Monday, March 10, 2008

Let Umno Decide

It is not for the people to decide the position of the Prime Minister.

It is now up to Umno,
The people have gone to the ballot box to be heard.

You can make all the noise you want to urge him to step down as PM because of the Barisan Nasional's very dismal performance, but, really, if he refuses to budge, there's nothing you can do -- except make more noise.

As the rakyat, you have exercised your democratic right to vote the people you want to represent you.
See how powerful the ballot box is.
But you cannot force the PM out. Ok, you can tell him to but he does not have to listen to you.

Abdullah is PM by virtue of being Umno president. He is the chairman of the coalition.
As long as he is Umno president, he will remain as PM unless, of course, he steps down. He did not.

So, here's the is up to Umno now. So, let the party decide whether he should continue to be president.


Zawi said...

Let us give him abit more time to clean up the mess. Let us see how he is going to handle all the fiascos of the Judiciary, PKFZ, Railway double tracking, Penang Monorail and Altantunya murder trial. Any failure to address them satisfactorily means they deserve to be kicked out from the government. They now know what the rakyat is capable of doing.
Will they dare to hike up the price of fuel and toll roads soon?

Anonymous said...

Ai ya that one kah ? Die lah waiting for UMNO punya decision ....

sbj said...


yes i can't agree more with you. yes only umno and also bn can remove him. August is the last month for him to decide whether to go or being removed. Sokongan dia dapat sekarang hanya palsu, selepas kabinet dilantik then we can see the real umno. my advice to Pak Lah, wake up, listen to voices of rakyat not to kaki ampu dan bodek, they will step your back when their names not in your cabinet list.

Anonymous said...

Here's my wishing list for Pak Lah:
1. The people have decided that they do not want MCA and MIC strong representation in the Cabinet. So, Pak Lah do'nt invite them through the backdoor, via Senate appointments!! Otherwise, DAP will laugh twice-louder; robbing MCA and MIC from Parliament and ADUN, and still gaining Chinese and Indians appointed as Ministers!!
2.The rakyat did not reject "developments" per se. They rejected BN's development projects, including the four Corridors, to prevent leakages and making UMNOputeras and cronies proxy- millionares. The rakyat prefered not to have "developments" rather than paying exorbitant and inflated costs for the projects.
3. The rakyats rejected pretentious "lifestyles of the UMNO-rich". They argued correctly that how could these UMNO-rich ever understand or feel the pains and sufferings of the poor urban and rural folks!! They are hypocrites, living beyond their means (thus inferred as being corrupt). Change your lifestyle and attitude!!
4. You propogate Islam Hadhari!! Make sure UMNO reflects it to the core!! Otherwise, shut up!!
5. We know you do a lot of solat tahjud and niat. You also perform your subuh early. Suggest, you take a short nap before going to office. This is even encouraged by the Prophet if I am correct!! We do not want more of your "in deep thoughts" photos circulating in cyber media. It gives a very un-PM like imej!! We want our PM to look intellegent, resourceful, hardworking and on the alert!!
6. Please do not depend on your PRO and communication "experts"!! They have to learn from the Kelantanese gasing-players!! Get that Kali fellow to shut up...he has done plenty of damage because the rakyat believes that he is in that position as your approved spokesman!!
Look at your BN Election ads!! You paid (or the rakyats money?) millions just to convey " your political statements". You can do that for free by just issuing news releases!! NST,Star, Utusan, BH, TVs, Radios will certainly provide you free coverage!! Advertisements must induce the target audience to act in your favour!! That end-tail action and instructions were missing!! The audience were not told to buy your product. So, they didnt buy. They ignored and most of them rejected your product!!
Thank you for reading.

Hussin said...

I totally agree with you. The people has given their thoughts via the elections. BN has won the election and has all the right to decide on who should be their leader. Non UMNO members should not get involved, DEFINITELY not by having demos or becoming a nuisance on the roads.
How would a PKR member like it if someone were to suggest anybody as Chief Minister of Selangor besides the one chosen by the coalition and start demonstrating in Shah Alam?

Anonymous said...

I think the call for his resignation has already begun. Read the petition by UMNO members in

Raja Hanim

warrior2 said...

You forgot that the rakyat have spoken in that the majority still want him to be around. The fact that he won his seat showed us all that he is still wanted

Bendrix said...

Under the Federal Constitution, the PM is appointed by the Agong based on the Agong's judgment as the person who is likely to command the confidence of the majority of the members of the Dewan Rakyat - see Article 43(2).

After GE2008, UMNO only has 79 seats in the Dewan - hardly a majority, even if we assume Pak Lah has the confidence of ALL the UMNO MPs.

So all this talk about it being an UMNO decision is rubbish. It appears that all the BN component parties ought to be consulted as to who will command the confidence of the majority of the BN MPs to lead this country as PM.

Old Fart said...

He said , "I still have support of UMNO members."

So he is a Prime minister of UMNO. Not the nation.

Anonymous said...

I dont think we need to tell him what to do. Like any honorable person, he should know what to do.
for this reason, I respect Koh Tsu Koon for offering to resign. As the leader of BN, he may have won the battle but lost the war. 5 state governments lost is surely not a "win" to be happy about. Do the honorable, sudah LAH

donplaypuks said...

To Zawi and others I say:-

Don't hold your breathe waiting for Pak Lah to clean up the fiascoes.

That will implicate not only
Dr. M, Daim, Ling and Samy but also more than half the YB's in BARISAN , as well as PL's own family members.

You might as well ask PL to commit hari k(ha?)iri (ha, ha!!).

Strangely, during his press conference today, that's what Dr. M implied PL should do, if he were Japanese.


toyolbuster said...

