Thursday, May 15, 2008

Najib Replies To Allegations..

In the Dewan Rakyat yesterday, Deputy Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak, in his winding-up speech, denied that commission was paid to a consultant for the procurement of two Scorpene submarines and 18 Sukhoi fighter jets.

Malaysia had direct negotiations with the countries involved. The submarines were from France and Spain while the jets, Russia.

On allegations implicating him and his wife, Rosmah, in the murder of Mongolian Altantuya Shaaribuu, Najib said they were all "fitnah" (slander) and were made to sully his name.

He reiterated that he had neither met nor knew her.

Najib did not wish to make further comments as the case was on-going.

"....please allow the court to serve its role and responsibility in upholding justice in this country without any disturbances from any quarters.

"At the same time, I pray that this case be tried in the best way possible and that the truth will come out for the sake of the supremacy of the laws that we all uphold."

Najib further said:"Thank God, I have until now withstood all kinds of accusations and slander that have been cast against me with the intention of sullying my name."


Old Fart said...

the point, my dear Najib, is taht in your position you should not even be atracting any such allegations in the first place. Just because you stand there and deny it, does not exonerate you. In a little more dignified political environment, you would have resigned.

Bung Karno said...

This is a murder case. Heavy stuff. If those accused are standing in for him,they will get him in hell. Or send him go to Mongolia

As for all those who want to bring Najib down, go and look for other cases, like Nuri-replacement purchases, NS scheme, land-grabbing, another woman-fling, anything.

mad said...

if he really never met altantuya before then why didn't he have the courage to meet with altantuya's dad at parliament the other day. on the scorpene issue, surely the members of parliament can't take him on his words alone. every body knows politicians are liars. we need to see the supportive documents on how the funds were spent. it involved big amount of rakyat's money, all members of parliament should know in detail where the funds are spent, every single cent of it. it should be transparent.

Anonymous said...

How nice if the dead can tell tales.

mad said...

kak ina, i missed your interview in blog at rtm1 the other day. could you please give a link at youtube or somewhere i can dload the interview?

mn said...

A.kum Kak Aina,

1. Cuba tanya semula Tim Men Pertahanan yang lepas iaitu Datuk Zainal Abidin Zin, apa yang dia cakap dalam Parlimen tempoh hari?

2. Jika tak salah saya, beliau menyebut jumlah 'komisyen' itu ditentukan oleh Syarikat Pembekal dan bukan ditetapkan oleh kerajaan.

3. Jadi pada pendapat saya, wang komisyen itu 'mungkin' ujud cuma tak pasti jumlahnya?

backStreetGluttons said...

sounds like Tun Fairuz , probably looks like him will end up like him too before the tear drops fall.

We always knew he had no balls ever since 1987, when he was affectionately called the ball-less fence sitter

Starmandala said...

Look at the eyes. Disregard the words issuing from those lying lips. Repulsive entity!

Man In Black said...

I think u got the subs and jets mixed up there..

Anonymous said...

Why the RM350 million, Minister?

In that case why don't we tender out the service and I am sure the winner won't bid higher than RM35 million.

You want us to believe RM350 million is well spend? Lets have an open audit, Minister?

If Minister is not willing to explain how come is RM 350 million and every cent is worth spending than I don't see why Minister want to be our next PM. I am worried, we are worried and Malaysian got to be worried.

Is better that Minister you cannot sleep than all of us Malaysian cannot sleep. Can you please step down Minister?

LazerJuan said...

Is nasi kangkang on the menu? Those who are not familiar, ask your malay friends.

Donplaypuks® said...

Dear Minister

Please answer the following:

1. Why was an unknown company like Perimekar awarded a maintenance & support contract for appx. $500 million. What previous experience did Perimekar & Razak Baginda have in this business & in operating in France?

2. Was Perimekar awarded the contract by open tender?

3. In G-to-G defence procurement, maintenance and training is often included as part of the package by the supplier. Why was this not the case with Sukhoi & Scopene with highly specialized equipment that Perimekar has zero expertise in?

4. Why did LTAT buy a stake in the project from Perimekar & not from the Govt?

5. Show us the detailed costings and how much profit Perimekar stands to make over 6 years.

Can you also get the French & Russian governments to declare that to the best of their knowledge, no commissions were paid or is payable by THEM as part of the deal to any Malaysian party(s) in respect of the Scorpene & Sukhoi contracts or to any companies owned by Razak baginda or related parties?

Lastly, why don't you make a police report? Let's see if you have the b...s!

Anonymous said...

This man has a history behind him for woman,he can't take the eyes of one even if she is someones wife.He is one person will make sure that he will get the right person to get the woman to full fill his wish in bed.If only one of this woman who fill the conson of another woman walk out and confas what happan to them with this man.I will say this so call eagle will be shot down.
Najib the time has come for you.

Anonymous said...

