Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Why The People of Kelantan Should Vote For the BN

Because the BN can propel the State to greater heights which is in line with the coalition's campaign theme "New Kelantan, Progressive Kelantan".
Umno president Abdullah Ahmad Badawi said this in Kota Baharu today.

And projects worth RM10 billion.

Here's the Bernama story.

KOTA BAHARU, March 5 (Bernama) -- Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi said Barisan Nasional (BN) fielded candidates with leadership qualities who could propel Kelantan to greater heights in line with the theme "New Kelantan, Progressive Kelantan".

As the state lagged behind in terms of development as a result of the 18-year PAS rule, the prime minister said BN considered it as a challenge to carry out projects worth RM10 billion in Kelantan as spelled out in its manifesto.

"I urge the people of Kelantan to vote for BN. After being under PAS rule for 18 years, do you still want to continue living under the same condition?" he said when addressing a crowd of about 5,000 people in Melor here Tuesday.

Abdullah wants Kelantan BN to continue to develop the state by engaging the locals and find jobs for the youths.

He said the federal government would provide adequate funds for the development of Kelantan as long as it was governed by BN. "For instance, in Terengganu, the fast pace development has enabled the contractors to thrive as there are plenty of jobs."

He said small contractors in Kelantan would benefit from the spill-over of development projects planned for the state while more jobs would be created.

"It is up to the people to choose the state government which is sincere in developing Kelantan.

"Ask yourself what you want for your satisfaction come Saturday. If you were to ask Pak Lah, he'll say, 'vote for BN, New Kelantan, Progressive Kelantan'. God willing, you are not making a wrong choice," he said.

Meanwhile, speaking to reporters after meeting the Kelantan Umno liaison committee Tuesday night, Abdullah said Deputy Finance Minister and Bachok MP Datuk Dr Awang Adek would be the new Menteri Besar if BN captures Kelantan.

To ensure victory, he said he had asked the state Umno election machinery to double up its efforts to ensure that BN wins in Kelantan.

He said there were signs that the people wanted change based on his recent visits to Kelantan.

Later, Abdullah visited Awang Adek's mother who passed away at the Darul Naim Medical Centre here, before leaving for Penang.

Mek Wok Nor, 81, who was diabetic and had a heart ailment, died at 10.35pm Tuesday.- BERNAMA


Anonymous said...

Why The People of Kelantan Should Vote For the BN ?

For progress ?

What a crap.

Try mention it to a Kelantanese and don't be surprised for what you might hear.

Grow up BN worshipers !

Mr. Smith said...

What's you take on this manhandling of a pregant woman by a cop.

kbguy said...

Condolence to the family of Awang Adek.
One thing about kelantanese is that they are very2 polite people. If a guest(especially VIPs) visited their house or kampung, they feel hornoured and will receive them with grand reception depending on the entourage. But if gifts are given, they received with open heart and with great pleasure. They never dissapoint the guest. But most of the attendance are made cumpulsory when PM or DPM came visiting.But when comes to vote, .... it's still their right.

Yan said...

You give false information to public. We have brain to think. Our present goverment is sick and extreamly currupted.

What a brainless blog.

kimster said...

People who don't know Kelantan shouldn't really open their big mouths and talk about Kelantan.

So Awang Adek is MB Kelantan designate then?
I wonder how Annuar Musa feels at the moment and what he has to say about the whole thing :)

Anonymous said...

Mr. PM, please show some repect for the people of kelantan. It does not take much to differentiate between fact and fiction especailly when it comes from from a man who could harldly keep himself awake most of the time.

Zawi said...

Putting Dr. Awang Adek in Perupok is a way of killing off the chance of Awang Adek from becoming MB of Kelantan. Now do you understand why Awang Adek needs the Bachok Parliamentary seat as an insurance?
What is wrong with being 18 years under PAS State Government? They have not plundered the states's wealth thus far. We are not compalining so why should others be?