Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Dear Noraini...Oh Dear!

Puteri Umno chief Noraini Ahmad seems to believe that young Malaysians are a gullible lot who believe in whatever is written in blogs, hate the Barisan Nasional and therefore voted for the Opposition.

She believes that young Malaysians are too emotional and impulsive. In fact, she pointed out that it is so possible that there were among these young people, those who "cuba-cuba mengundi".

Berita Harian has an article "Puteri Tangkis Serangan Siber" which quoted Noraini admitting that the "cyber attack" by "certain quarters" who backed the Opposition in the general election caused the slide in the number of votes and the people's support for the BN.

Here's the article.

I'd like to tell Noraini to get real and not to be so detached from reality.

She does not seem to understand what happened in the general election and the contributing factors for the Barisan Nasional's poor performance.

This is the kind of attitude that is not going to help the BN in redressing its weaknesses.

Perhaps not surprising from a "leader" who announced her expressed support for the proposal that the Umno elections be postponed because yada yada yada and the very same day retracted that statement.

What gives, ma'am?

Read it here.

And to Puteri of luck! I really believe that you need it.


Anonymous said...

Hallmark of UMNO leaadership nowadays, detachment from reality. They seem stuck in their own delusional views and reality... reading about them initially was entertaining but like sitting through too many re runs of dry humored sitcoms.. it's becomes painful to watch. I am ashamed of our leaders being the laughing stock and brunt of jokes from mamak stalls to kedai kopi setarbak.

Anonymous said...

Kak Ena

What is this? Bukan blog yang jadi penentu sebaliknya prestasi pemimpin yang dilihat! Kenapa masih nak salahkan generasi muda sedangkan ketidaktelusan dan ketidakrahmoniannya pemimpin yang patut disalahkan. Memanglah generasi muda masa kini banyak dengan internet dan starbuck tapi mereka semua sudah matang untuk menilai!!!

I am so sad this kind of statement :(

Nani Big Apple

mekyam said...

Nuraina said... I'd like to tell Noraini to get real and not to be so detached from reality.

Ena, I'd tell her to grow a brain first before she embarrasses herself further. :D

Anonymous said...

Well to be truthful Umno is facing a dearth of capable leaders who would stand up to their own ideals and opinions.. which is why the demise of Umno is near...I believe the whole party is on the brink of collapse given their weakend position and internal bickering that can only get worse...and this to large part can be attributed to the inability of UMNO to extricate itself from the legacy of past political patronage system that has turned into a big irreversible die-hard monster

suhaimi ganu again

Anonymous said...

Well, the girl comes out as very snobbish. Good that we have her ilk as it will help us in removing UMNO sooner than later.

zaitgha said...

duhh...and i know her personally but not close....always thought shes a bit 'funny' but now only i know she could be a stand up comedy....

one after another.....

joefernandez@fernz said...

There will be stiff opposition to the idea of postponing the Umno assembly to next year after having been postponed from last year.

Anonymous said...


Just leave UMNO nincompoops alone. Lets prepare the next generation voters and equip them with facts. Teach our children well and we will have a better future.

Let UMNO bask in their own dreams and glory for the time being. They cant understand simple weather forecast like another tsunami coming, so dont waste our breath with UMNO or BN.

Anonymous said...

I knew her too well. She's my kampong girl, my school mate, classmate yada yada yada and my sincere comment : apa lah nasib pegi letak Noraini as Timbalan Menteri, mmg kurang cerdik betul org yg decide tu.... byk boleh cerita tp malas nak tulis laaaa ... tengok je la sejauh mana dia boleh maju ..

mekyam said...

<>zaitgha said... duhh... always thought shes a bit 'funny' but now only i know she could be a stand up comedy....

zai, that really cracks me up! :D

i swear there must be some kind of criterium that you have to be 'funny' to make it to AAB's inner circle.

Zawi said...

This is the problem when you put in infantile people in postion of power and responsiblity. No amount of honorific titles can make her become matured because maturity comes from a sensible mind.

Anonymous said...

Like most of the BN leaders, she is either blur/thick or still suffering from self-denial syndrome.

penangboyumno said...

Puteri UMNO ni ditubuhkan untuk mewakili kumpulan muda yang tertindas di dalam UMNO. Itu hakikatnya. Mungkin waktu itu kita nampak Wanita UMNO dah seakan-akan MIC.
Hari ini hasrat itu tetap tak tercapai.
Sebab yang jadi ketua puteri pun dah tua.
Kumpulan yang muda kini ditindas kembali.
Puteri ni pulak macam Pemuda, kira nak minta projek. Nak jadi kaya cepat.
Bila tengok wanita UMNO, depa tak lah so gullible.
Untuk pengetahuan, waktu Puteri UMNO ditubuhkan, semua yang di lantik diperingkat negeri dan cawangan semuanya tangkap muat.
Bukan depa ni mempunyai aspirasi perjuangan UMNO.
Jadi kalau yang Puteri seorang ni dok merepek, biarkanlah dia terjun dengan labu-labunya.

straycat's strut said...