We have to understand this, if it wasn't for Pak Lah, the Barisan Rakyat could not have achieved the impossible. With a result like this, which is God sent, I would love to see Pak Lah remain as PM for another 4 to 5 years. Only then, in the 13th GE, can the Rakyat kick BN out into oblivion. Why didn't anyone expect such fantastic results, including the opposition parties, who got stunned themselves. It is because nobody could believe that anyone can be so stupid as Pak Lah, and as stupid as he can be. Lets not pressure him to leave. Praise him and bodek him, that is our winning strategy.

Anonymous said...

Is there someone else fit enuf to replace the PM & tackle the very complex & intricate problems the nation faces? Likely not.

It may be better to let him revamp his institution by making a wholesale change to his cabinet & advisers, and see if he is able to effect meaningful realignment of the gov't's policies to benefit the people.

He must learn to make sound judgement calls on his own with the help of his advisers, adhering to impartiality at all times, and be absolutely resolute in his decisions.

And if all else fails, then throw rhe books at him.

** Nuraina ... love your smile, and you look nowhere near your age. That's a compliment!

Anonymous said...

I think Pak Lah will remain.
Do you really honestly think any UMNO supreme council member has the guts or balls to ask him to step down? hahaha what a joke..
these are our Malay leaders that we have today you are talking about...these are the leaders of UMNO who some of us entrust to defend the rights of the Malays and the NEP..but they have so much to loose individually..they would probably be afraid to start something with kononnya UMNO grasroots support cos maybe after the young one and the singaporean 'media spin attack'..they may suddenly find that all the support they have wasn't really there or cabut...instead their credibility and integrity ruined..
I think the main reason why BN got whipped was not because of the opposition strength, economy, crime etc..i think its because of UMNO current president's lack of leadership, vision, will, desire to learn and read and intelligence thus the reliance on the young 'well educated' ones and that guy from across the selat tebrau..(its like one of the kings in lord of the rings..the one whose men rode horses)
i think a lot of malay umno voters voted for PKR and PAS or didnt even vote just to send this message cos they have made noises but those either reach the UMNO presdnt while he was sleeping or didnt even reach him (eg shah alam protest on Aziz)..although im not UMNO i used to believe in its values and what its struggling or fighting for..also i cant bear voting for the rocket (which was the other choice that i had)..but for other malays to vote for PKR is to vote for the abolishment of NEP so they are paying a high price to send their message..and if UMNO still dont get it..then perhaps we dont deserve the NEP afterall..
so where now does it leave UMNO if we take NEP out of the equation?..would it still be relevant?
Maybe this is all part of Tun's vision..maybe he knew nothing lasts forever..NEP had to go sooner or later right?..maybe he saw it coming when he appointed the current PM, maybe he planned it all..apointing a weakling which would creat havoc on BN support and whom he can later criticise..
so as to create the scenario where the decision on the NEP and malay rights future rest with the malays if we want it we have to be brave and fight for it to earn it.. maybe not for some of us who are rich and educated..but maybe for some of the rural folks who would not stand a chance without it..or maybe for our children or our children's children whom we not yet know how they'll turn out to 4 or 5 yrs time..we can kiss NEP goodbye and say helloooo to globalisation the american capitalist way of life..which is not bad..mind you..if you have money..but jsut take a look at the red indians in america or the bumis in indonesia or the aborigines in australia..take a long look and see how we similar we i said im not UMNO but i cant bear of thinking how my great grand children (insyaALLAH) would have to learn our history in future and have to memorise 'faktor-faktor yang mengakibatkan melayu hilang hak keistimewaan and NEP' and they have to answer..melayu @ UMNO got not BALLSSS..

Anonymous said...

The PM's post doesn't belong to Umno. Besides, Umno has only 77 seats in the 222-seat Parliament.

Sleeping PM Pak KaLah doesn't know most of the time whether he's coming or going. Mumbling something incoherent in public cannot be translated into policy initiatives. He will not have a good ending if he doesn't know when to quit. It's Mahathir's fault he is there. It was Mahathir's fault too to bring in Anwar into Umno and let him rise to the DPM's post. He now blames others. Typical of this Kaka (Malayalee Muslim) bugger! He did a good job of destroying Umno and now blames Pak KaLah.

Mahathir says that Samy kicked out many good leaders from MIC and refused to allow others in. This is like the pot calling the kettle black. Mahathir did the same thing too in Umno. Why didn't Mahathir tell off Samy? Is he saying he was afraid of Samy because the latter knew what skeletons he had in his cupboard?

Najib is out too. He raves and rants like Hitler. He foams at the mouth like a mad dog. Can't be the Indian blood in him. Must come from his Bugis part. Or the worst of both worlds.

Anwar is out too. He's a shallow intellectual, a political chameleon and a political opportunist. He probably reads books like, "How to bluff your way in philosophy." Has this man worked even a day in his life until he joined Umno? Chandra Muzzafar is right. Anwar would be an unmitigated disaster. He must be laughing to death at the utter stupidity of Malaysians when it comes to him. Soon, he will be laughing all the way to the bank.

Rafidah would have been the best of the worst as PM if not for the AP scandal.

That leaves Wan Azizah. I would go for this "Korean" woman. People would have to rally around her. Anwar should butt out and not force her to resign a seat she has won three times in a row. Anwar is no angel himself. He used to mouth a lot of racist stuff when he was in Umno although his paternal grandfather is a Tamil Hindu convert to Islam. His Malay College days also hangs over his head like the sword of Damocles and will come back to haunt him.

The most important tasks for the Federal Government in the next 50 years is managing race relations, managing the economy and managing the environment.