Tuesday, May 06, 2008

A Day (Or Two) In Jail For RPK

...as he waits for the RM5,000 bail to be posted.

Malaysia Today editor Raja Petra kamaruddin was charged with sedition in the Petaling Jaya Magistrate Court 1 at noon today.
His trial has been set for Oct 6 2008.

According to Rocky's Bru, RPK is being defended by 7 lawyers.
"There were 4 Members of Parliament at the Court for RPK: Wan Azizah, Karpal Singh, Gobind Deo, and William Leong.
RPK declined to post bail today. Gobind says "we will appeal to the rakyat to contribute to a fund to raise bail for Raja Petra."
RPK will spend time in Sungei Buloh from today until a time when the RM5000 is raised and posted

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Anonymous said...

Are there anymore details? Like who was the presiding judge, specific detail of the charges,etc?

Anonymous said...

Why Govind dare asking for the money. He and DAP lawyers just want to make this case as PEOPLE against the GOVERNMENT, to their advantage, not a sincere effort to help RPK.

Furthermore RPK makes tons of money by publishing "all those stories" NOW is his best time to prove to the world that those stories were all truth nothing but the truth. Good luck RPK.

Anonymous said...

"Why Govind dare asking for the money. He and DAP lawyers just want to make this case as PEOPLE against the GOVERNMENT, to their advantage, not a sincere effort to help RPK." Mentor

How do you know that they are not sincere? Now, prove to us what you say is true!

mn said...

A.kum Kak Aina,

1. Jika saya jangan rm5k, jika kena denda rm500 pun i tak akan bayar. Biar masuk penjara lagi cepat orang kenal kita.

2. Tak perlu guna 'Peguam' nanti terhutang budi.

3. Anyway, saya rasa kes ini akan digugurkan. U know y? by 6 oct 2008,i think DSAI or DSWA will become PM ordy. So no trial.


Anonymous said...

Will only Political be dealt with?
RPK should be concerned but not to be more political than needed!
Why 7 lawyers for one Nonsense Case ?
To show the highest concern or the toughness of job involved?
Would ordinary people with grievances by the officials and judiciary got any help from one of the 7?

A house buyer screaming for help in blogs for years with Grievances in having Bully by a Developer's lawyer - paid to get delays and no work done.
has grievance by the Bias and malpractice of Bar & Disciplinary
has grievance by the lawyers he engaged by dragging, refusing to counterclaim or even getting the proper documents for trial.
has grievance by lawyers he engaged with much payment but idling and lastly called police to chase him off the office when the lawyer refused to provide a copy of document in hand
finally use violence, assaulting and battered clients to go out of the office.

When none of these events can catch the attention or help from some of the 7 lawyers,
should only those famous warrant legal service?

Anonymous said...

the first Royalty to go to jail - Raja Petra Kamarudin

UMNO menghina Raja Raja Melayu dan kedaulatan Orang Orang Melayu.

Jahanam UMNO

Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...

When you do what is right

You're in for a good fight

You will stay in the light

In truth you never lose sight

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 060508


[Some definitions of 'SEDITION' are posted here.]

Tue. 6th May 2008.

Anonymous said...

mentor grow up lah jangan seluruh hidup have this katak dibawah tempurung umno, can you explain how
'Furthermore RPK makes tons of money by publishing "all those stories'
his website is free subscrption so how does he make tons of money, he doesn't charge like malaysiakini.
hai yah this is what they propogate in umno and you being the fool you sound like, believe them. like the saying goes You can take the boy out of the kampung, but you can't take the kampung out of the boy, atitude wise. No disrespect to any kampung folks, saya pun orang kampung.

Anonymous said...

Mentor, who are you really? Judging from your poor command of English, your blatant & blind bias towards the govt, your ignorance on the workings of a blogger & the fact you can't even spell Gobind's name correctly, I have a nagging suspicion that you are a cabinet minister. Or maybe just a another yes-man.

Anonymous said...

I suggested in Nat's blog to raise funds by contributing 1 sen a person bringing half a million people together.

It is not about money but about principles of Truth and Justice!

Taurus Sitara said...

