Saturday, May 31, 2008

Buckle Up Your Rear Seat Passengers...

....from tomorrow (Sunday) June 1.

This is the new RTD ruling.

Passengers will be given a 3- month "grace period" during which rear seat passengers who don't buckle up will be warned. From Sept 1 2008 onwards, they will be fined. Seatbelts help to reduce injuries by preventing the wearer from hitting hard interior elements of the vehicle or other passengers during collision or emergency break.

Passengers who buckle up will have better chance to survive from accident.

Researches have shown that car drivers and/or front-seat passengers are 5 times more likely to die in a crash if their back-seat passengers are unrestrained.

However, for the time being, this ruling in Malaysia only applies to cars manufactured from January 1 1995.

It is a temporary waiver for a 3-year period for vehicles manufactured before January 1 1995, After that owners of these vehicles will be liable if the breach the ruling.

The grace period is to enable all vehicles to be equipped with rear-passenger seatbelts.

Vehicles manufactured before January1 1995 are not equipped with rear-passenger seat belts and not all vehicles manufactured after this date are, either.

Perodua Kancil and Kenari cars manufactured between 1998 until mid-2004 will also be exempted from the ruling until 2011..

This ruling is expected to impact on the total number of passengers allowed in a vehicle. A 5-seater will be limited to a passenger load of 5 persons including the driver, all fastened up. And a 7-seater is limited to 7 persons.

So far, the RTD has not indicated whether or not the buckling-up ruling covers 3rd row seats.

(Source: The 8th Voyager).

Be Safe and Buckle up!


GobloKing said...

Greetings Beautiful One!
Good topic to post - & topic very close to aunty's heart !

Buckling up sure will save lives ...& greatly improve the quality of lives..esp that of cops, no?

To me: Children's bucket seats are just as important but those are expensive items & not compulsory!

I worry more about KIDS who sit on the laps of adults in the centre (unbuckled ofcourse!) as they are the 1st ones thrown out!

For toddlers and short little people, there is NO way to buckle them up as belt goes across their necks!! In the event of accident or breaking too hard, these kids get strangled by the belt!

How about motorcycles with little kids sandwiched between, or babies carried by rear seat pasengers in motorcycles?

The problem is our govt doesn't thnk through policies clearly!

If they can't think at least copy lah! Just follow examples of other countries who have implemented this long ago!

Our public transport system sucks & solutions such as implementing compulsory rear seat buckling are only 1/2 a**ed solutions as usual!

And why exempt Kancil & Kelissas? Those cars are small, built no stronger than a milkcarton and prime candidates for tragic accidents!

Old Fart said...

I've for a long time thought that the back seat belt would not be viable in Malaysia. How many times do we see cars meant for 4 loaded with 8. The guy has got 1 wife 4 kids and his mother to take in the car. So how?

What's been a party when the whole family rides now becomes extinct and this is going to force a change in the way families go about their usual lives. IT cuts across races and these days with especially large Malay families its going to bite them most.

I really wonder how long this ruling will last before the begin to start reviewing it once again.

Thong said...

I drive a Kelissa 2001 which does not come factory fitted rear seat belt and I noticed that only Kenari
and Kanchil falls under the exempt

So where does that leave me?