the government had no plans yet on the matter.

"If there is a proposal, we will consider," he said.-- BERNAMA


Anonymous said...

Mr Prime Minister,

The proposals are out there, ages ago, maybe Nazri and you could have overlooked them !!!

We don't blame you, its the syndrome any way. Never too late to look at them now !!

Ramli Mohd Yunus
Alor Star.

Anonymous said...

Dear Ana,

Cheap publicity,stupid move.The PM make police report.He hope this will booast his image among the Malay and UMNo members.

Anyway Karpal dont worry.By Ocktober or November Dollah will know he will not get enough nomanation to contest as UMNO president.

Anonymous said...

This man (KS) sometimes strike at the wrong time and the wrong place.

He knows what to expect when playing in the wrong tunes. He should learn from CM Lim Guan Eng.

Anyway, just don't bother listening to him, this is his last term talking. DAP should replace him, he caused `good votes' to fade away.

Karpal barks practically every hour and on every things, not knowing it could jeopadise his party and the PR.

I think its time, his mouth is glued for the sake of the oppositions' chance of getting more votes. He is a liability to the PR. Get him out!!

Ramli Mohd Yunus
Alor Star.

Anonymous said...

Kak, It is very funny for pak la to says this. What abt when his issue same "unconsitution" statement not long agon on regard of pelantikan of Ahmad in Terengganu. In this case, i guess PR should log sedition a case as well.

Pak la is very much still sleeping !!

Anonymous said...

Salam Nuraina.
Interesting development... I had brief 'discussions' on similar topic with one anon(Zaib) on Tok Mommy's blog recently... while I disagree with Karpal on lots of things, it seems we do share some similar thoughts/views too! It is definitely an hornet's nest, but someone's gotta do it sooner or later, and Karpal is probably the most qualified person to do it? Looking forward to see further development on this...

mn said...

A.kum Kak Aina,

1. Sekarang apa saja Karpal buat semua tak kena dan akan dibuat police report.

2. Nanti Karpal saja nak pergi makan angin ke Kuala Terengganu nak lihat Masjid Kristal yang indah pun mereka kata, haa..Karpal datang Masjid kita kena buat polis report.

3. Lepas tu Karpal tegur kenapa ramai orang Melayu suka makan nasi menggunakan tangan tak gunakan sudu, haa..kena buat polis report.

Anonymous said...

AAB cannot make his own police report?

Anonymous said...

this guy tak mau jadi pandai.

pot & kettle scenario, didn't he question the wisdom of the agong during the trengganu stand-off.

is this the best pm umno could offer?

Anonymous said...

Polis reports on Karpal, all these poor fellows are trying their best to be in the limelight. Not many are in favour of the royals who I believe are paid enormous amounts of money to be kept there. About whistle blowers the power hungry individuals are worried that their time is coming to an end, soon.

Anonymous said...

I do not know much about the Law in this matter. I do based on some logic. Let me give a reverse scenario. Assuming HRH Sultan 'dislikes' the officer. HRH will call upon the MB to find a alternative officer. The MB would transfer the existing and get a suitable officer for HRH. MB have the authority to transfer or terminate.

Anonymous said...

Abdullah says M'sians feel aggrieved over Karpal's statements?
I'm M'sian & I don't feel aggrieved.

What the T'gganu UMNO did was far worse. The insults, the banners, te stand-off... Did Tengku Adnan lodge a police report then?

Karpal has simply raised a valid & debatable point. If Karpal is mistaken, then argue the issue with him, instead of crying threats to national security.

Anonymous said...

In the "good old days" if you ever say anything to the Sultans of Melaka, they would use a very long Keris to "sula" [ie. pierce from your bottom right up your mouth] over a cross.

One reason, it lasts for a mere 100years , good for the Portuguese and Dutch and later British to come and civilize them.

Teach a thing or two about democracy and parliament and rule of law.

what would we do without the British. And we are sending our Royal Malay Regiment to protect the Queen.

Long live the Queen !

malayamuda said...

will UMNO leaders in Terengganu be hauled upto for putting up banner calling Agung " Natang " ?

Bung Karno said...

Hal tangkap RPK dan cabaran Karpal ni semua prelude untuk bahan kempen by-election DS Anwar Ibrahim. Diaorang ni saje nak bagi naik darah DS Najib, kepala kempen BN.

Nampak gaya termakan jugak umpan ni.

Banyak lagi episod cinta yang PK akan buat nak pancing pengundi. By election mungkin Bandar Tun Razak. Atau Klana Jaya.

By election only after August,lepas tempoh pantang 6 bulan berikutan PU 12. Timing for by-election : Sept 16. Kalau bulan puasa boleh adjust.
So by the by the time RPK attends court, new PM greets him !!

Pak Zawi said...

They will of course be very selective on which report they will act. If it is their own report it will be as quick as lightning, otherwise just forget about making a police report. It will be a sheer waste of effort.

Harvin Dhillon said...

Funny as I remember Badawi saying exactly the same thing when he commented the Sultan of Terrenganu was being unconstitutional back when the Sultan didnt go ahead with his pick of a Menteri Besar. Why the change of heart now? Shouldnt he order UMNO to lodge a report against him as well?