Assalamualaikum Nuraina,the charge of seditious act means burden of proof on prosecutor to prove whatever RPK wrote in relation to Atlanyua case is meant to be against the higher authority willfully and intentionally.So no chance of whatever we think RPK will prove that he has the documents lah/affidavits lah etc etc "proofs" in his hands-ini semua bo pakai leh.All the prosecutor need to prove is that RPK wrote NONSENSE to the point beyond reasonable doubt and that cause the Razak Baginda's case to be affected and also certain leaders (who may not be implicated at all or yet to be proven are implicated "criminally") are dragged into the "mud" and hence tarnished the image(S) ok=obviously RPK will need to remember that Sedition Act is not meant to protect our Rulers and Agong only but our "other Rulers "as well.ALL MEN ARE EQUAL BUT SOME ARE MORE EQUAL THAN OTHERS-Animals Farm???I think itz high time Sedition only protect Rulers and Agong and our Constitution.FUll the STOP.

D_Dollah said...

I hate this government! So f***cking wrong with this BN government. God, if you hear me, please curse those who puts RPK to jail. May you reserve a place in hell for them and let them rot there for eternity. That is for shrewing a man’s life, for his only mistake was to do your work.

Anonymous said...

One must be blind not to see what RPK and gang are up to.
The authorities can be so stupid at times.

Anonymous said...

Will the mainstream media call it, or at least report it, from both sides of the divide or would it assume the persona of a retard in a narrative style equivalent to a gawk?

mentor 4:58 pm has a relevant point, if not an unpopular one (for sure). Spell out the competing motivations clearly so that the people can decide if there is indeed:

. a ruthless, oppressive government trying to muzzle its critics when its back is against the wall.

. a ruthless, pandering opposition that would gladly milk the cause celebre for everything it's got.

. an elite, controversial royal getting his comeuppance for seemingly behaving like the classic elite, controversial royal.

There are so many things, if highlighted right proper, that can inform the rakyat about the deep-seated anomie that besets Malaysian politics in this long-awaited showdown.

I just hope the media doesn't drop the ball on this one.

Anonymous said...

i hope he posts bail.

it is very brave of him to want to stay in jail to make a point. but i really believe he can do much more out of jail.

we only need 2 months to amend the constitution of malaysia, but we need 5 months for a case to be heard in court. just great.


Harimau-Menaip said...


I'll give all of my savings to u...in your dream!!!


the indie story said...

adakah ini satu percubaan untuk menakut-nakutkan blogger? tolong perjelaskan sikit sister nuraina...

Bung Karno said...

Cik Nuraina,

Saya minta laluan untuk kisah ini yang mungkin u pun dah baca dlm Malay Mail 6 May 2008 :

part of writing on 'RUCKUS OVER RISING RULERS' :

At a press conference earlier, Karpal argued that the palace cannot order the State government to reinstate him and that Nizar was at fault for bowing to pressure.

He said "disturbing" trend of Rulers interfering in state government business is emerging and cited the recent crisis in Perlis and Trengganu over the appointment of the Menteri Besar, and now in Perak.

"In Selangor, too, the pressure is building up," he said, blaming a weak Federal government as the main reason why Rulers were emboldened to "interfere" in executive matters.

"During Mahathir`s (former PM Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad) time, there was no such interference because he would not allow it. In fact, he curbed their powers and removed their immunity.

"The Prime Minister (Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi) is weak and so the Rulers are cashing in," Karpal said.

Tak tau lah kalau MM salah print !!

Knowing his hatred for TDM, Karpal
agrees with TDM that a weak Fed govt is not good. Now Karpal is also not happy that Paklah is weak. And Perak MB is scolded by Karpal for bowing to the Sultan?

What say u Cik Aina ?

Anonymous said...

A turning point:
ENOUGH IS ENOUGH ! let us creat a BY-ELECTION for yang mulia RPK, put him in the parliament as the PR opposition leader & work his way UP UP UP ....as our next PRIME MINISTER OF MALAYSIA !!

Anonymous said...





Anonymous said...

Kebebasan …. Kebebasan memang wujud. Kebebasan berbuat apa sahaja. Kebebasan memilih sesiapa. Kebebasan bersuara. Macam-macam lagi kebebasan. Apa yang tidak bebas adalah perkara yang anda buat. Apa yang tidak bebas bila tersalah pilih. Apa yang tidak bebas adalah bahan atau isu yang anda suarakan, tuliskan, laungkan ataupun perjuangkan!