Hei Noraini (Is she a Dato'),

Get this right. I am not gullible and that is why I am not supporting BN anymore. I dont believe in their lies anymore.

Seriously la Noraini dear, you want me to believe PL and kj? They are habitual liars. The ugly male version. So you wanna be the pretty female version? Afterall you are beginning to talk like Pak lah, lives in denial like pak lah and I am sure you'll be as rich as pak lah soon.

You look really nice with that selendang. So just smile and dont open your mouth. Smart people like Nuraina might be listening and gosh, they really hate stupidity.

poh yoke said...

I think before anyone is appointed into a job, they should have some key competencies tested, else we will never have leaders in the government who are effective and efficient and able to show the world that we are intelligent people who can be trusted with any investment they make in this country. Why is it that the biggest and richest company, the government, in the country does not adopt good management tools and principles? We can only deduce form their words and actions that the leaders themselves cannot make the competency requirements.

Anonymous said...

Well, she wants to best of both worlds - suppport TDM's son and be currently seen supporting the present regime.
Probably will be supporting Ku LI soon if not having done so.
Whoever takes office - she will be sen as the successor;s supporter.

Satria Asia said...

Once they had quite a good thing going -- -- if only it wasn't a mengampu bodek mechanism for the party's top leaders. But it was very well produced -- technically.
Now if they had focussed that on showcasing what the Umno folks had done on the ground (if anything at all) it could have been an instrument to 'tangkis' the 'cyber attacks' a little.
Why did they kill it? Well, apparently politicking lah...some party leaders thought that since they had Bernama and RTM, why waste money on Umnotv? Silly fellas ...

Wak Segen said...

Noraini pretty? Aiyoo you all arr cannot see or wat. Okla granted were comparing her to her predecessor..hehehe.
Noraini dear.. the voters had made their choice .They decided and voted against BN.They did'nt cuba cuba.Now see what you all in UMNO and Barisan can do to win them back.
But if there are more UMNO/BN leaders like you , I wish you all best of luck.You are so blur and out of grasp that you now have to cuba cuba.Pagi cuba cakap sokong postpone UMNO election, petang cuba tarik balik .Pagi ni cuba hentam generasi muda dan cuba nak tangkis blogs pulak.Esok nak cuba apa pulak ye?.
Taknak cuba masuk PKR atau PAS ke?
Kesian tengok orang konfius sangat ni..Apa la dah jadi anak menakan Datuk Ron ni.
..hehehe..jangan mareh..

Anonymous said...

Noraini is so "Si Tu Pit". PKR/DAP/PAS and bloggers did not make people hate BN. It was BN that made people hate BN. How's so, she may ask. If BN is not corrupt, arrogant, cruel, steal, abuse power and do bad things to harm the nation, why would the people hate BN and UMNO. The rakyat has better things to do than hate UMNO and BN. Does she know the rakyat "tak boleh tahan" current UMNO and BN.

Noraini is fully aware of the abuses, stealing, mis-management and harm done to the nation by BN. Did she do anything to stop it. Answer is a big NO. She is sad now because of less chances to make mega bucks through corruption, abuse of power, patronage, not because of she really want to "membela rakyat". What a hypocrite.

Najah said...

I don't even know where to begin... I think your commenters said it all.

"Attack by certain quarters"?

"Too emotional and impulsive"? Maybe this is true for some voters, but really, why do you think that is so? Is it because we are too fed up with the increasing crime rates? Too fed up with increasing costs of living? Too fed up with watching the big fish and even little fish zoom past us with their 7 series going home to their ginormous Bukit Damansara mansions when some of the us 'technically' earn more than them but are struggling to make ends meet? Memang emotional, but can you blame the young voters?

I once thought that Puteri UMNO might give young Malay women a voice, looks like it's just another place for UMNO youth members to go find themselves stupid wives.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ena, I think it's called "digging her own grave", they still dont get it and will never get it until they've lost everything in the upcoming election. Still floating, dreaming, seems like they are stuck in a time zone and are unable to crawl out, and guess what, the rest of the world are progressing, that shows how shallow their thinking are. well, there's no limit to stupidity. M.Kate

Anonymous said...

Kehadiran Puteri UMNO adalah penyuntik semangat lelaki UMNO untuk mengingatikan mereka bahwa "kuota"mereka sebagai suami kepada seorang isteri maseh lagi terbuka luas.

They may not be a good politician but who knows they can be a good housewives?

Anonymous said...

Its easier to blame it on the opposition party, the blog, the sky, the weather and what have you but they 4got about themselves....they should take the blame. This is what we call ACCOUNTABILITY.

Srikanth Siva said...

a new idiot trying too hard

toyolbuster said...