On the matter raised by Karpal, he has a point. Early in Mahathir's days as PM, he removed all the powers of the Sultans, and gave them only a ceremonial role. The Sultan can only act on the behalf of the Prime Minister or Menteri Besar.

Mahathir had a dislike for the Monarchy and wanted to do away with it but he knew, Malays especially regard them with respect and admiration so it would have been political suicide. He did the next best thing though.

Anonymous said...

Karpal's issue is because he meddled with the fact that the Sultan of Perak is the leader of the RELIGIOUS matters in his state. He has absolute powers in regard to this and everybody knows that. Karpal should have known too since matters invloving royalty and religion, sure will kena one....

Anonymous said...

Ms Nuraina

The Singapore Straits Times today carried a report by Leslie Lopez on Politics in Malaysia - "Race remains a potent, divisive force"

In the report, Mr Lopez referred to "anger among the more right-wing elements within Umno and some non-governmental organisations linked to the party".

He specifically mentioned the Council for Malay Solidarity, an umbrella group comprising "200 ethnic Malay NGOs" and quoted its spokesman, Tan Sri Ismail Hussain, as saying

"Our stand is that Malaysia's existence is founded on the principle of Malay supremacy"

The Council claimed that Malay supremacy is under threat from "religious pluralism and multiculturalism" and called for aggressive government intervention to ensure the continuation of Malay dominance.

In other words - "Ketuanan Melayu".

Now, Ms Nuraina, I ask you - are not such statements "seditious" vis-a-vis the Constitution? Do they not raise fear amongst non-Malay Malaysians?

So, how come no one is calling the Council and the 200 ethnic Malay NGOs to task? Are they the "untouchables"?

The irony of the situation is that while the Council for Malay Solidarity and the ethnic Malay NGOs are clamouring for Malay dominance and Malay supremacy to be maintained in the country, Malaysian Malays in their hundreds are seeking a livelihood in an avowedly secular Singapore - as construction workers, cleaners, technicians, security guards, auxiliary police, nurses and bus drivers. Not to mention the large number of Malaysian Malay taxi drivers who queue for hours at the Queen Street taxi stand in Singapore in the hopes of getting passengers to JB who pay their fares in ultra-strong Singapore dollars.

Obviously, "Ketuanan Melayu" doesn't put food on the table, clothe your children or pay their school fees - at least not as far as these Malaysian Malays who work in Singapore are concerned.

I am tempted to speculate whether the emotion being whipped up about Malay supremacy and Malay dominance is a convenient way to divert the eyes of the Malaysian Malay community from the state of the Malaysian economy, its lack of competitiveness vis-a-vis rivals in the region and the lack of good jobs that drive Malaysians generally to work overseas.

Ask the Council for Malay Solidarity and the Malay NGOs for concrete suggestions of how to get the Malaysian economy up to speed in a globalised environment and I would hazard a guess that they would resort to confused mumbles and more rhetoric.

Because, at the end of the day, foreign investors, including those from the Middle East that the government is avidly courting, are just not impressed by such goings-on.

amoker said...

If cannot comprehend the arguments of law, sure make police report la. The fact is that UMNO had the same issue in Terengganu and probably said worst things. If nobody dared to give clarity to this by raising it up, these grey area will continue to be challenged.

Old Fart said...

When you are weak and you cannot run fast enough to hide you use diversionary tactics to send your predators on a wild goose chase. Hopefully they catch a prey or two, by which time the orgasmic pleasure of that catch will make them forget their original prey.

Badawi and Najib are the original preys. Raja Petra and Karpal are the cats they let loose so taht the dogs will go running after the cats. And dogs, being dogs, silly as they usually are when it comes to cats, have bolted after the cats. What a relief for teh original weak and crumbling prey!

Important thing for leaders to know, you lead dogs and you know what dogs are like.

Old Fart said...

And oh, BTW, if by charging Karpal and finding him guilty and getting rid of him from Parliament Badawi thinks he can then have a reelection and get a BN MP elected. He is sadly mistaken. Any dog standing for that by-election, if ever that comes to pass, will beat any BN candidate hands down.

Anonymous said...

Yes charge Karpal Singh...
And Idris Jusoh for allowing his supporters to 'natang' the Sultan.
And Shahidan for attempting to overturn the Sultan's ruling.
But noone should draw parallels between the issues today and the Constitutional Ammendments during the 80s,less we keep repeating to relate the incidents that led to it.
Daulat Tuanku!!

Anonymous said...

Wak Segen:

Why shouldn't we attempt to draw parallels or in other words, compare, the legal technicalities of being a monarchy today to the constitutional amendments of the 1980s? How are we to improve and become wiser if we do not refer to history and judge and learn from it? Why repress our thoughts and the process of learning? Do we want to become blind and ignorant and fallible historical errors for evermore?

There is no reason whatsoever for the "incidents that related to" the amendments of the 1980s to recur, as you fear. Those events occurred under a different set of circumstance under a different government with a different agenda during a different time and state of Malaysian political evolution.

All you have to do to allay your fears is to take note of the results of the recent general election, which though mirroring the ones of 1969, has resulted in no unfortunate incidents. Things have progressed peacefully; the Malaysian people are now far more comfortable and wiser than they were in the turbulent, confusing, early post-Independence days.

The argument you had put forth, therefore, has little basis, I'm afraid to say.