Kita punya undang-undang yang perlu kita hormati dan patuhi. Jika perbuatan kita bertentangan dengan undang-undang, kita terpaksa berdepan dengan proses perundangan tersebut.

Dalam kes RPK ia adalah satu kes yang straight forward – yang boleh dipertikaikan dimahkamah. Keputusannya adalah berbagai dan memakan masa…..! RPK boleh pada bila-bila masa membayar bail RM5K, beliau mampu dan beliau bukan ‘haprak’ macam kita yang membanting tulang dari jam 8 hingga 5 petang untuk ‘makan” dulu baru dapat ‘gaji’ – makan gaji la …. Tetapi RPK tidak berhasrat berbuat demikian – mungkin “for the cause for what he wrote and he believed” ataupun atas nasihat barisan peguam yang mempolitikan isu berkenaan.

Timbullah pejuang-pejuang yang me’rakyat’kan kes tersebut – “kita kutip duit rakyat dan kita tentang kerajaan” mungkin menjadi laungan mereka. “Kalau kita tak tentang, kita tak bebas” kemungkinan sambungannya.

Apa yang dikhuatiri adalah ‘udang di sebalik batu’ ataupun ‘ketam di sebalik kayu’ pejuang-pejuang berkenaan. Apa agenda sebenarnya perjuangan mereka? Yang tersurat belum nampak tetapi yang tersirat banyak sekali. RPK berkemungkinan dijadikan alat tunggangan mereka …. RPK (raja Melayu, orang Melayu, orang Islam) ditunggangi untuk menentang Raja Melayu, orang Melayu dan mungkin orang Islam sendiri.

Rata-rata mereka menyatakan Melayu lemah baik Rajanya mahupun pemimpin-pemimpinnya. Mereka mula bersuara lantang membantah kuasa Raja dan kuasa Sultan dan mungkin akan menentang institusi berperlembagaan berkenaan. Dan akhirnya mereka akan menentang kita semua – Melayu!

Wahai Melayu – sedar dan kembalilah ke jalan Allah. Kita bersatu. Kita berganding bahu. Kita sayangi anak-anak dan cucu-cicit kita – yang telah besar, yang masih kecil dan yang baru lahir serta yang akan lahir. Kita sama-sama tentang “laknatullah” yang menyorok dalam selimut kita sebelum ia merayap ke'anu' kita! Amin !!!

Anonymous said...

True-leaders.com : Is it so important that I spell your idol's name correctly? Why should I care? Just becos my English was not as good as yours, does that makes you a better person? Well perasan baguih...

Anonymous said...

Save that RM1 of yours, roll it up, and stick it into your stinky ...

Anonymous said...

When RPK reveals all the cards in the trial, hope clueless people like you will still have the testicular strength to hold on to your ball(s).

Bung Karno said...

Bukan semua 'Raja' tu kerabat Diraja.
'Raja' bukan lesen untuk mengelak daripada kena cekup.

Kata nak keadilan, biar court dalam dia cerita. Kita sama2 tengok ehh

Anonymous said...


No need to talk about someone englishlah. Just says what on you mind on the issue. If you think you english so good, why stay ini this malay land, go to english landlah and see whether you will be treated nice or not by the english people. If you need one way tiket to england, I will ask rakyat to donatelah.

Anonymous said...

I've seen this being posted, what do you guys think?

"written by FFT, May 06, 2008 | 06:53:00
He wrote about allegations against the IGP, the PDRM, and the AG. No sedition charge.

He wrote about Khairy in the Chronicles. No sedition charge.

He wrote about Badawi's many alleged scandals. No sedition charge.

He wrote about SCOMI and Kamaluddin. No sedition charge.

He writes a tame article about Najib and Rosmah, that too backed by information revealed in sworn court testimony, and the sedition act is thrown at him.

That should instruct you as to who is the heart of darkness and a harbinger of the return to the dark ages of Mahathirism.

It is patently obvious that Badawi and cohorts, despite their faults and weaknesses, have a progressive open streak that places them relatively light years ahead of the Dark Lords of Mahathirism.

As Hishamuddin Rais' earlier article states "Najib Pembawa Zaman Gelap".