Saturday, March 08, 2008

Early Election Results

The Election Commission expects the results of the 12th general election to be announced as early as 8.30pm tonight.

I felt so good after I cast my vote today.
I smiled as I walked out of "bilik no 2" at the Sekolah Menengah Sultan Abdul Samad in Section 12, Petaling Jaya.

Perhaps, a sense of relief.

But really -- just a very good feeling! And a renewed sense of hope....


Anonymous said...

After my Saturday weekly marketing, without any change in clothing, I immediately voted in 'Row2' at my Kelana Jaya polling station.

Somebody mentioned that Row1 is reserve for 'Retirees & OKU' and Row 3,4&5 are reserve for 'BN nregistered Party Members'. Those who are assigned in Row2 are the 'Usual Suspects'. nteretingly, the queue in 'Row2' is very much longer than the Row1,3,4&5.

So I will not necessarily agree with the Election Commission expectation of an early 2008 Polls result. Based on the length of Row2queue, I am inclined to postulate that we might have to wait till the morning of 9.March.2008 for the final polling results to be fully counted due to numerous recount requests.


Pemerhati Bebas said...

Salam sis :)

Lembah Pantai "Ownz".. All base belongs to BA.

Tahniah Izzah..

mekyam said...

Dear Ena,

Salam Sengeh Pagi Sabtu or Malam Ahad for you!

I just came from Rocky. The few entries there showed that the prognosis is looking so good.

No... BLOODY MARVELLOUS is more like it. :D

Can't get into Malaysiakini and can barely move at Malaysia Today. I can imagine the virtual jams at both places.

Cannot imagine the mood in the country right now. I can barely contain myself with excitement. God Bless Beloved Malaysia!

J.T. said...

Hi Nuraina,

I thought there was a problem on my side with internet connection. I see that Mekyam could not get into Malaysiakini too. I am hungry for results. :)

I can feel the excitment over here - half the world away. I hope this is the dawn of a new beginning. Time to set things straight, whoever wins.

BaitiBadarudin said...

And I was assigned to Row3 ... how interesting! As long as it's not Hell's Row, 's ok by me!