Saturday, May 03, 2008

Selangor ACA To Probe Balkis..

That's good to know.

Here's from NST Online:

SHAH ALAM: The Anti-Corruption Agency will investigate alleged irregularities in the accounts of Balkis following a report by Parti Keadilan Rakyat yesterday.

Selangor ACA director Ja'afar Mahad said the probe would focus on expenditure by the Wives of Selangor Assemblymen and MPs Welfare and Charity Organisation.

He said although there were claims of irregularities in the transfer of RM9.9 million in Balkis funds to Bakti (Association of Wives of Ministers and Deputy Ministers), this did not fall under the agency's purview.

He said allegations about the legality of the transfer were more along the lines of criminal breach of trust.



bayi said...

Probe spending only? Not other irregularities?

Anonymous said...


Result of ACA investigation already known by the public.

"Thorough investigation done and we find no issue here or we have passed the files to AG".
Another Wayang Kulit ke?.

Clearly shows a persons heart for charity, compassion from the heart will not think of money or power or effort, we do it from the heart with no expectation of and rewards.

bayi said...

Pardon me for being cynical.

"Probe" and then quickly declare that there was nothing wrong.

How efficient!

Case closed!

Anonymous said...

Letter from ACA...
Dear Puan Sri/Datin,
Please provide receipts for purchases of your Pravda handbags,Jimmy Choo shoes,designer baju kurungs and jewellery.Also provide proof of payments.Ensure that the payments do not appear in Datuk Ali or Datuk Baba's credit card accounts.
Thank You,
....hehehehe.. jangan mareh..

Anonymous said...

lol. funny lah.

But on the serious side, with the ACA being highly watched now, it is doubtful they would close one eye this time. It's not as "simple" as last time if you know what i mean, for these people to be let off scott free.

Heck, sereves these people right, I still think Toyo and gang are wrong and should be bloody well be taught a lesson.

Anonymous said...

Everybody knows that our ACA is quick off the blocks when it comes to investigations. And everybody knows that ACA is quick to say everything is hunky dory (that means no case). ACA is a BIG JOKE. Pse charge me under the Sedition Act.

Anonymous said...

Dear ACA,

Congratulation, what these mak cik mak cik Balkis did were really sickening. So immatured, uncultured and `kekampongan'.

Balkis was registered as an association thus it became public in nature. So are the money and the asset of Balkis.

What if one of the wife of the former assemblyman, jumps to another party. What about her
interest and her constribution as a member of Balkis, or her share iin Balkis, financially or otherwise.

My advice to these mak cik Balkis, please be compassion to the political verdict of the masses.
We are supposed to be civilised people, politically or socially.

Ramli Mohd Yunus
Alor Star,Kedah.