Sunday, March 23, 2008

Crisis in the Land of the Crystal Mosque...

There was no swearing-in ceremony for Terengganu Menteri Besar-designate Ahmad Said this morning.

And he has been stripped of his Umno membership.

Ahmad who is the Sultan of Terengganu's choice for Menteri Besar over Idris Jusoh was to have been sworn in as the new MB this morning but instead he only received a letter of appointment from the State Regency Advisory Council.

He was told that his swearing-in has been scheduled in three days' time, which is Wednesday.

Read the NST story here.

Meanwhile, a state party official has confirmed that Ahmad, who is Kijal assemblyman, has been stripped of his Umno membership for disobeying the party's leadership.

The Star reports.


Mek Nah said...


what's the story with terengganu?
I am confused -- Idris ni baik ke jahat?
Yang Berhormat2 ni sokong Idris kerana kebenaran ke kerana keKRONYism?

Ahmad Said ni tersepit antara dua gergasi, ke?

Dia scapegoat, ke?

Sultan ni doing the right thing, ke?

I dengar Sultan baik dengan patrick Badawi.

Ada pihak lain kata Idris ni sebenar nya fed-up dengan Pak Lah yang sudah tutup jalan untuk dia bertugas sebagai ketua CASHIER negeri.

semua hal ehwal kewangan di urus direct oleh Pak Lah via Wan Farid, Patrick dan Khairy.

so...saya nak tahu -- siapa yang benar di sini?

atau ini semua pasal WANG WANG WANG?

Anonymous said...

Aiyoyo the other BN assemblymen who don`t agree to the Sultan`s appointment and want to boycott should be aware they can be `buang negeri` for their insult to royalty.

Anonymous said...

Kayveas blames badawi:

March 22, 2008 23:33 PM

BN Chairman, Deputy Chairman Responsible For BN's Dismal Performance - Kayveas

KOTA BAHARU, March 22 (Bernama) -- Barisan Nasional (BN) chairman and deputy chairman should take responsibility for the coalition's dismal performance in the March 8 general election, said PPP president Datuk M.Kayveas.

Anonymous said...

At least UMNO at the moment has the state.
Those assemblymen who are against the appointmentment now have 3 days for them to leave UMNO join PAS/PKR before kena `buang negeri`.
Then fresh elections will be held and BN still will kalah.

Anonymous said...


Oh God. That is Islam Hadhari. Follow me or out you go. Power, power very powerful. Hey Hitler.

Anonymous said...


Zaib di sini,

Dear Kak Aina please highlight my comment for the Malays out there who are still sleeping and risking our future for their personal interests.

Pada masa kita berada dalam kegawatan politik yang boleh membawa rebahnya Kerajaan Barisan Nasional, sekaligus menjejaskan masa depan orang Melayu, masih ada lagi semangat buruk Melayu yang hendak menjulang seorang ketua yang tidak disukai Raja kerana mungkin baginda tidak berpuashati dengan prestasi Kerajaan Negeri di bawah pimpinannya sebelum PRU 12. Soal survival Melayu lebih penting daripada seorang ketua yang jasanya belum kita lihat begitu menyerlah. Kalaupun dia seorang ketua yang hebat sekalipun, apa salahnya jika cari jalan keluar dengan meminta untuk menganggotai Kerajaan Negeri sebagai ahli exco - sekali kita memimpin sekali kita bersama pemimpin (bukan dipimpin kalau kita nak jaga ego yer tak?)

Apalah juga salahnya kita ikut kehendak Raja Terengganu, kerana baginda bukannya seorang Raja yang tidak bertanggungjawab, atau kurang bijak. Sudah tentulah apa yang baginda nampak di Terengganu baginda gunakan sebagai asas untuk menilai prestasi ketua yang lepas. Salahkah baginda membuat penilaian itu demi rakyat yang dinaunginya?

Come on Malays please don't sacrifice our already shaky future with another unwelcomed issue for the sake of one untested figure - bakal kita semua yang akan merana ... pikir-pikirkanlah sendiri. Tak ada panduan jalan mana nak ikut, saya syorkan hari ini buatlah sembahyang istiqorah minta petunjuk ... kita ni orang Islamkan? Nah, sekarang aplikasikan keimanan kita mengikut ajaran Islam.