For sure no one is expecting him to say what *most* of us want to hear, so it's only natural for him to make that statement. Definitely nobody is buying what he says, but it's ok, let justice go its natural path and bit by bit if indeed, "the jumping squirrel will eventually fall to the ground". LOL.

If thats the case, maybe we'lljust have to wait for Pekan people will vote him out in the next elections.

Anonymous said...

Dear Kak Ana.

Do you belief the two deal have nothing to do with Rosmah.I doubt it.In fact I was in Turkey when my friend ask me why Malaysia goverment have to pay hefty commission to buy sub merine.He is well connected with French defence Industry.

Do you belief that 500 million just to maintain and train the crews for sub.When Singapore buoght their sub,the manufecturer pay all the training expenses.

Hope Najib is right.

Anonymous said...

Raja Petra should be man enough to prove what he alleged. And Old Fart can tell us where's that "little more dignified political environment" where a person is guilty once he's been accused.

Love NOT War.

Anonymous said...

Razak and the two goons are well connected to Najib, they cannot be blindly doing something for nothing. They have been promised something good, something big. As an obedient lap dog they follow blindly. Najib denies the allegation and of course that is what he will do. You expect him to admit it?

Anonymous said...

Read my lips....Bill Clinton

Read the affidavits...Najib Razak

Read between the lines...AAB

Ramli Mohd Yunus
Alor Star.

Anonymous said...


the greed for power and money is the cause of all evils.

dpm should know this very well cos he possess all these "experiences."


Old Fart said...

On the matter of the Scorpene purchase, he must think we are all absolute idiots. Maybe he has been surrounded all his life by idiots he thinks the rest of us must also be.

Well, Najib, you idiot, let me tell you something. Just because you tell the MPs in Parliament that the local company that was paid the RM500 million or whatever, that the local company is supposed to provide the Defence ministry certain services over the next several years and the payment is towards that, does not mean that that is in fact the case. It only shows the level of stupidity you will stoop to so taht you can probably keep that RM500 million for yourself. And, by the way, I am only saying that you probably want to keep that RM500 million for yourself because the excuse you give is so lame it further lends more support to the allegation that you have benefitted from that payment.

It is so easy for anyone to determine if indeed that company that received the RM500 million is infact resourced to justify receiving such a payment. Maybe the company auditors can let us know, if not, maybe a company search and reveal how this company is resourced. If the resource and the capacity of this company is such that it does not justify receipt of RM500 million your excuse and justification can be shown to be bull-shit. Maybe, someone can go do a company search on that company and reveal its last final accounts. We can see from there whether that company is resourced in a way to justify recipt of such a loaded income up-front. It does not matter that the money was paid them by the supplier of the scorpene.


che eduardo,

thanks...i corrected it. pure carelessness on my part.

and, hey...i like your blog!

Anonymous said...

I believe the BN Govt when it says that it did not pay any commission on arms purchases. But did the seller mark it up to pay bribes (yep BRIBES) to the decision makers? That's the question. I stopped believing anything the Govt says since 1969.

amoker said...

If a normal person like you and me got on TV and said " I am innocent", it is like trying to manipulate the course of justice and prob will not happen. Just because of his position, he can make this kind of statements to his fancy. Even with the less complex issue of the submarine/plane deal, it is whitewashing. Wonder why the French and Russian company are keeping their silence..

Anonymous said...

Can justice be upheld in our courts, especially in the one where the Altantuya trial is being conducted? I should say that every development in the court so far says otherwise. The Malaysian public are not fools. They percceive that there are a lot of cover-ups and the court has to change its way of conducting the trial to counter that perception.

The DPM claimed that RM350 million was paid out to Perimekar S/B as services provider of the submarine- purchase project. RM350 mn may be chicken feed to him, but it is certainly astrocious to millions of taxpayers in the country. One cannot help but wonders how much has Perimaker invested to get a return of RM350 mn. Unless he makes public, in details, what services Perimekar had provided to earn such a sum, the public is bound to think that the sum paid reeks of corrupt practices.

I have commented many times in this
blog that the DPM has a heavy political baggage to carry, all on his own doings. Since he aspires to take the helm of the government one day and hence contol the destiny of the people of this country, he owes it to the people to do more than just talking in Parliament to couter the allegations levelled at him. He has to take genuine actions to prove to to people that he is ABSOLUTELY clean.

tajudin said...

yes, i do agree with donplaypuks!

heard/read so many allegations on this subject and yet, no police report made by him (to defend or to counter).

Anonymous said...

Najib should say that the fler in the picture of him and Altun..looks like me but not me, its my evil twin.

Too late Najib, the entire Malaysia and the world aint buying those bullshit you've been churning for years.

Unknown said...

Not because god protected Najib, becouse Allah will punish him , just a matter of time.

So far he is safe due to the 'hand of god who rule the country.

If we play on the falat land, then he will know the sky is not that high