They don't call someone like her a "dumb blond bimbo" for nothing. She managed to get up there because of her "assets" but with the "potentials" expiring, expect her to be dropped like a rotting potato. While her "assets" are diminishing, people are paying more attention to her "real worth", and it doesn't surprise anyone that the piece of potato is in fact a big chunk of UBI KAYU.

Anonymous said...

wear blonde wig and i can call u bimbo...aini moron

Anonymous said...

I think she's not even worth my 2 sens. Having said that, I followed the regular blogs around election time and see a few bloggers doing some major PM bashing. I believe these bloggers have the right to voice and lean towards any party they want. But for what purpose? And whose agenda? For eg. Okay, I see a blogger constantly talking
about the PM and a businessman friend. As if we the public don't know how many 'businessmen friends' our former PM had, or our deputy PM has, or ... But when a blogger just go on and on about this one... I'm not taking any sides but when we keep hearing about 1 issue from 1 side, we the public also get weary. Suspicious even, is PAS trying to take advantage? Is TDM making his moves? Will dreaded Najib step in
as PM? Frankly, the majority does not really care lah how many mansions these people have. Just drive down Ampang and we can tell you which politician owns which mansion on his meagre salary. Bosan already. Let's talk about the real issues we really care about, our security, our environment, the schools, job creation. In conclusion, we know how to think for ourselves lah. Got functioning brain, don't worry, deputy minister.

yatim said...

Well, what do you expect from a half-baked intellectual of UMNO creation. She does not even know what she is talking about. One thing is good that with this kind persons left in UMNO, it is easy to wipe them off in the next General Election. GOD saves Malaysia.

Old Fart said...

Nuraina, I would not sweat over this if I were you. They have positioned us as the enemy. Fine. But this is one enemy that is so transparent in its thinking and its views that all that they needed to beat us at the GE2008 was read everything we wrote and crafted a strategy around it. And they would have done very well.

We have not said that they are our enemies. They can be our friends too. They can adopt the PP's People's Declaration and become BR instead of BN.

But then they think they know better. So fine. They are idiots too, if you asked me.

This was one election where the people's thinking was all shared far and wide in the net. It was sheer arrogance that kept them from it. So be it.

I will not sweat with statements made by idiots.

Ismail said...

" Justeru, Puteri Umno ...... sedang melakukan ‘post-mortem’ terhadap keseluruhan prestasi pada pilihan raya lalu itu."

Saya setuju dibuat 'post-mortem'. Itu sangat penting. Tapi kalau keputusan p/mortem tu nanti antara lain tidak menyatakan yang kekalahan itu disebabkab pengundi benci Pak Lah dan menantu nya, keputusan itu tak betul. Itu tidak akan menolong UMNO/BN. Kalau Pak Lah terus jadi PM, saya percaya PRU13 nanti BN akan jadi pembangkang di Parlimen dan semua negeri di Semenanjung. Di Johor sendiri dah mula ditembusi BR. Puan Noraini tolonglah berpijak di bumi nyata demi untuk agama, bangsa dan negara.

A.John said...

This norani comes across as a bimbo when she opens her trap!good candidate for page 3, the sun UK! And mind you she's a Minister! Oh me god!

Roslina said...

What is waste ! I thought someone like her would be more open minded and clever ! Why do we have so many Bozos in Parliment!

Rocky's Bru said...

Luck's not going to help stop Puteri Umno from its decline. Noraini is not a leader. She is someone who loves to pass the buck and, like you said, so detached from reality.

Remember her police report over Umno-sponsored posters telling Pak Lah to step down? She was quoted as saying that it was such an organized effort that it must be the work of the Opposition.
Puteri should bring back Azalina as adviser. She has cybertrooping experience and has won two general elections uncontested. Plus, Rafidah said Aza's Wanita status not clear .. So make her Puteri adviser of mentor or something.

At least Aza can think.

Anonymous said...

Hey guys,

Noraini is just showing off that she, too, can do the flip-flop!

Pak Lah has trained her well. Bow-wow. Or woof-woof.

Btw, anyone knows what happened to Noraini's police report over the Umno posters telling Pak Lah to resign?
I ingat what she said. She said it had to be the work of the Opposition.

She's scary, this Noraini.

joefernandez@fernz said...

I wonder how many of them know what is a blog, have email addresses and frequently surf the Internet? The findings could surprise us.

bayi said...

The denial mode of all the UMNO leaders is so surreal. It just goes to show how deep the rot was before the tsunami started!

Anonymous said...

Yes, "Oh dear"

Guess it's gonna be another Laughing Stalk in the making.

Anonymous said...

oh dear. apart from starbucks, i enjoy good internet connection from home too. i enjoy frap from starbucks with one tall mocha that would cost me my two-day blanja makan. but i get more from that 'starbucks culture'. i get access to countless clever and honest blogs written by clever ex-editors (wink!)than paying rm1.50 (or rm1.20?)for the ordinary newspapers with ordinary content. spend more, get more. is this called cuba-cuba? think more, puteri.