Saya minta sekali lagi, pikirkan2lah sekiranya ada pilihan raya sekali lagi dan rakyat Terengganu marah lalu memangkah pembangkang, apa akan jadi? Tak malu diri sendiri ke nanti? Kita jangan cakap besar kita boleh menang. Belajarlah dari pengajaran yang baru dilalui di mana kita over confident lalu tersungkur dan bukan itu sahaja malah akan dicaci dan dihina zaman berzaman. Jangan tidor lagi.

Sekian. Terima kasih. Wassalam.

ZACH said...

Is the stripping legal according to UMNU's constitution? I am not an UMNO member for life(before, now and forever).

Mat Rempit Hubris,Carthage said...


If this was true, this is the first time, that a person who is loyal to the Sultan,who is also the King,and who is also acting in accordance to the State Constitution is sacked by UMNO.

To put another way, Umno has just sack somebody for being loyal to the King and the law- two fundermental components of the Rukunegara i might add.

This bodes ill for both the country and the party.

Umno must remember that this country is a country of laws.It is the law that bestows upon the prime Minister and the government the authority that they wield.More fundermentally, it is by the law that they become Prime Minister and the government.

That dosent mean that if the PM and the party he leads cannot disagee with the Sultan.They can.

But not by inadvertantly sending the message that they are penalizing citizens who are loyal to the king and following the law- which strictkly speaking is what Ahmad Said is doing.

In other words, Umno shud not or rather MUST NOT follow this course of action NOT FOR THE SAKE OF THE PALACE or Ahmad Said but ultimately for UMNO itself.The law is the source which gives the powers that the goverment enjoys, so undermining respect for the law, is undermining the source of your own athourity.Why?

Because in reality the law can be both the ultimate source of athourity and also just a sheets and sheets of meaningless paper.The only things that separates the law from descending from the former to the latter is just the respect that people have of it.Nothing more.

So if the party that governs the highest political offices in the land do not respect the law, mark my words,it is just a matter of time before nobody does.And when that happens, Umno will lose all the authority they enjoy as the Government.Because hitherto, it was the law that bestowe upon them all the powers that they enjoyed.If the laws are no longer repected or gone, so to the powers that that were confered by it.

So undermine the law at your own peril Umno.

My opinion is, if they want to circumvent the palace, then fall back on the law to do so. Have a vote of no confidence on the new MB and force the King to appoint someone else.

After all,there are many ways to skin a cat.Umno has to realize that it can get BOTH ITS OWN WAY AND STILL RETAIN FIDELITY TO THE LAW.All Umno has to do is, do something it has never done before- BE CREATIVE.

donplaypuks said...

Interesting times, indeed!

The Sultan (& King) wants an untainted new MB. But UMNO wants the old guard with links to that dreaded SIL.

After what happened on the eve of elections in KT, the manipulations by the powers-that-be and the 'free press' when BERSIH protested and words were put in his mouth, can you blame HRH?

The winds of change are sure blowin'. For Whom do the Bells Toll? For thee, my friends, for thee!!

The people are on HRH's side, the side of justice and truth.

jekki said...

Hah, remember the sacking of Tun Salleh Abas? Tun Hamid Omar, then acting Lord President, when asked to step down as chair of the tribunal for breaching the principle of nemo judex in causa sua (no one should judge in his own cause - because if Tun Salleh was sacked, it was Tun Hamid who would benefit from it and become the LP, whe he did), Tun Hamid cited loyalty to the Agong who appointed him for not doing so. He said, if he stepped down, the Agong would be murka with him. Times have changed, now UMNO is sacking someone for obeying the king. Also, BN is trying to introduce anti party-hopping laws. Haha, who would have thought. Some years ago, when they were buying over PBS people, they would have laughed at the thought of such a law being introduced and would have given the finger to anyone who dared suggest it. Rasakan.

zaitgha said...

wonder why they didnt fire the Perlis MB for accepting the position? ....memalukan bangsa saja.....